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  1. Regina Spektor - Producer

    Whenever David produces anything these days he is identified as the producer of Regina and The Strokes (and not Paul McCartney?) and someone just left off his name and went straight to Reg. But...David is, as well know, a great producer. He has just made a great record for Renee Fleming, allowing her to switch from opera to "regular music" and given his track record, I would expect this to be well worth hearing.
  2. Regina is everywhere

    The parts I have heard on the radio are just great. She, too, covers Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah, and, though nobody---not Rufus, not Buckley, not Allison Crowe (all of whom do great versions) approach our Regina---this is a stunningly beautiful version. David Kahne is, as we have been told by Regina, a very talented guy. I am not sure if Ms. Fleming wants a new career, but, really, she is at a crossroads with this thing. and, David/Regina, Regina's take on the Cohen song needs to be recorded in a studio. Soon. quote: Originally posted by Anthony Minsky: Just read this in some online NY newspaper: "It was a huge gamble when Manhattan's Renee Fleming, 51, arguably the world's most famous female opera singer, announced she was recording a rock collection called "Dark Hope." The three-time Emmy-winning soprano and Metropolitan Opera House darling sexed up her image - check out those bangs on the album cover! - and dialed down her voice to a tenor for the departure from classical music. It paid off. The critics are raving about the new album - which includes covers of bands ranging from Jefferson Airplane and Tears for Fears to Arcade Fire, the Mars Volta and Muse - and, perhaps more importantly, so are her teenage daughters. Why did you decide to step outside of opera? The stars were aligned, I guess, and the right opportunity [a collaboration with Regina Spektor and the Strokes producer David Kahne] came along. I'm a person who has always loved new things and being challenged. Certainly this was off the charts in terms of that. It was a huge risk, and experience has taught me not to project in advance that it would be successful. But I'm actually quite surprised how positive the response has been. People have been shocked at how different my voice is because they were expecting a more operatic sound. I've taken that as a positive." Read more:
  3. Vega, Copenhagen, Denmark - July 13, 2010

    We all knew who Regina was. We have known it for as long as we have known her. This description of her mourning is a beautiful essay about a person we all love who lost someone she loves. She will sing the way she sings, and she will smile again someday. We know that. I know the Judaism of Regina's early years in this country was Orthodox and I do not know whether she has been exposed to the poetry of the Reform movement, but a line from the Union Prayerbook that we used to use resonates in times such as this when it reminds us that those we have lost "still live on earth in the acts of goodness they performed and in the hearts of those who cherish their memory" and so it is and will be for Dan and for us.
  4. You are even more sainted than I though oh, eshbach. Dan Cho has reached into my soul so many times over the past year that I will be forever grateful. His family, K and Regina (and Dave Heilman) remain in my thoughts and those of us all, I am sure.
  5. RIP Dan Cho

    quote: Originally posted by RJLupin2: quote: Originally posted by Reginaoverdose: Very powerful. God, that made me cry. Oh, yes. How fitting. I know the song. Thanks to Regina, I saw Jupiter One at Radio City last fall and bought both of their albums and the song is called People In The Mountain, People Of The Ocean quote: Long time ago... We went down to Mexico And so we stayed And so we prayed Under the sun We were bound to have some fun But then it rained Oh it rained All I'd wanted was some time alone With my arm around you my dear But it was only a state of mind, you see And the people In the mountain Singing... When we were sad... We walked down the only path 'Til our feet were in the sand Through ocean breeze The sun was only there to tease 'Cause then it rained Oh it rained All I'd wanted, was some time alone With my heart here for you and for me But it was only a state of mind, you see And the people Of the ocean Singing... Regina surrounds herself with truly amazing people, as well as wonderful, important musicians. No surprise there.
  6. RIP Dan Cho

    quote: Originally posted by Reginaoverdose: hopefully was before the "cactus festival" audience knew because the atmosphere feels really disrespectful, so much talking. and a warning... will really break your heart. As much as anything connected with Dan's so untimely death, this video both breaks my heart and just shows what we already knew about the source of this beautiful music. K Ishabashi coming over to hug Regina, playing with a box of tissues by her side---playing for Dan, she says---and Dave Heilman in his own sadness off to the side. and thanks in part to our Regina we know that quote: No one's laughing at God When they're saying their goodbyes and yet, we also know, because of her, the color of our planet from far, far away
  7. RIP Dan Cho

