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  1. Before there was Regina there was Joni

    Joni Mitchell turned 69 this week, which caused a lot of things about her to show up around the edges of all the election coverage, including the Chicks with Dip cover of Joni's album "Blue." (You Tube the "chicks with Dip" and you will find some of it.). It's funny how hard it is for people to cover Joni and carry the lyrics with as much meaning as they have when sung in her voice. Frankly, the voice I think could be best do justice to this so special music is Regina. And the more I think of my obsessions with both, the more I realize it is as much how different their music and lyrics are from almost everything else.
  2. 2012-10-24 Beacon Theater - New York, NY

    I, too, am looking forward to tonight---very much so, I am not sure I know what a rawer attack means. I do expect, much as we saw at the United Palace uptown, that the live versions of songs from What We Saw, to sound really good with the Yoed Nir-Mathias Kunzli-Brad Whitely setup now even stronger after playing together all year. Nir's cello on NMQP really outshines the horns on the What We Saw recording, in my opinion. I have seen the recent set lists, but I suspect that, playing on her home turf as it is, we might get Ink Stains and possibly (oh, please) Laughing With as well. Wasn't planning on going to this one after HIAS and United Palace this year, but cant let this go by in my old neighborhood, without being there. So I will be thanks to a miracle of sorts.
  3. 2012.10.13- The Fillmore; Detroit, MI

    I am so grateful, always, for dentist girl's posts. Just wonderful. Thanks

    She is, it appears, just a teeny bit busy right now running around the country to sing for us.
  5. Carson Daly 2012

    Beautifully done, with Regi looking like a 1940s chanteuse, but it would have been nice to hear all of "Open."
  6. Regina KCRW Los Angeles Show- Free Tickets

    KCRW leaves stuff up for a long time. The sound on this is really excellent. Mr. Nir's cello is particularly strong and really beautiful. The video is also particularly excellent. (Odd, that a radio station does such good video). And they refer to NMSP by its real name without even a mention of the stupid Warner Brothers pseudonym.
  7. Regina KCRW Los Angeles Show- Free Tickets

    It's up now, even though it is not to be broadcast at 11.15 PDT.
  8. Tonight Show w/ Leno (2012-08-16)

    I a sorry I missed and thank you very much for calling our attention to this absolutely perfect performance. (As a member of, say, the prior generation, I also so love that Leno's people are picking up on that Rolling Stone reference to Regi as "this generation's Joni Mitchell")
  9. 2012 Fall Tour

    quote: Originally posted by Wishful Friend: Does anyone know if there are some sort of VIP tickets available for any of the shows? Because I'm more than willing to spend the money to be backstage during her show and meet her again. That would not be very reg-like, would it? To let people pay more to get closer to her?
  10. Regina in the Live Room (Warner Sound)

    I do not hear the "pitch correction" you are hearing nor do I hear Regi's voice "ruined" in any way shape or form. I love these. Yes, again, NMQP with the cello instead of the horns is just so excellent that am shivering. (The Warner Brothers lawyers who want me to call it by that Other Name are too silly for words.)
  11. quote: Originally posted by legerdemain: Ladies and Gentleman.. I was very far :\ the sound's "ok" (lots of noisy talk around..) the first 2 minutes are Peter singing with his orchestra, at 2:15 he notices there is a fuck up! LOL how Reginesque I thought! then he restarts the song at 3:25 and the Lady comes in at 5:00 I don't think there was a real "fuck up." Regi was not present, ready or whatever, and they got to the Pasternak part and could not continue without her. The they found her and it came out just stunningly.
  12. quote: Originally posted by legerdemain: Ladies and Gentleman.. I was very far :\ the sound's "ok" (lots of noisy talk around..) the first 2 minutes are Peter singing with his orchestra, at 2:15 he notices there is a fuck up! LOL how Reginesque I thought! then he restarts the song at 3:25 and the Lady comes in at 5:00 Oh my goodness. Thank you so much. Just wonderful. She adopts Gabriel's version and, of course, makes it so much better. I think the thing I miss in the Peter Gabriel version is that thundering angry piano in the original, but this version is quite stunning in its own way. Our Regina is just indescribably magnificent and so extraordinarily talented.
  13. 2012-05-07 - Le Trianon (Paris.. in the rain!)

