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  1. DylanFest 2011

    The video of Norah Jones and Regina arm in arm, singing together is just unbearably exciting. There is no evening I could imagine being better than seeing the two of them together. Norah Jones brought back the female singer-songwriter and beautiful music, allowing wider exposure of Regina's so amazing music.
  2. DylanFest 2011

    Thanks, for that link. McGuinn is very good at explaining his work (and funnyhow he gives some credit for the idea to Crosby). But you whet my appetite, again, for the way it came out. My favorite version is on the untitled double record set---a live version, but there is no You Tube of that, of course. So here's one that is awfully close to the way most of us have heard the most times. (and if Regina and Jack could find a way to do this with McGuinn, as Springsteen did a few years back, the world would be a better place): or try this one from Swedish tv. (The date, 1965, seems to be wrong to me, since Crosby calls McGuinn by his birth name "Jim McGuinn" which had become Roger (for religious reasons) by 1965, I think). Doesn't matter: Great version: quote: Originally posted by lennonist: Roger McGuinn's arrangement improved that song. He made it so much spiritual. See Well, thank god for that bouncer. He likes you, obviously. You should send him some flowers or something. ;P The setlist for this particular show would be invaluable. Look forward to seeing it. Especially to figure out what was that penultimate song that Regina was shy about singing.
  3. DylanFest 2011

    Now it's my turn to say Oh, My God. Who did the McGuinn twelve string? Oh, that was so wonderful. Yes, it is Dylan's song (Roger used to remind us of this before they would play it, but we sort of knew that) but it is a song that is and will always be a Byrds song. For Regina, whose music I cannot live without, to sing this, as much an obsession when I was younger (then than yesterday) was incredible. And Jack does Dylan well.
  4. Housing Works reading w/Jack Dishel

    quote: Originally posted by RJLupin2: Does anyone know where I can find the videos of just Jack playing? (and his excerpt for that matter?) I am almost positive altered ego has them and intends to post them. I, too, am eager to see them.
  5. Housing Works reading w/Jack Dishel

    Every time I hear altered ego's lovely little voice, I think of Regina's song, Ne me quitte pas
  6. Housing Works reading w/Jack Dishel

    In spirit, indeed. Love what I have read of David's book, which is special. Thank you so very much for these gorgeous videos. You so allow the rest of us to fill in these important gaps. And we now have, for us, a "new" song, an another reason that I wished I learned to speak Russian with my grandparents so long ago. quote: Originally posted by altered ego: Hey guys, I hope you'll forgive me if I can't fill you in on how the event was because I'm only half lucid now (it was AMAZING, DUH). But, here are the vids to make up for it: So yeah, that's pretty much everything she performed. I'll upload Jack's vids probably tomorrow. It was great seeing you guys tonight and of course, all those who couldn't make it, we know you were all there in spirit.
  7. Record Store show

    I have watched them all now. They are all wonderful and captures her being so well. I can't thank you enough. I was upstairs at the Music Hall of Williamsburg Tribute to Dan and remember you did such a great job on that one, too. I am starting to recognize your voice, too. Very nice all around. Thanks again. quote: Originally posted by altered ego: So I ended up using Aimersoft to trim them. I'm sure her team will upload better vids soon, but here's for your temporary fix: Everything's up. Here's the link for the playlist. Enjoy!
  8. Regina faking?

    a) I don't think there is a phony bone in her body. If you think she was making that stuff up last week, you underestimate what it takes to do all of this, while involved in the msuical.
  9. Brandi Carlile Rec Str Day Vid

    Oh, thanks so much for that clip. Love Brandi always and even more so after this. And another Zooey to contribute to our lives!!! (not that the "original" Zooey Glass could sing...) Between Reg at Other and this, what a great day it was. quote: Originally posted by andreseng: Check out Brandi's contribution to the Record Store Day video compilation. It is the cutest thing (almost) ever!
  10. DVD Screenings