    All these posts by people who saw this special concert are very moving and interesting. She had no obligation to play, of course, and to do so must have taken incredible fortitude, but she, and K, and Dave are musicians and, of course, so was Dan. Musicians play music. They play it at the best of times, and they play it when we are sad. Some of the most beautiful and enduring music we have heard comes from those sad moments and the music they present. So, and I am sure Reg, K and Dave discussed this, to play for Dan, and to play in his honor was unquestionably very difficult, I am sure, but, well, she is Regina Spektor who could probably fly is we needed her to do so, and apparently she made it---they made it---and I love them for it. quote: Originally posted by val: quote: Originally posted by BabyJesus: Hi guys... I was at the concert in Bruges, Belgium (Cactus festival) yesterday. I didn't know the sad news yet (hadn't been on the net for a couple of days) You could immediately tell something was very wrong. First everyone was thinking there were some technical problems, because the show started 20 minutes late... but then she came up crying with the drummer and the violin player, the fourth seat remained empty... After she played a few songs, she layed her hands on the piano and told us the sad news and said to Dan they were playing for him and thinking of his wife and daughter... Really remarkable was that, although she was constantly crying in between every song, she managed to sing her songs very 'on tone' and beautiful... She really did her best for Dan! Also the hommage song performed by the violin player/close friend on her green guitar was quite breathtaking (it really amazed me how beautiful he can sing!!) However, after about 40 minutes, she couldn't bring it up anymore and her voice began shaking during a song, completed the song and then thanked the audience for being with them and praying for Dan and his family. She and her two bandmembers went off stage with a very warming and touching applause by the audience... (see also the vere badly google-trannslate of the articel posted by lennonist) For me, she really did not have to perform, but I do am happy she did because I was looking forward to this gig for months (we don't get much chances to see her live around here) and I enjoyed every song they played, it was very touching. To finish: my condolences to Regina and her band and Dan's family. I saw Dan performing here last year in Belgium, really sad he's gone now, hope he fares well up there in heaven! R.I.P.! Bye guys x PS: sorry if I made some mistakes! My English isn't that great... ;-) I was also at the Cactus Festival. I was far from the stage and didn't notice something was wrong, at the beginning. After three songs, I began to feel something strange about the atmosphere, so I shouted: "Regina!". Just after that, she started to talk and explained what had happened. The whole show felt like a struggle against sadness. The audience was respectful and showed sweet support. I personnally felt disconnected, useless and out of place. I encouraged Regina after each song with "woohoo"s which tried to sound sober. They were, or so I hope. I know she sang for her friend and I understand this. But seeing her and the others like that, I think it was maybe better for her to cancel the show. Not to be forgotten: the press. I know how it works, in the press.
  8. RIP Dan Cho

    I did not know Dan Cho on the cell oh, except through Regina's music. Watching him and K Ishabashi behind Regina the few times I have seen them in person, and the few other times in other ways, has always moved me as so much of Regina related things do. That soft cello, and K's poignant violin, especially on Laughing With has just rolled through my head continuously since I heard this horrible, horrible, sad and excruciating news. If Regina has taught us anything, it is that life can bring sweetness and it can bring sadness. Sometimes it does both at almost the same second. Much of Regina's music helps me bear through my own pain. I don't know how Dan's beautiful little family can bear through theirs, and Regina, hers, but I suppose that they will find a way someday. You know as in quote: Somedays aren't yours at all They come and go As if they're someone else's days They come and leave you behind someone else's face And it's harsher than yours And colder than yours They come in all quiet Sweep up and then they leave And you don't hear a single floor board creak They're so much stronger Than the friends you try to keep By your side or quote: Hold on One more time with feeling Try it again Breathing's just a rhythm Say it in your mind until you know that the words are right This is why we fight This is why we fight Dan's music will live on, in the beautiful recordings we have and in our minds. I am grateful to Regina for many things, and introducing us to Dan and his cello is right up there in the first row.
  9. Regina at The White House!

    But the gut sitting in front of Regina's mother is Arlen (I wish I spelled my name with a K) Spector.
  10. Bonnaroo 2010

    Great, great photos. All of them.
  11. ingrid michaelson is the shit....

    all Bess pictures, when she is not posing, have her looking soooooooo serious.
  12. Anyone kinda tired of Fidelity?

    not me.
  13. ingrid michaelson is the shit....

    So, the Regina connection to Ingrid is quite strong even beyond Chris Kuffner playing on 11:11, Chris and Bess Rogers (who also plays in Ingrid's band) went to the same SUNY/Purchase as did Regina (and Jenny Owen Youngs). It is, apparently, the place to go. Bess has a couple of solo CDs and a third to come out this summer, I think. The first two are great and one of the songs on the new one, which she has played in public a few times already is particularly gorgeous and is about, I think, Chris.
  14. Bonnaroo 2010

    quote: Originally posted by Kb93: quote: Originally posted by eshbach: quote: Originally posted by Kb93: Consider it fixed. "I should have held an after party for all the thoughts I didn't say" Ah, but that begs the question, is it "should have" or "should've". That just made me listen to that song like 6 times. I hear Should HAVE. There appears to be an "ah" sound in there that shouldn't appear if she said should've. I hear "have" too (at least on BTH). But I could listen to Dusseldorf six times without any regrets whatsoever. I keep wondering about the dwarf with a really good tan, too.
  15. Bonnaroo 2010

