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  1. Before there was Regina there was Joni

    'Tis true.Thanks. I think another parallel may become apparent in a few years. The wide recognition of Joni Mitchell as extraodinary is relatively recent. Yes, many of us were devotees of hers when she first appeared and even more so after Blue (male as well as female, contrary to what is believed today), but she was not talked about in the same reverential voice as even Bob Dylan. Now, after the Herbie Hancock Grammy winning album of covers, and the prominent role of Blue in "The Kids are All Right" (see and other things of that type, her music is now regarded as the special stuff it is. I am certain that the same will someday apply to Regina.
  2. Before there was Regina there was Joni

    This is the "Woodstock Show" on DIck Cavett in AUgust, 1969. (The link is to part one, but it is easy enough to find the rest): Watch Joni on same day tape TV and tell me you don't see Regina: the same whispered "thank you" to applause included. Their music is not the same, but so much else is, and, honestly, I can think of no two artists with so much in common.
  3. Regina is everywhere

    Don Draper would be jealous, but Regina wasn't born back then.
  4. Marrying my nephew

    Cute headline and slightly provocative, but a rather straightforward story. My nephew was married yesterday and he and his new wife asked me to conduct the ceremony. I have no legal authority to do this, so they took care of the legal issues elsewhere, but I was so honored to be able to stand with bride and groom to essentially read a truly beautiful script they wrote. They also asked if I would insert some personal comments about them, such as when I knew they belonged together and the like, so I scratched a few sentences of that type together. When I finished writing my two paragraphs, though, I felt as if something was missing. And so I added this: “I am following their lead in how we are conducting this ceremony, but every wedding needs a little poetry, and the only poets that mean anything to me are lyricists. So, here is some poetry this is how it works You peer inside yourself You take the things you like Then try to love the things you took And then you take that love you made And stick it into some - Someone else's heart Pumping someone else's blood Later, I was asked by more than one person about the lyrics and I was proud to to identify her and to tell those who asked that I think she has something meaningful to say about every event one could imagine. I remain so proud to have been asked to do this and to have injected Regina into such a happy day, that I am willing to give up my secret identity to just link to some of the photos of the event: https://www.facebook...o_album_comment
  5. wonderful, moving, and, yes, the narrator is the perfect choice for this film. If she would record Hine MaTovu someday.... and since we know what we would have lost if Regina and her family were not allowed to leave, it is hard to avoid shuddering while thinking of the talent the world was denied when so many others were never allowed to leave, or not allowed to leave until it was too late.
  6. Regina rocks Jumpin' Jack Flash!

    oh, yes it is. Thanks so very much. You and I could be one of the few on this board to whom Jumpin' Jack Flash is so iconic. And if, in this version, Jack Dishel is playing the part of Keith Richards this would be Regina as Jagger (not something I had ever considered). Great. Thanks again.
  7. Truck Fest 2006 Live - 3 days left to listen

    Thanks. Got it there. Would love Pound of Flesh, too, though.
  8. Truck Fest 2006 Live - 3 days left to listen

    she still messes around, Not like Knitting Factory on Valentine's Day fooling around, but....I hope someone captured this gem, though. I did not have time.
  9. Early fan Recordings

    Yeh, but I am afraid to download it with all that comes with it.
  10. Hey I dreamt about Regina!

    I keep forgetting that I am supposed to post whenever I dream about her and, now I am about 2,437 posts behind. (Many of these dreams are caused by the fact that I go to sleep with some Regina music playing and the next thing you know I am dreaming that I am in some late night establishment, watching her play (and, oddly, I am the one telling strangers personal things). Other times, I recall my actual meeting with Regina and, a few minutes later, Jack. I still have a few things to say to them, though.
  11. Early fan Recordings

    Before Joshua Bell and before it had a name,people here used to call it "A Lesson in How Fleeting Preservation Is" "Left Hand Song" is easier.
  12. Protips wanted - catching Regina in her home town

    I didn't mean forever. Do see her when you can. The event itself is almost as magical as the music. The age range of the audience is incredible---I am by no means out of place though I have been around a few years...and the rapt attention to what Regi serves up is incredible. I have never left a Regina concert without feeling so happy and wonderstuck and wish all of that for anyone.
  13. Oops! Google Chrome could not find