    Did you have a lot of questions you wanted to ask? I thought Regina and Adria had a good point. There was no plot or story in the film. You wanted to know, maybe, how she turned those cool lights on? What she was singing in the shower? I don't think Regina is all that keen on watching herself on screen, so you got that. And, I am certain that seeing Dan up here was not all that easy for her.
  11. Record Store show

    what about Regi's video? She said on her Facebook that "we" filmed it and she would post it there soon. Jack Conte said a month ago he would post a video of the last "Hey! It's Pomplamoose" show and they haven't done that either, so I dunno, but we can hope our artists come through for us; no?
  12. Regina is everywhere

    quote: Originally posted by RJLupin2: ^That was beautifully written. It felt like a short story about her, written like Regina's songs are written. But yeah, I can only imagine that was about Regina, it described her so well... Of course, it is about Regina. In the famous (to us, anyway) concert to which he refers, she specifically thanks Michael. His article is simply perfect.
  13. I can't answer all these questions. I am way older than most of you. That's enough for now. But your screen name "swimmingpoolnoises" reminds me of this: Regina needs to find a day to re-learn this song ("Rockland County" we all call it) and finish it and record it some day. It really is a beautiful, interesting, and, sad to say these days, important, song. quote: Originally posted by swimmingpoolnoises: did you regina fans know that you're kinda famous/well-known in my eyes?? your youtube videos, song covers, photos, blogs, etc. are posted everywhere online and i always recognize the same faces, screenames, and such! i'm the biggest regina fan but i don't think anyone knows me...haha so i guess i should do this questionnaire?...
  14. four from far

    beautiful in all respects. I don't know if my phonograph still works. Probably does. Why do I need this? I just do.
  15. MoMA Benefit 3/9/11

    but they gave money to cure pediatric cancer which may provide an exemption from hell. I thought that Baobabs was intended to put them in their place, though. quote: Originally posted by lennonist: quote: Originally posted by lennonist: I think this guy has all of them: She performed "Baobabs", "All the Rowboats", "The Sword & The Pen", SHHHH "Blue Lips", and "Better". But why is the guitar there? Poor crowd. They need to realize this isn't a rock concert. The people in the back have van Gogh's ear for music and wouldn't recognize a masterpiece or just genius in general without the description of it as such. edit: she also played "Apres Moi" - six songs total. Correction: She performed seven songs. Tony forgot to upload "On the Radio". It's a sin to babble when Regina sings. There's a special place in hell for people who do that, along with child molesters and people who talk during movies.
  16. Our Music

    KCRW, the NPR station in LA has restored a beautiful live perfomance and interview from 1993 by and with Joni Mitchell. Her discussion about being asked what this song means or that one means will sound very familiar to Reginaholics. If I were forced to listen only to two musicians for the rest of my life, I could easily be happy with Reg and Joni. And since I am back on this subject, I invite you to watch this, which presents the Joni as Regina or vie versa as well as it can be said. Not two musicians are alike, of course and it is insulting to suggest that one is simply "like" the other. But both Reg and Joni are standouts; doing something that nobody else does and beautifully so. I know the relationship of California to Regina's Bethlehem song, but the Regina song that pairs the best with this just inspirational piece of music is Dusseldorf, in my opinion. Watch this, you will be very happy you did:
  17. MoMA Benefit 3/9/11

    quote: Originally posted by legerdemain: ahahah at the end of Sword & Pen she sounds like a gipsy singing <3 I think less gypsy than Russian/Jewish. This is how she ended the song at the White House, too.
  18. MoMA Benefit 3/9/11

    Uh-oh. I am happy all these people could pony up the bucks for a very important cause (a heartbreakingly important reason) but that they could not be quiet for Baobobs is really bad. Baobobs!!! Oh, Regina, how you move us!!! and Blue Lips (crowd still can't stop talking, but they are funding the research Regi describes so beautifully and, I gather, the last song of the set: Better
  19. MoMA Benefit 3/9/11

    And, at MoMA. She explains the oddity of singing this song at MoMA, credits people whpo posted it on the internet for saving the song, so she could remember it and play it, and then, right there at one of the most forward thinking art museums there is in the whole wide world, she is singing about about masterpieces serving maximum sentences: "In glass coffins /They keep coughing." The December that was released in, well, December was not a new recording, btw. This was fantastic. Are there any more gems from last night for our viewing?
  20. MoMA Benefit 3/9/11

