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  1. 2012-06-05 Secret NYC Show

    quote: Originally posted by porcupine-ologist: Well it was posted on her facebook page, and many people could have decided to "like" Regina's page even if they only really listen to a few songs of hers and they might just enter because it sounds like a fun thing to go to. I don't know. But anyway, good luck to you 'Stixers who entered!!! I guess they didn't mean it when they said you had until 6/2 to enter.
  2. 2012-06-05 Secret NYC Show

    I think we noow know what the "secret" of the "secret show" was: The good news is that whether we are there in person or not, we can all "attend."
  3. DylanFest 2011

    Thank you. (was WFUV taping, by any lovely chance?)
  4. 2012-06-05 Secret NYC Show

    quote: Originally posted by himynameism: in reality some completely random person could win who barely listens to her music. I am not to sure any such person will have heard of the lottery or be all that interested. Some people have no interest in our Regina. Go figure.
  5. DylanFest 2011

    quote: Originally posted by dentistgirl: I so wish I could go! It was a blast last year. Alas I'm stranded in PA throwing a baby shower for my sister. Someone better remember everything and report back to me! Somebody (we are counting on you, Aaron) needs to be there because Rolling Stone, which found our Regi in the audience last night, says she will sing "It's All Over, Baby Blue" tonight. One of the greatest of all Dylan songs, sung by Regina. Somebody, please, record this. Please.
  6. 2012-06-05 Secret NYC Show

    I am guessing Greene Street for John Schaefer's Soundcheck. I would love to go.
  7. 2012-05-15 United Palace, Manhattan NYC

    quote: Originally posted by Greg: Yup, that's me! When I uploaded it, it said right away that it "matched 3rd party content" and that it would put ads under my videos. So, it looks like they won't be pulled. It is such a great thing you did. A great video of a great night. Thanks,
  8. Regina on Letterman Thursday, May 17th

    Maybe I am oversensitive, but "looking Jewish" usually does not suggest good things for that person. I am Jewish, but I am also a New Englander by birth. But there are Jews from Ethiopia who are black, and there are Jews with one parent who is Asian, and while they may not "look Jewish" they are. Regina is very much a New Yorker (which is sometimes used as a euphemism for "Jewish" though we are quite a minority here as elsewhere), but the accent she puts on in Rowboats ("here's your ticker/welcome to the tombs") is acting, just as she does London working class "be-ah" before "better" in Fidelity. She has a ear for, ummm, the consequences of sounds and it is as much a part of her work as any other of her amazing skills (the coffin/coughin' part of Rowboats being another one of those things she hears and sings about). She looks beautiful. quote: Originally posted by Anthony Minsky: I know that sometimes when people say 'I'm Jewish', they may mean religion. But isn't the word Jewish technically an ethnicity and Judaism a religion many Jewish people conform to? My father's side of the family were all Jewish and I've never understood that to mean religiously speaking. Just sayin'. And if a person is careful, isn't it actually ok to say someone looks Latino, or Asian, or Polynesian, or even Jewish and it not be a 'Thing'? I hate stereotype talk just like anyone hates it, but I equally hate over sensitivity. I love that the world is filled with different races and looks. And I enjoy talking about it. Nothin' deep here, just for conversation.
  9. Regina on Letterman Thursday, May 17th

    quote: Originally posted by Greg: Thanks. Despite DVRs and the need to get some sleep, I stayed up interested both in Dave and Conan about Leno and them of course, the wondrous Regina. Sometimes television does not convey what I see in her; but this time it did and watching again this morning thanks to your video I really teared up. The director missed the point of the "shots" and showed the drummer at the beginning but thereafter did a great job, allowing us to see Regina actually playing on the keyboard (and that nail polish) and then got Regi at the end very well. And, yes, it was odd to see her playing "backwards" as it were. Thanks.
  10. Regina on Letterman Thursday, May 17th

    quote: Originally posted by dentistgirl: All the Rowboats! I knew it! Also, and I mean absolutely nothing negative by this, she looked incredibly Jewish. And she STILL had on the blue nail polish. <3 Gahhhh <3 <3 <3 <3 I don't know how people "look" Jewish---except, I guess, for the Star of David on Kitsch. But she was excellent and Dave seems to be amazed every time she is on as to just how great she is.
  11. 2012-05-15 United Palace, Manhattan NYC

    I was in the fifth row of the orchestra and thse shots are better than anything I could have imagined. Thank you so much. (Which becoms my wallpaper for the week; hmmmmm) quote: Originally posted by dentistgirl: Flooding this thread with pics now. ^i know she kinda hates the open mouth pics, but geez, if she'd stop looking so dang gorgeous in them, i'd stop posting them! lol just amazing
  12. 2012-05-15 United Palace, Manhattan NYC

