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  1. Regina is everywhere

    I do not know how a person could read this little story in today's New York Times without thinking of Regina:
  2. please delete this thread

    Oh, those were both excellent. And to be able to play some difficult Regina music on a guitar is quite impressive. I do not speak Spanish as well as she speaks English, but I wonder if some of the Americanisms ("won't you help a brother out?" for instance) work for her.
  3. A Place to Ask Any Regina Related Question

    Oh, Ms. Dentistgirl you did it again. My only complaint is that it it way too short an excerpt of the very best of Salinger (aside from Catcher, I guess). Great description of a room and of a bedtime, and so beautifully read. And, to find it on my Ipod I just searched for "Zooey" and thus, as soon as Reg's reading ended, She and Him (Zooey Deschanel, of course) sang "Change is Hard" which is as perfect a segue as any dee jay could do. I suspect that every Zooey---one is in my family in a way--- has some connection to Salinger; a parent or two who loved Salinger. quote: Originally posted by dentistgirl: quote: Originally posted by SmallTownMoon: remember that radio recording of regina reading an excerpt from Franny and Zooey? "book at bedtime" or that still floating around the internet somewhere? Yes, I do. =) Here ya go-
  4. Regina is everywhere

    quote: Originally posted by SmallTownMoon: ^^^I am in love with that new Folds/Hornby record and Carole King and James Taylor are fantastic! Excellent to hear that other Regina-peepes love the same things I love.
  5. Regina is everywhere

    On the off chance anybody here cares about what some guy who grew up in the sixties and seventies thinks to be the best music of 2010, my list is here: Live in London, Regina Spektor Lonely Avenue, Ben Folds/Nick Hornby Volume Two, She and Him ...Home Sweet Mobile Home, Nellie McKay Bess Rogers Presents Bess Rogers, Bess Rogers Featuring Norah Jones, Norah Jones, etc. Live the Troubador, Carole King/James Taylor Sing Me To Sleep - Indie Lullabies Be My Thrill, The Weepies The Suburbs, Arcade Fire and is dicussed in excessive depth here:
  6. Regina is everywhere

    quote: Originally posted by bum bum bum: Here's a scene from Wild Target where they use Hotel Song. I don't like how they altered Regina's voice to take out "cocaine" Puts Reg in great company there, since in the late 1950s or early 1960s, his record company (Columbia) required Sinatra to sing these words from the great Cole Porter song, I Get a Kick Out of You: quote: Some get a kick from cocaine i'm sure that if i took even one sniff that would bore me terrificly too yet i get a kick out of you as quote: Some like the perfume in Spain i'm sure that if i took even one sniff that would bore me terrificly too yet i get a kick out of you Sinatra, Cole Porter and our Regina. Perfect.
  7. Regina is everywhere

    David Rohde, New York Times reporter kidnapped by the Taliban who later escaped after over seven months in captivity (and author of an upcoming book with his wife about all of that called "A Rope and a Prayer") to Christiane Amanpour on This Week on ABC last Sunday: quote: AMANPOUR: You were not religious. ROHDE: No. And even from our time reporting in Bosnia, you know, we've seen, you know, religion taken to extremes can be a very destructive force. And I was with these young militants who had been deluded into thinking was a religious war. They despised me because I was unclean. They said because I wasn't Muslim, they didn't want to eat food from the same plate as me. They believed that the U.S. Army was, you know, forcibly converting Afghan Muslims to Christianity. But I, in my time in captivity did end up saying prayers myself. I don't know, I'm still skeptical about organized religion. Meaning, I think, no one laughs at God when they are captured by the Taliban. Regina, at least to me, is everywhere.
  8. Mapping out Reginapolis

    Just beautiful. I am certain that when Reg sees it, she will smile from ear to ear and will probably be awestruck. Sue you? Far from it.
  9. 2003-05-31 New York, NY | Sin-é

    I never heard this "dust to dust" before? Who is Chelsea, the princess of Greenpoint, who does Uh-merica" with Reg? Wow. What a great recording.
  10. The Nellie McKay Appreciation Thread

    Other than a night I could not sleep while at a hotel, I have only seen Ferguson when Regina was on. Glad to see, then, that he does the same weird introduction of Nellie that he did with Reg. And Nellie on the uke go to stand and face the camera. I love both of them. A lot.
  11. The Nellie McKay Appreciation Thread

    TONIGHT! Dec 10th: Nellie McKay on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson!
  12. Regina is everywhere

    quote: Originally posted by makingstuffup: Here's a review from the douchebags at Drowned in Sound. Wow. Not how I see things, but not too bad. No?
  13. Regina is everywhere

