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  1. pictures and videos of interest...

    Are these pictures new? Did I actually discover some new pictures? That never happens to me. http://payload9.cargocollectiv...9.41.05%20AM_900.png http://payload9.cargocollectiv...9.39.24%20AM_900.png http://payload9.cargocollectiv...9.40.26%20AM_900.png http://payload9.cargocollectiv...9.39.49%20AM_900.png
  2. Regina is everywhere

    An indie artist says a couple of really nice things about Regina in this article.
  3. So which is your #1 song on Far?

    quote: Originally posted by himynameism: man of a thousand faces gives me chills every time I hear it! Good chills of course, the kind you get when you hear something so perfect! I may have to agree with that. Every song on the album has it's great thing about it, but Man of a Thousand Faces does do the chills thing. I also think that about Genius Next Door. To me they both have this beautiful spookiness. They both create like this wispy atmosphere, especially if you listen with earphones.
  4. Interviews & Appearances 2010

    Wow! That was great! She is just so... The way she speaks, the way she explains things, the way she thinks out loud, just the whole way she carries herself. She is such a pleasure in every way. You may be right about that video having it's own thread.
  5. say something nice...

    Ditto. Just kiddin'. I was gonna leave this with just 'ditto', but I din't have the guts Wow! I got mentioned! This IS a nice site. If anyone is like me, I do get a little tingle when someone comments on my entry. I'm guilty a lot with reading and not commenting. Not sure I can do it everytime but I'll try and do it more. I think it's kind of courteous. Especially if you liked what you read, or liked what someone shared (as in a song or picture or link to an article or whatever) Now as far as lennonist is concerned, my fellow beatle nut. I think we would all agree that he or she (I'm so sorry I don't know that) is by far the most active brumstixer we have, at least lately. Out of love for this site and Regina, I think it's fair for us all to log in once in awhile. I don't think I'll ever quite match our buddy lennonist, but I can do better. It's always easy to do when somethings going on, like a new album, or a new show, but I think it's good to do even in the slow times. Sounds like a good 2012 resolution to me. So my compliment to lennonist is, way to represent my friend. Much Regina love (and Beatleness) Tony P.S. - Also A shout out or a "yaya" to yaya for reviving the thread. And just because there is all this niceness I will share some random personal favorite Beatles and Regina with you all: Happy Tuesday!! The Beatles (I'm sure you know this song, but it's not one people always think of when they think of Beatle songs, and isn't it just nice to hear it again) (Also, tell me what you think. Notice the hard driving piano. Isn't that kind of Regina-y, like with 'Machine' or parts of 'Edit'? I love her love for the Beatles) Regina (This is a great example of why we love her so much. She absolutely sings the crap out of this. Watch her mouth and eyes and hair. She's head bobbin' and hair floppin' and she just becomes the song, She IS the song. She is singing this for herself and the audience just happens to be there. Sometimes she can get a little nervous and sometimes she does this) (Click to 'One more time with feeling' also at this Seattle concert if you you want to hear her sing something one more time with feeling) get it? See how I did that
  6. Regina is everywhere

    I just love this. Tom Petty says that the most talented musician alive is either JJ cale or Regina Spektor. In this article:
  7. New song! "Pure Perfection"

    "a new shade in the Regina rainbow" I like that. I always want to do right by Regina, but it was kinda fun getting a little taste of something new. With the musical, I always hear her say she's writing the music but not the words. I was always slighty disappointed by that. BUT... I've never heard her comment about if she's doing the singing. That would fix everything!! And just maybe 'Pure Perfection' is some proof. (if it's even for the musical) Who knows. Fun to speculate. We do that a lot around here. We get antsy. Can't wait for whatever we're gonna get. For some reason I just have this notion she's gonna slam us with some cool stuff coming up. Poor thing. She works so hard and we can never get enough of her. Hopefully she's gotten some relaxation in there somewhere this year
  8. New song! "Pure Perfection"

    She has this ability to write every kind of music. Hardly anything she writes sounds the same. And even though she includes a lot more instruments and sounds in her music than she used to, she still can do so much variety with the most minimal of production. Her creative brain is more than most people. She has less inhibitions than most people. What she chooses to do she just does. And anticipation for what she does next is such a high. You just never know what it's gonna be. As long as what we wait for finally comes, the anticipation is always so exciting. Regina is just so different than other musical acts. I sure am glad to belong to a site where other people get that. I have a feeling we are in for an amazing next year.
  9. John Cusack is a Regina Fan!