    On my way home I, naturally, listened to your recording of the Philly show where it sounded as if Regina invited you on stage. I was able to follow her set list, since I had Philly on my Ipod, until she veered off. (Sorry to miss "Eet") My daughter definitely thinks her father has gone off the deep end, but we both enjoyed a really great show, in a beautiful (on the inside) venue. She quite intentionally, it seemed to me, dropped the "Ne Me Quitte PAS" thinking at the end of that song and, of course, the missing verse is still missing but I still love the song and was real happy to be there to hear her play it. As great as your recording have been, they are, of course,no match for sitting in the fifth row and just hearing her sing such great pieces of work, so beautifully. She melds her classical work into this music so well and each time I hear her do it, it moves me more than the last time. quote: Originally posted by eshbach: This show was really incredible, and even though the setlist was almost identical to the one in Philly a few nights ago, I feel like I just heard something completely unprecedented. The sound in the theater was amazing, and Regina's vocals were absolutely perfect. I recorded the show (as usual), and after a perfunctory listen, I think this recording is going to come out better than the Wellmont or Tower Theater shows. Jamie and I talked to Jack after show, and he told us that he had designed Regina's new t-shirts (with the exception of the singular red piano key on one of the shirts, which was Regina's contribution). While waiting for Regina, we caught Brad Whiteley (Regina's keyboardist) and his girlfriend Erika Lloyd as they were waiting for a Taxi. We told them we had seen their band "Little Grey Girlfriend" at a tiny basement club on Houston St. last summer. They were very excited about having been recognized as artists of their own, and told us that we had made their night. They introduced us to their guitarist, and we talked with them for a few minutes about the show on Houston, Regina's music, and how two people from the middle of Pennsylvania had ended up at a show by a little band on Manhattan's lower east side. Almost as soon as we said goodbye to 3/4 of Little Grey Girlfriend, Regina emerged from the venue's side exit to greet her loyal admirers. A non-Brumstix group presented her with a cardboard pickle and giant book titled "Reading Time with Pickle." A dozen or so people were fortunate enough to score a photograph with Regina before she got to us, and when she recognized the group of stixers (many of whom had been at the show on Saturday night), her face lit up with a giant smile. We told her that Brumstix seemed completely ok with the changes she had asked us about in Philly, and she reiterated how happy she was to have our input on the subject. Betsy's group photo really captures how wonderful the atmosphere was tonight. It was great seeing all of you again, and I can't wait for next time!
  13. 2012-05-15 United Palace, Manhattan NYC

    quote: Originally posted by RedRyder: My will is being heavily tested right now. No re entry and I'm DYING for a Cigarette . Regina, you're totally worth it. I hear you. The idea of leaving to go to the bathroom, and somehow getting back to my seat was more than I could bear. Even after a wonderful night, I drove for almost two hours before I was able to take care of business that needed tending as jack's set ended. All worth it. The woman was, as always. simply spectacular for every minute she played.
  14. 2012-05-15 United Palace, Manhattan NYC

    FYI. The old fool who insists on posting here will be in row EE in the orchestra seated with his daughter who puts up with this obsession quite elegantly.
  15. Boston, 5-10-12, at the Orpheum Theater

    quote: Originally posted by almostspotless: quote: Originally posted by IDontCare: On that note... I'm still devestated that she said no to Buildings. It's not even like she said, "ph I can't remember it," or , "oh I don't really like that one," ... just... "No way." Sort of implying that, yeah, I could totally play this right now. But I'm not gonna. No. Way. And I wanna hear itttttttt. Sooooooo baddddddddddddd. Aww, no worries, I think she probably just didn't remember how to play it. I am sure that is the case. She has frequently mentioned having to relearn by reference to "the internet" (meaning sites with recordings which remind of her of how to play them. "All the Rowboats" was, until recently, just such a song.
  16. Vlogs (Video Blogs)

    For some reason the word VLOG makes me think of Pomplamoose.
  17. Pound of Flesh

    As with so many of regina's songs, they mean different things to different people. I like what you say, and kaior's as well. And while Ezra Pound was who he was, "Ezra Pound" need not be the same person. I don't think Regina was writing a wikipedia entry. I, too, absolutely love this song quote: Originally posted by porcupine-ologist: Oh, I didn't know much about Ezra Pound, thanks for the information, I had thought maybe at the end of his life he realized he was wrong and was ashamed of supporting Mussolini. So I think my analysis before doesn't really fit. What do you think of Ezra Pound representing culpability? I like kaoir's interpretation. Also, I was thinking about how a pound of flesh makes me think of a dead body and so the line "What's a pound of flesh?" is sarcastic because when Ezra Pound was alive that was his attitude towards all the human lives lost in the holocaust, like it was no loss...I don't know though if I make sense. Just throwing a thought out there. What do you think?
  18. Pound of Flesh