    The Grammys are simply a parade of commercial garbage. They can "disrespekt" Regina all they want. The day they find value in her is the day we will all learn how to fly. quote: Originally posted by makingstuffup: @lennonist - Regina has been featured on NPR programs several times in the past, so they do have a lot of respekt for her incredible talent. I'm glad you realized your error. It's very important to fully investigate things before flying off the deep end. If you want to be mad at someone, be mad at the Grammys for completely ignoring artists like Regina time and time again. It's disgraceful.
  14. Regina is everywhere

    I, too, was disappointed in their list, but they have been very supportive of Regina. Bob Bolen, who is NPR's main music guy has said so many great things about her---he was head over heels at Bonnaroo---I knew the omission was because Live in London had not come out when the list was put together. Still, the list does not include Nellie McKay's great album, Home Sweet Mobile Home, KT Tunstall's Tiger Suit, She and Him's Volume Two, or the Weepies Be My Thrill. As an old guy I would also have added the Live at the Troubador from Carole King and James Taylor and as a secret hipster, the Sing Me to Sleep collection of Indie Lullabies that includes a Jenny Owen Youngs cover of Have You Forgotten and other beauties. So, yeah, Arcade Fire, Tallest Man on Earth, etc. But the creative work mentioned here is worth three tons of the pop crap on their list. Worst one in years. You were over the top on the Regina issue and I certainly want NPR to survive. But in yelling at them for their list, you were not that far off. quote: Originally posted by lennonist: One place that Regina Spektor isn't is on the Best Music of 2010 on NPR's All Things Considered podcast. Vote For The Best Music Of 2010 The Albums of 2010 Screw you, NPR editors - you're a bunch of no-good wankers. I hope the Republicans do take away your government funding. You'd deserve it for not giving RegiSpek the love she deserves. I wrote this little comment on the site to give voice to my absolute disdain and contempt for not even mentioning RS (I had way more to say, but the stupid pop-up messages kept informing me that I have exceeded the 1250 characters limit): "There are no album/songs by Regina Spektor listed; this is a huge oversight. Regina Spektor is a pianist, singer-songwriter, and composer, originally from Moscow in the USSR, now residing in the Bronx, NY. Her music tries hard to not be pigeon-holed into any one genre. She sometimes ventures outside her usual indie folk-rock style to include some uncharacteristic rap and country songs. She has a distinctive and playful voice that accompanies her lyrics that can range from being light-hearted and nonsensical to being existential and profound. She originally wanted to be a professional concert pianist, but decided that she lacked the rigorous discipline for it. Her classical roots are evident in the musical arrangements of her songs that tend to feature just her voice and a few classical instruments. She is absolutely phenomenal live. In fact, I prefer her minimalist live performances over the overproduced studio versions of most songs. Having listened to her entire discography, including six albums and over 52 unreleased live songs, I have concluded that she is the best contemporary female singer-songwriter. And she can sell records without exploiting her beauty and sex. Please listen to any of her songs and give her due credit." EDIT: I overreacted. I suppose they left her out because 'Far' (2009) can't be considered, and her 'Live in London' album came out a bit late. I did a little research and they did mention her twice for their 'Best of' lists in 2009: Poll Results: The Best Music Of 2009 (So Far) - Opps. I should have thought this through before wishing ill-will onto NPR. I'm sorry, NPR, I love you. Actually, just this very morning, I was listening to a very interesting segment about vertical farming and hydroponics. So much so, that I did my own research and had a cool discussion with one of my favorite professors about it. btw, I have been a bit absent in commenting on here more than recently, but do know that I have been checking regularly on here, reading new posts, and watching over you guys like a super-sexy guardian angel. =) I love you guys; that's why I'm queer. ;-)
  15. Announcement about DVD :)

    The liner notes discuss a little of this. She has a very funny discussion of the "no pressure" she felt and all of the complications that took place. The "talk amongst yourselves" line was from a reasonably well known recurring skit on a tv show called Saturday Night Live. quote: Originally posted by almostspotless: she is absolutely breathtaking. i can't even believe she's real. but she is. isn't that nuts? Also, I was just wondering, does she have perfect pitch? Because she always starts Silly Eye Color Generalizations in the same key, and she never gets a starting pitch. So I was curious. (On second thought, she always gets a pitch for Love, You're a Whore so maybe not... but wouldn't that be cool?)
  16. Regina on Jimmy Fallon Nov.23