    actually you and Regina look great. And happy. Your post was wonderful. I was so curious as to how NMQP would be received and was almost in tears when I read what you wrote. quote: Originally posted by kaoir: Oh guys... Regina is wonderful. <3 (and she said Thank you to Paris on her facebook!) You should see this indelible smile on my face, I'm so so happy. This was the best musical experience of my life. First, I wanna say thank you to Emmerrrrrr/.. Emma?.. Ah, I'm so sorry! I have forgotten to ask you your name.. Anyway, it was really cool to meet a stixer! I had so much fun to wait with you and meet Regina (yeah guys! We met her!). Speak English with you was really funny.. Now you can say to everyone that my accent is terrible. Also, I think you can check your emails.. Okay! My sister and I woke up early in the morning. On the train we talked about Regina and I couldn't stop smiling. We came to the theatre in the afternoon and nobody was waiting so we sat on a bar and ordered some limeade. Shortly after, we saw a girl with her mother who were waiting next to the theatre so we decided to wait with them. More and more people came and all her musicians were on the bar. After a while, the security guards talked with us because they wanted to know some stuff about Regina. They were like "Regina.. Spektor.. Who is she? What's her style?" Nobody knew how to explain her style, people were like "Oh..She plays piano and.. she was born in Russia and.. her lyrics are wonderful and.. she plays a lot with her voice.. but..". Finally I said "You know.. Regina has her own style. You can't define her, the only thing to do is to enjoy her music." haha. We waited and waited and waited again and finally they opened the doors! (7:30 pm) I was very surprised because when they opened the doors, everyone started to run to be near to the stage. It was not my first concert but it was the first time I saw people running before a concert. Weird. Anyway, I was standing right in front of the piano during the show!! In fact, there was no separation between the stage and the crowd so the piano was very very close to me. Guys.. I felt so lucky. 30 minutes later, Jack Dishel came on stage and played a few songs. Everyone was very kind with him and we all enjoyed his music! I was so happy when he played 'It's a Boy', 'Magic' or 'Stamp your name on it'. Beautiful songs. Also, Jack is so funny! His band was not with him so he said "I would like to introduce you to my band... My Ipod!" He also tried to learn some French words. He was drinking wiskey so he asked us how to say "We are drinking wiskey together". At the end, he wanted to know how to say "God", everybody said "Dieu" and then he turned-off his Ipod and the music stopped. He looked at the crowd and said "You get it?", he seemed really proud of his joke, haha. He finally walked of the stage. A few minutes later, Regina came out! I was speechless and so happy to see her! Regina was lovely and very happy to play for us! I was impressed, she sounds AMAZING live. I was very close to the stage so I could see her hands on the piano. Incredible. She often closes her eyes during songs, she says thank you after every songs, her smile is the biggest smile in the world and she has lovely expressions and gestures. The crowd was applauding furiously after every songs. It was just perfect. I have recorded the show, you can download it ---> here I'm sorry because I had my camera but I have forgotten to take pictures.. hehe. However, someone took nice pics during the show: link Setlist! Ain't no Cover ( ) The Calculation On the Radio ( ) Small Town Moon ( ) Ode to Divorce ( ) Blue Lips ( ) Patron Saint Someone in the crowd: "We love you!" Regina: "Merci.. et moi aussi." (Thanks.. me too.) <3 How All the Rowboats ( ) After the song, she talked in French and tried to introduce us to her musicians. She was so cute but at the end of the sentence she said "Oh Fuck!" because she had difficulties to speak in French. Haha. Eet ( ) Call Them Brothers She always have the same gestures when she sings that song. That's funny. She comes back to her piano and said something like: "I think I'm meant to just be sat at one place. As soon as I get up around I get confused." The Prayer I'm speechless. Hear Regina singing in Russian is something you can't forget. After the song, someone in the crowd talk in russian (I think he said 'thank you') and Regina said a few words in Russian but I didn't understand. =) Dance Anthem of the 80's ( ) Better ( ) During this song, everyone was playing the drums with their hands and Regina seemed so happy! She said "As you said in France.. C'est très très cool!" (this is very very cool!) Ne me quitte pas ( ) I'm sorry, I can't find the complete video.. Of course, the song was amazing! Everybody was singing with Regina, especially when she says "I love Paris in the rain". Everyone was ecstatic! When the song ended, we were applauding furiously and regina couldn't stop smiling. Oh Marcello ( ) Ballad of a Politician Here again, Regina got a BIG round of applause. People hit the floor with their feet and everybody went crazy! I don't remember exactly what she said but it was like "Fuck man!! Oh.. I don't know.. I'm just so happy.." When she talked to us, I saw her face and I thought she will cry because of happiness. It was a very moving moment. <3 Open ( ) I closed my eyes during this song. I had so much mental images and thoughts.. It gave me chills. After the show, my sister told me she was afraid when she saw me. She said I was in a trance state. Regina: " Thank you so much!" The crowd: "Thank you!" Regina: "No, Thank you!" The crowd: "No! Thank you!" Regina: *big smile* Firewood ( ) The Party ----- Fidelity ( ) Hotel Song ( ) Samson After the show, I met Jack Dishel and he signed my album. He seemed really happy to have fans in France! Then, I waited with my sister next to the VIP room because I wanted to say thank you to Regina. A security guard was there and we were not allowed to see Regina. This guard was really nice because everytime someone opened the doors and left, he asked if they could give us their VIP tickets. Unfortunately, it didn't worked. Then, I saw .. Emma (I hope your name is Emma, haha) and we went on the outside. We waited during.. 1 hour (?) and suddenly, Regina came out! She was holding a pillow (awww). She didn't saw us (we were a small group, 7 persons) because she was surrounded by security guards so we called her. When she saw us, she smiled, went to her bus, and came back to talk with us. I was so happy to meet her! She is very nice with her fans. I got an autograph, I said thank you and then I asked if I could take a picture with her. She looked at me, smiled and said "Yees, of course!", I got a pic and I said thank you again. (ouhou!) Then, Emma (aah) asked if I could take a photo of her with Regina. I said yes but when I tried to take the picture, I forgot to remove the lens cap. HAHAHA. Ahem. Hopefully, Regina was there to point out to me my mistake. Regina couldn't stay with us for a long time because everybody was waiting in the bus. As usual, the security guards were stupid, they said things like 'no more pics', 'it's over' and were really rude with people. But Regina was very nice, she talked with everyone and tried to do her best to make everyone happy! My sister says I have a weird face on this picture but I don't care.. I met Regina!! I'm so glad I had the chance to see Regina playing music. I can't sleep anymore but I'm very happy. I hope one day I could meet all of you! Cheers!
  14. Regina wows Albert Hall