    ! And so is Judy Collins: (really nice comment about Regina. She talks all cool and logical like Regina does)
  10. Found this little paragraph in an article about the Album the song is on: “Live a Lie” features Regina Spektor and weaves a story of how lies can only cause destruction. With poetic lyrics and soft guitar strumming, this song lulls the senses, but begins to crescendo until the end. Harrison’s unique voice, reminiscent of his father’s, is the spotlight of the song. Coupled with Spektor, they make a beautiful piece. This song is the jewel of the entire EP. 'The jewel of the entire EP' of course it is.
  11. Regina and Jack getting married in December?

    I don't think it's such a big deal that you brought up something you heard. You said you weren't sure. Anything Regina is exciting and we all want to hear it. Not sure if it deserved it's own thread (yet) . To me our biggest fusses with Regina should be about her music. I'll listen to any rumor about her and music. That's what drew us here in the first place. For instance, that new one with her and Dhani Harrison, "Live a Lie". What happened there? Seems like such a blip in our comments. Such a cool song and with the son of a Beatle! Now that deserves a thread. And that she did it can be verified. My opinion anyway.
  12. Most and least well known Regina songs?

    'Us' & 'Better', seem kinda up there among her most known. 'On the Radio' too. And how about 'Secret Stash' for an unknown. I just listened to it again. It's been awhile. It's live of course, and not the best quality, but still good enough to see that it's such a nice little song. Maybe someday she'll resurrect that one on a future album. Although, I can make that same comment about a hundred others songs of hers.
  13. reg in the news

    Wow. She's got a great part in the song. I like the song a lot. "him and Regina are great pals'. cool.
  14. reg song you disliked,AT FIRST

    quote: Originally posted by Brady: I once disliked Machine.....WHAT THE HELL WAS WRONG WITH ME???!!! So funny. I remember when I was first collecting Regina songs back in 2006. (The year I first discovered her.)(Later than I wished it was) I listened to 'Pavlov's Daughter' and said nope, not that one, too weird. Now I can listen to that song over and over and always find new ways to love it. I think it's kind of normal for songs to grow on you, but I find it so interesting how many than normal are there stories about how a Regina song goes from hate to obsession with people. To me the only thing that explains that phenomenon is that she really found something new to bring to this world. What she's done is music of course, but something about it is absolutely brand new. And brand new anything makes people go through all those steps. From 'we don't need it', or 'what the hell is it' to 'we have to have it' and 'how did we live without it'. That's Regina. She's like a Wright Brother of music And you can quote me on that. And tell me if this is my paranoia, but, I don't like it when she tours. I just don't like it. It scares the hell out of me. Of course it's great to see her in person performing, if you're lucky. But I always worry, thinking about how she's too precious to this world to expose herself to the elements. And that she should just record and talk to us on the internet. I know that is selfish and stupid and overboard, but I do think those things sometimes. She's a human being and deserves to enjoy the world, but I just never ever ever ever want to lose her. She means the world to me. Crazy talk, I know. But I love her so so much.
  15. reg in the news

    another article about her on the new album of Dhani Harrison (George's Boy)
  16. Regina is everywhere This is a new one. I hadn't even heard of it coming up. Just surfin' Regina and found this. She really is everywhere.
  17. Good News Thread!