    Ezra Pound's Nazi-era antisemitism, broadcast by the Mussolini Italian government to Allied troops (sort of the Tokyo Rose of the European war) was notorious and made him a war criminal (and postwar prisoner of war). He is the epitome of a bad man. quote: Originally posted by porcupine-ologist: quote: In my opinion, Ezra pound is outside the circle. Every time I tried to put Ezra Pound inside this circle, this series of "Ifs", that didn't make sense. ^^yeah, I think I was trying to make some sort of connection with the "staying in bed all day" and how Ezra Pound is a visitor to your bed but it didn't exactly fit. quote: He may represent something: the concept of culpability. Imagine you are someone who have commited a fault. You don't feel guilty, you're not sorry. If you're not sorry, you can't be forgiven, can't be forgotten, you must live forever, you can't be reborn, can't be a baby, can't learn how to crawl, you must stay in bed all day. You do nothing. So you start to think about what you have done. Ezra pound comes next to you and sits upon your bed. He was an anti-semite. All his life, he has supported the fascism. But it was a mistake, he knows it was a mistake and he feels terribly guilty. He represents the culpability. I think before I was focusing too much on the idea of forgiving but now I really like the idea of Ezra Pound representing culpability. quote: So he sits upon your bed and asks if you can spare a pound of flesh. You have to pay for your faults, he wants you to feel guilty. But you don't care, you are sarcastic. You give one pound, you give two pounds. You think that if you give two pounds, this feeling will disapear, Ezra Pound will leave you alone. But you're wrong, Ezra Pound (your culpability) is stronger and he comes again because you're not sorry, the circle is not broken. But you don't care, you give one pound, you give two pounds and "you’ll end up being left to the bare bone." Finally, haunted by remorse, you begin to dream of death.. ^^Oh, this makes so much sense to me! I like this interpretation a lot. I don't really have anything to challenge or interesting to add. Maybe someone else does?
  19. 2012-04-10 Montclair, NJ | Wellmont Theater

    As always, you have my deepest appreciation. These are absolutely wonderful. I was at the HIAS show, but feel as if I am hearing Firewood (for instance) clearer than I have ever heard it before. (Except for the bleephole yelling at the really wrong time, it and Reg are simply perfect in this recording.) quote: Originally posted by eshbach: I've posted my recording of the show on RSO: Sitting in the front row, the main speakers for the house were actually behind us, so I think most of the sound my microphone picked up was from the stage monitors. The result is rather good, at least by the standard of my usual recordings. The overwhelming synth-bass is absent, and, in fact, the levels seem pretty equal. I had to do very little to this recording in the way of restoration / noise reduction, and usually the less I touch something, the better off it is. 01 - All The Rowboats.mp3 02 - Small Town Moon.mp3 03 - Blue Lips.mp3 04 - Oh Marcello.mp3 05 - Firewood.mp3 06 - On the Radio.mp3 07 - Ballad of a Politician.mp3 08 - Patron Saint.mp3 09 - Prayer of Francois Villon.mp3 10 - The Flowers.mp3 11 - Silly Eye-Color Generalizations.mp3 12 - The Wallet.mp3 13 - Call Them Brothers.mp3 14 - Ne Me Quitte Pas.mp3 15 - Laughing With.mp3 16 - Ode to Divorce.mp3 17 - Open.mp3 18 - The Party.mp3 19 - Fidelity.mp3 20 - How.mp3 Full Show:
  20. Other good music

    quote: Originally posted by Emmerrrrrrr: Oh, Barth, I've saved that youtube video (the better version) on my laptop, if you want me to somehow send it to you, let me know! On topic, Alex Winston is releasing her album King Kon on March 5th! Thanks. I think I did, too, on another computer, but If I can't find it I will reach out to you. I would explode if they could do this again on a public stage.
  21. Other good music

    Take it from the old guy who lurks around here: Bonnie Raitt's new album Slipstream is truly outstanding. M Ward's is, too. And Regi plays tonight in Montclair. I wish....but I will see her in Washington Heights in a month or so.
  22. quote: Originally posted by Kb93: Found this studio version of baby jesus. Its different then the one that was posted on David Kahne's site. You deserve membership in the Explorer's Club. This is as important to us as Perry finding the North Pole.
  23. quote: Originally posted by SchoolIsOut: As far as "I Cut Off My Hair" being "The Party" on WWSFTCS, I tweeted to Reginapolis about it and here's what they had to say: "@mouseology No, it won't be! "The Party" is a new song. If it was the same song, there would've been copyright removals already! :-)" If that's the case, then I'm not as heartbroken as I would've been, cause now we have this super amazing demo version I don't understand the Reginapolis answer. Ne Me Quitte Pas and All the Rowboats have escaped the copyright removal issue. The way i see it, WB has put copyright claims in on unauthorized "leaks" and personal photographs which Regina asked to be keep private. She has never tried to stomp on personal recordings or any of the other theoretical copyright violations that are all over these websites. I hope The Party is a new song, because I want new songs, but she has been so busy the last few years, it is hard to imagine when he would have had the time. I love the song we called "cut ff my hair" and would love to hear a produced version.
  24. 2012 US Tour

    I got mine but find this whole thing ridiculously unfair. "Sold out" ought to mean, you know, sold out. Not "keep refreshing; you never can tell." still, I than the experienced stixers for telling me what to do, despite all signs to the contrary. I'll get over it by May, I am sure, but something else should be considered for the next time.
  25. 2012 US Tour

    quote: Originally posted by makingstuffup: Can someone explain to me how in the f tickets for 3 shows are sold out in 15 minutes? That's absolutely ridiculous. 15? Try 1. Though Upper Darby keeps coming back on. Apparently very few tickets were made available for the pre-sale.