    Thanks so much. The Brits (I reluctantly concede on the Fourth of July) have a better facility with our common language and their reviews were so well crafted, I was practically in tears. Quite a night, I gather. quote: Originally posted by robertaxel: reviews: There are also several you tube clips.. search for Regina and sort by upload date.. All the Rowboats was particularly fine.. that piano work!: Robert
  15. very nice article on Regina

    Speaking for the over 50 year old branch of this web site and Regina devotees everywhere, you would be surprised at how many of us there are, but only if you did not look around at every concert. I am a child of the fabled 1960s, but not alone at Regina concerts and not the oldest guy around. (Hope this does not tick any of you people off. If, in 1972, I heard that my parents liked Jackson Browne, say, I would have been annoyed and re-evaluated my view. But then there is SInatra and Ella, and Billie Holliday and many others who bridge all ages, so....) quote: Originally posted by Anthony Minsky: One of my favorite articles ever. It just wasn't long enough . I could've read a lot more on how he felt about Regina. He just had such a great way of articulating Regina and her music. He really appreciates her and how fresh and unique she truly is. Like WE all do. It's such a confirmation to hear someone say it with such a closeness of how I also feel. I'd like to contact that guy too. It was such a beautiful expression of true Regina Spektor and an acknowledgement of all her hard hard work to give us her wonderful gifts. And P.S. - In the picture the man looks like he was close or just past his 50's, in age. Is it just me, or does that fact make what he said even a little more special?
  16. Regina on the Colbert Report June 7th

    well here's something that looks solid:
  17. Regina on the Colbert Report June 7th

    agreed that both were great. Now which of you can figure out how to rip the video
  18. MusicLover's Politics Thread