    quote: Originally posted by Kb93: That's my video =] you know that the word "of" in your sig line, should be "have." They sound the same when sung or spoken quickly, but "should of held an after party" does not make sense and could not be what Regina wrote.
  16. Bonnaroo 2010

    quote: Originally posted by fidelity377: quote: Originally posted by Dan the man: Cute. and she, too, had a great night: she was really good. Of what I heard, mainly on NPR, Tori, John Prine, Brandi Carlile and Norah Jones were the best there was, outside of our Regina. xx were very good, too. I would have liked to have heard Ingrid Michaelson (with Bess Rogers and Allie Moss) and She and Him, but there you go....
  17. Bonnaroo 2010

    quote: Originally posted by eshbach: The video is ready, you can download it here: I haven't watched it yet (I'm at work), but hopefully it's decent. More than decent---it is sensational. You are truly a hero to us all. I have not watched it all yet---the beginning and a few bits and pieces elsewhere, but it is really the best video we have of a whole Regina concert; at least since Bonnaroo 2007 and the quality of this one is better than that. Just as did tallchick, I forgot about the "on the hour" cutoff, and there are a couple of moments when the video is not as perfect as it other times, but that is the internet of today and, well, the price was perfect; no? Thanks again.
  18. Bonnaroo 2010

    One of the sites which pointed to NPR's Bonnaroo coverage of Regina, described the network as "your father's favorite radio station." As someone's father, I will plead guilty because WFUV, WNYC, WGBH, WBUR, WXPN and WAMC are all treasures to me. And, guess what: they have already posted a stream from today. If you missed it, or want to hear it again, or want to see if you can record it better, here it is:
  19. Bonnaroo 2010

    ohmarcello's screen captures are so wonderful, it is hard to believe. The one of her while singing Laughing With is appropriately beatific. Eshbach's sound track is excellent, but the BPR thing is a bit richer. Let's see what that sounds like when they post their archive, somewhere near here: and while you are at it, you might check out Brandi Carlile. They did not broadcast her live and she was not webcast, of course, but she had a really nice performance. John Prine is on tonight, but I will pick it up during the week since I am still on a Regina high.
  20. Bonnaroo 2010

    quote: Originally posted by bum bum bum: There are a lot of people complaining and talking trash for every single act. So don't feel too bad. So many gross sexist comments though. It made me sick. I tried to keep Regina full screen and ignore it most of the time. I only looked at them when I was checking the quality of the stream.. I was too curious. But I noticed the same stuff when Tori Amos played the other day---the little fragment we were allowed to watch, which was, btw, really good. Norah Jones also attracted a few nasty comments, but she, too, was really on and excellent.
  21. Bonnaroo 2010

    quote: Originally posted by eshbach: Here's the (uncut) audio from the show: I'll chop it up into songs and put it on RSO after I have the video re-encoded. I was counting on you. You got the video down?
  22. Bonnaroo 2010

    NPR will have a clean archive fairly soon; probably before halftime of the Celtics game. My own recording started with NPR, then had to switch to the audio from the video feed when I lost NPR for a little bit, then, of course,, scrambling back to NPR when the bleepholes at Bonnaroo pulled the plug. The little jackasses tweeting garbage are simply reminders that there is a rest of the world, which is not such a nice place sometimes---would that everyone lived in ReginaWorld. But we do. She was so much more at home, so to speak, today than at the White House. And she was just so on; it was as good as it gets, though seeing her live twice over the summer and early fall (three times if we count Barnes and Noble) cannot be beaten. As I hear Machine live more often, I am willing to say that the recorded version has too much stuff on it---everyone's favorite criticism of Far---one which I do not otherwise share. That song is better live. Everything else is excellent in its own way---the live version is one thing; the records are another. I also like the Jupiter Ones: Dave Heilman and K. Ishabashi and Dan Cho as her musicians. I think it is the best grouping behind her. Can't do the little November Rain thing before On the Radio without the other cello, though, I guess. Stunning. It will take hours for me to calm down.
  23. Bonnaroo 2010

    Ends just as in 2007. Love it.
  24. Bonnaroo 2010

    The sound quality is much better on the NPR feed so, for Norah, at least, that's what I am recording. and by the way, she looks great, sounds even better and is doing things I haven't heard her do before, including a Neil Young cover and using a guitar, rather than a piano for Come Away With me. Simply great. The amount of talent on this stage in the next two days is incalculable.
  25. Bonnaroo 2010

    and, as far as this Reginaphile is concerned, th highlight of the day was Tori Amos (particularly the two piano thing which is, you know, impossible). I also liked Julia Nunes, The National and X. Neither youtube or NPR let me hear the Nitty Griity Dirt Band and She & Him is on tape delay for tmrw. And, of course Norah Jones, and the Avett Brothers and Weezer. all building up to Sunday with Ingrid (w/ Bess Rogers) and the Main Event. Don't forget the posted times are usually in CST not EST.