    "Ezra Pound" is the song usually called "Pound of Flesh" I think. A Cannon should be spelled with one n. These are minor quibbles, tho, because Aaron Eshbach really deserves some Nobel Prize for all of this, though I imagine he would settle for his dad's back to recover. On behalf of Reginaholics everywhere, thanks.
  14. Protips wanted - catching Regina in her home town

    I remember Barnes and Noble at Union Square trying to do a small show with her and Kurt Andersen around the time Far came out (you can find it on You Tube and Barnes and Nobles site), and the upstairs area being so swamped with people that it became grossly uncomfortable. She has done a few other things like that (Independent Record Stores Day, David Bezmogis' book reading) but, really, those days are probably over for awhile. I do not expect her to do any U.S> shows when she returns, but hope I am wrong.
  15. First concert review from Mexico

    Jack's FAcebook post:
  16. New Zealand and Australia Tour anyone?

    close to 14 minutes of the Live from the Wireless show broadcast in Australia a few weeks back:
  17. Other good music

    She was great the night of the Dan Cho Memorial and I have followed her since. That was, sadly and paradoxically, a great night of music. J.O.Y. and Regina (and Jack) would have been great without more, but the more was also sensational. Every single performer.

    I like that we get the day off to celebrate Regina's birthday (and that of two others)
  19. a new artist doing Regina justice

    Great voice and the keyboard (especially on "Braille") is exactly Regina. There is something about Regina's songs, though and her skills as an actress when she plays parts in these songs that makes them hard to cover. I hear "Braille" and can Regina's Bronx. And when she sings about the lake some call the porridge, I like the way she describes "the reporters." Though they are not necessarily autobiographical, some of these observations are just Regi's and hard to translate into someone else's voice. It's sort of the same feeling I get when I hear Jessica Molaskey cover Paul Simon's "Hearts and Bones." She does a great job with it, but she and John Pizzarelli are not "one and one-half wandering Jews"; Paul Simon and Carrie Fisher, who the song is about, were. In the same vein I recently heard a woman named Elisa Peimer doing a great cover of Joni Mitchell's "Little Green" but now that we know the truly sad circumstances surrounding that song, written when Joni gave up her daughter for adoption, it is jarring to hear someone else sing "You're sad and you're sorry, but you're not ashamed/Little green, have a happy ending." Way too personal a song for a cover. I'll get over all of this, And I am really grateful to have heard this beautiful young voice. Thanks.
  20. Love is all you need...

    great. thanks
  21. reg in the news

    Nice review esp at the beginning, but, he had to use the q word, which always disappoints me. The "stripped down" version of NMQP is the one on Cheap Seats, in my opinion, since a rather crucial verse is missing (since without it the song skips to Paris, without any real reason). All minor quibbles. I am about to do my 60 year old guy who still loves the music of his youth, best albums chart for 2012 and there is nothing that even approaches "Cheap Seats" (though it was a good year in Norah Jones, Jenny Owen Youngs, Paul Simon, Aimee Mann

    I did not realize that I had this under the old name.
  23. Hava Nagila - the movie

    Absolutely can't wait. Anyone who saw her Thanksgiving Facebook post would understand a few thousand things about being a Jew and why her Jewishness is one of the many wonderful things about her.
  24. Regina at KCRW - entire show

    I think it was first up as a video in October but I am glad to have it mentioned again, because I thought that Regina and Yoed Nir were positioned very well so that each could play off one another and the result was really excellent, I thought it funny at the time that a radio station seemed to have a better handle on how to televise Regina.
  25. 11:11

    The Lady Day cover on the Boardwalk Empire soundtrack gives us further hints of what she can do. And never say never. It took Joni many years to embrace her jazz roots (with much teeth gnashing among the fans) and the triumphant Herbie Hancock tribute to her, which won a Grammy somehow, completed that circle. Regina is still growing. Her talents are way beyond what we have heard and seen so far. In fact, we have seen hints of an acting talent as well. I think we are in for some truly amazing, wonderful, beautiful and unexpected things from Regina in the years to come. The most creative singer songwriter of my youth was, easily, Joni Mitchell. And today there is nobody who even approaches Regina.