    All the Rowboats!!!! After so many years:
  21. Our Music

    quote: Originally posted by almostspotless: quote: Originally posted by Barth: (Of course, anyone who has ever seen Pomplamoose has very fond thoughts of Nataly, too... In fact, since Ben Folds has done great duets with both Regina and Pomplamoose, it surely is time for Reg to do a videosong with Jack and Nat; no?) The world may very well explode from the sheer awesome that would come about if Regina and Pomplamoose did a videosong. That would be so amazing. Peace would break out on earth. The Governor of Wisconsin would say he was sorry. Hate radio would go off the air. All the women would be strong, all the men good looking and the children would be above average. Please.
  22. Our Music

    You are me, I think, but I am not 19. Bert Jansch and Pentangle, eh? I think you are not actually 19. Like me, tho, you think you are. quote: Originally posted by lennonist: I have to go through all these other artists that have been mentioned now. I used to listen to: The Beatles, The Moody Blues, Jethro Tull, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Beach Boys, Cat Stevens, Electric Light Orchestra, The Byrds, Supertramp, Queen, Emerson Lake and Palmer, King Crimson, The Smiths, The Animals, The Who, The Rolling Stones, the Bee Gees, Simon and Garfunkel, Chuck Berry, Fats Domino, Fairport Convention, Pentagle, John Lennon, Frank Sinatra, George Gerswhin, Leonard Cohen, Micheal Jackson, Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Pete Seeger, Joni Mitchell, Woody Guthrie, Bert Jansch, Davey Graham, John Renbourn, Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Chopin, etc. Then I listened to: Radiohead, Nirvana, Metallica, Nine Inch Nails, Red Hot Chili Peppers, AC/DC, Tool, A Perfect Circle, Enigma, Pl0ne, The Flaming Lips, Polyphonic Spree, t.A.T.u., Alanis Morissette, Norah Jones, Coldplay, Sixpence None the Richer, Working for a Nuclear Free City, Rage Against the Machine, etc. Now I listen to: The Strokes, Neutral Milk Hotel, Arcade Fire, MGMT, Modest Mouse, Sigur Rós, Phoenix, The National, Beirut, White Lies, M. Ward, Temper Trap, British Sea Power, Vampire Weekend, Mumford & Sons, Bibio, Passion Pit, The Crimea, Freelance Whales, The Decemberists, Band of Horses, Iron & Wine, Bon Iver, Elliot Smith, Regina Spektor, St. Vincent, Bat For Lashes, Florence + the Machine, She & Him, Lily Allen, Twin Sister, Warpaint, Nouvelle Vague, First Aid Kit, Beach House, Sleigh Bells, Phantogram, etc. A bit unbalanced, I know. Too much to discover and catch up on. And by no means have I listened extensively to the newer bands. I have however listened to almost everything by the oldies bands (The Beatles, Jethro Tull, Moody Blues, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Cat Stevens, ELO, Queen, John Lennon) and Regina Spektor. I find it easier to catch up on stuff when the artists are dead and the dust has settled. So I'm somewhat of a newcomer to the indie scene, but quickly rectifying my ignorance. P.S.: I'm 19. edit: added a few slightly embarrassing ones I forgot about. That's a pretty comprehensive history of what I listened to, I think. edit2: I can't believe I forgot some more. edit3: Joan Baez is so fine. And so are Sandy Denny, Jacqui McShee, Eleanor Barooshian, Jane Birkin. <3
  23. Our Music

    Such great lists. Watching the Hey it's Pomplamoose webcast the other night (with Jack Conte without Nataly, who is in Europe) I was not surprised to hear that, just as most people do, he has a crush on Regina and loves her music. (Of course, anyone who has ever seen Pomplamoose has very fond thoughts of Nataly, too... In fact, since Ben Folds has done great duets with both Regina and Pomplamoose, it surely is time for Reg to do a videosong with Jack and Nat; no?)
  24. Regina is everywhere

    When they called him up. quote: Originally posted by lennonist: haha, I heard about that but didn't make the connection. I bet he was so happy when he got a phone call 40 years later. Reunited with all those family pictures in his wallet. Such a heartwarming tale. Now I want some black&white glossy photos and some old light brown photos of my own.
  25. Wee Rants

    yes, yes, yes. This community gets it.