    I frankly would be happy to discuss politics with anyone except MusicLover. As the saying goes, some of my best (if misguided) friends hold strong political views that are the opposite of mine. But MuiscLover is just trying to cause trouble. I am with Raph.
  19. 2012-06-05 Secret NYC Show

    Well, i am glad to read the positive reaction. I saw a fair amount at work, but people insisted on doing work with me (outrageous). I was able to record it as a huge Flash file, though, and watched it again, and loved every minute, as always. And, the sound quality was, even on the internet, outstanding. She will not answer questions about song meanings or titles because she believes, quite correctly I think, that everyone is entitled to their own take on all of it. You don't look at a Jackson Pollock paining and then demand he tell you what he thinks it means, nor would you sidle up to your favorite author and ask what their novel "meant." That's what art is about. Art. Her discussion of aging, and her imagining singing with an older woman's voice was really something, and her description of Joni's Both Sides Now album, the songs I grew up with, reimagined with the voice Joni has today was perfect: you can see a whole lifetime there. Exactly. (Great album, by the way: as great a tribute to Joni as almost all the other Joni tribute albums have been. The only better one was the Herbie Hancock one). Oh, our Regina is just taking off. She has been wonderful for years, but now....
  20. Regina on Jimmy Fallon, June 4th

    quote: Originally posted by RJLupin2: Oh yeah, she completely nailed it! Here's a video, kudos to Lennonist who shared it on Facebook Thank you. Thank you. I DVR'd it, but this is better. I, too, love the version with the cello replacing the horns on the Cheap Seats recording. (I still mourn the missing verse and the Ne Me Quitte----PAS thing, but the way she sang this on Late Night and NPR and at United Palace is helping me get over our loss.)
  21. Regina on the Colbert Report June 7th

    quote: Originally posted by Greg: Ahhhhh!!!! This is awesome!!!! The Colbert Report is pretty huge! (and they don't have that many musicians on as far as I know.) It is a "Fake news" show. On the few occasions when musicians appear, they are muscians Stephen particularly enjoys.
  22. Thank you so very much for doing this. I really appreciate how hard it was to do, and quite grateful for it. I think this to be an excellent one hour example of the basically 1:40 show we saw at the United Palace Theatre (though not from cheap seats). I am so anxious for people who did not see any of the recent shows to see this, and now they can. Even the gorgeous HIAS show was only piano and voice, which I love, but there is something about the cello, drums and other keyboards which really add to what she did last night and I am pleased to be able to show her off this way. So thanks again. quote: Originally posted by Appt: ^^Yup, I have the whole thing and am working on an upload as we speak. EDIT: Unbelievable, it took two hours to upload onto vimeo and another 3 hours for them to process it and the seeking doesn't work! Meh, youtube it is.
  23. Live Broadcast (NPR) on May 31st, 2012

    I think she was compressing her usual 1:40 into a single hour and doing so on the fly. Obviously needed to do "On the Radio," too. she was, as always, spectacular. quote: Originally posted by baruch: I had the opportunity to see the setlist and "How" was skipped over during the performance tonight. There seemed to be some confusion with the song selection as the show was going on. Overall, excellent show! A little stumble during folding chair was delightfully worked through. I heard very subtle adjustments from the sound board controller to affect reverb during certain songs that really enhanced the show from my perspective. Still buzzing. It was brilliant! Thank you Regina.
  24. quote: Originally posted by Appt: Successfully recorded! NPR says it will be available on Monday if Regina approves it...Since there are hundreds of videos on youtube she did not personally approve, I don't feel sharing this one is out of line. So, if any of you wants it give me a shout and I'll upload it I am certain NPR will be posting something on Monday, but looking at their other archives, and remembering something David Dye said on the broadcast, I am not sure it will be complete. Are you saying that you have the whole thing and will post it?
  25. Live Broadcast (NPR) on May 31st, 2012

    switched to my ipad and it was less choppy, but God, this was just wonderful. Almost as good as seeing her live a couple of weeks back. I so hope somebody (not just NPR which will not give us the whole thing, I am sure) was able to record it, preferably with video. (I really appreciate Adria now....)