    Love your story. (Lennonist) The water bottle thing may seem small, but it's not. It means big. It's an act of kindness that was either thought out because of interest, or the girl is just naturally kind. Either way, I wouldn't just let that go. I'm rooting for the naturally kind actually. It would be nice if it was interest in you, but for someone to be just genuinely kind, wow, so refreshing. AND a Beatles fan. Sounds like something to work on. 'didn't ask her out', didn't accept the water'. Those are judgement calls. Although, I picture myself liking to see the person drinking the water bottle I brought them. Just sayin'. All in all, no one handles these things perfectly. I never have. But I can totally see what motivated you to tell us about it. It's a something. (my own personal phrase)
  18. Wee Rants

    You may hate hearing this same drivel from older people, but I'm 48 and want so bad to tease you about the 20 thing, But I wont. BUT I do remember 20 and it was weird not being in my teens anymore. Now of course, 20 to me seems like teenager, but it didn't then, and that's the point. Remember that you are one person. You can't single handedly change the world. But you can surely make a difference in people close to you. Just always be friendly and loving and humble. Greet people, always smile, give people the benefit of the doubt. Always forgive and always admit mistakes. Be cautious, but be trusting at the same time. Find a good balance between the two. I had a friend that used to be so negative about people. Whenever we'd go out, I used to pump him up by telling him that no matter who we meet tonight and no matter how they treat you, be kindly and nice and let certain things go and just watch what a great night you'll have. What's funny is that when he tried all that, he was better at it than I was. I can't even tell you all the strangers he got to love him when he was on a roll. Anyway, I could say a billion other things, but take it from an oldster when I say that LOVE is what gets you good jobs and friends and mates and peace and a satisfying future. I have some God feelings, but I think that's a little too controversial.
  19. What are you listening to right now?

    Wow, I don't anything else by Tony Joe White but that song. I love exploring one hit wonder people to see what else they do. It's surprising what you discover. I also just finished listening to 1812 Overture by Tchaikovsky. It's just so so so beautiful. I've been really into classical lately. When I was a kid I didn't get it. I sure do now!!
  20. What are you listening to right now?

    Love the theme from "Shaft". Listen to this cool funk song from back then. And it's a white dude. So great:
  21. Regina is everywhere

    I heard the beginning of 'Better' on an episode of 'How I Met Your Mother'.
  22. i love you all.

    Wow! What a wonderful accomplishment! We are proud of our little stixer.
  23. Splendor in the Grass (Australia!)

    Good little snippet I found in an article: "Regina Spektor drew a massive crowd, and perhaps festival organizers were regretting their decision to put her on the smaller GW McLennan Tent, opposed to the Amphitheater. Even though she forgot her words half way through a song, she made a speedy recovery after a few repeats of the hooks – despite the flub; punters were calling Regina’s performance the highlight of the day." Still have to look up 'Punters'
  24. Old Music We Shouldn't All Forget

    Pink Floyd: "A Pillow Of Winds" (1971) (Good idea about leaving the year) P.S. - this you tube link doesn't work anymore. Sorry.
  25. Splendor in the Grass (Australia!)

    (Little blurb i found about the show): "Thousands of eager punters (?) were overflowing out of the GW McLennan Tent for American singer songwriter Regina Spektor’s only Australian show. The Russian-born, New York-based singer admitted to suffering from jet lag after jumbling up the lyrics to the second song of her set, On The Radio. (If she forgets words, it's always to this one. In her defense, It really does have some tongue twisty words to it) Spektor’s classically trained voice showed no signs of stress though as she worked through her catalogue of hits including Consequence of Sound, Blue Lips and Samson. Playing piano, electric guitar and even drumming on a wooden chair, Spektor needed no backing band. The only noticeable omission from her set list was her popular Triple J Like A Version cover of John Lennon’s Real Love." (Funny, cause she hasn't done that one in a really long time) (I love the part about thousands overflowing to see her. That sounds about right.) P.S. - parentheses are my comments by the way.