    I was at work when this beautiful show was on, with the 2 song "postscript." The video was unexpected and great. Who knew what John Shaeffer looked like (I gather there was a third, too). The mess ups, especially on Man of a Thousand Faces were just great. I absolutely hope that this was captured somewhere, somehow.) Edit: OK. The sound is easily captured off the WNYC web site. And, Aaron Nevelle was, of course, also great and quite encouraged by the Regina audience. quote: Originally posted by eshbach: Since I have tickets for the DVD screening the same night as this performance will air, I won't be able to make sure this records. I will schedule it, of course, but that has a less than stellar record. So, if someone else would be willing to step up to the plate and record this for RSO, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks! P.S. It will be the same situation with the WNYC performance, though I suppose I could try to record from inside the studio. It would be best if someone captured the stream.
  17. Regina on Jimmy Fallon Nov.23

    This is because the show they call "Tuesday" is actually on at 12:30 Eastern and Pacific time, on Wednesday. As someone says about dirty ice that melts into clean water: confusing.
  18. Announcement about DVD :)

    quote: Originally posted by ks1990: I was just wondering, does anyone who has a copy in America know if the dvd comes in a regular dvd case, a plastic CD jewel case, or cardboard packaging? I got it in the US in a beautiful cardboard package, with gorgeous liner notes by Reg, which are beautifully written about Adria, Jenny, K, Dan, Dave and Regina and the rest of who was with them in England. And what is inside is priceless. So, when I have calmed down enough to think rationally about this, I will probably scribble something here, but, in the meantime, a few things jump out at me, aside from Regina, Regina, Regina. (She really is incredible, in a thousand ways). 1. Adria Petty is a very talented filmmaker. No tv director should be allowed to handle a musical performance until they have watched what she does. (I know that tv makes many demands that film does not, but, oh, tv people, watch what Adria does and try real hard to do the same thing on a tv way, and I will understand if you don't quite succeed given the limitations and immediacy. But just try) 2. Even while we mourn Dan, Dave and K are truly talented musicians as well. There is really nothing K can't do and Dave Heilman is as great a drummer as there is. Yoed Nir and Elizabeth Myers are not as well known to me, but they sound very good. (I wonder if I saw either at Radio City or The Music Hall of Williamsburg) 3. Jenny Owen Youngs is not the only person who looks great in those hats with the floppy ears. Who woulda thunk it, tho? 4. The instrumental music over the credits should have its own place. Just gorgeous. 5. The people who don't like the production stuff on Far should be happy. The rest of us (at least this writer) are ecstatic to have both. 6. I hate this expression that some of you use (or used to use): OMG. But it really does apply to this thing.
  19. Announcement about DVD :)

    quote: Originally posted by Appt: quote: Originally posted by Barth: quote: Originally posted by fidelity377: The comments on that website make me want to beat the shit out of somebody. I started to respond to them, too, and realized that answering back to every bleephole there is (and, there are soooo many), is a task which will never be completed. It's not worth it. You know you can't rationally argue with someone who uses derogative terms talking about something as subjective as music. That person will never change his mind and will instead just call you names... it's also the shots about Reg herself but, really, we know better
  20. Announcement about DVD :)

    quote: Originally posted by fidelity377: The comments on that website make me want to beat the shit out of somebody. I started to respond to them, too, and realized that answering back to every bleephole there is (and, there are soooo many), is a task which will never be completed. We have what we have. Regina may want to attract everyone, but I am happy with the company on this site. And, I agree with the comments about how this sounds. I love the fan recordings, but nothing beats a professional recording with mulitple and well placed microphones, mixed in a studio.
  21. Announcement about DVD :)

    quote: Originally posted by Emmerrrrrrr: quote: Originally posted by Barth: quote: Originally posted by Appt: hmm, the CD is already on the internet; frankly I'm suprised it hasn't leaked sooner, far was out a week before its release. where? Thanks. I am not interested in stealing anything, but the chance to have this a couple of days before it arrives in the mail with video, too, has altered my evening, of course. One third through it. Truly outsyanding so far. All the people who wanted Original Regina for Far---no production, etc. should be satisfied. For the rest of us, oh, this is just stupendous.
  22. Announcement about DVD :)

    quote: Originally posted by Appt: hmm, the CD is already on the internet; frankly I'm suprised it hasn't leaked sooner, far was out a week before its release. where?
  23. Jenny's got a new song

    You are, without a doubt, a great human being (though not the human of the year). Maxwell's in Hoboken, eh? I would so much love to be there, but fairly certain that I cannot. quote: Originally posted by dentistgirl: Before I see her again tomorrow, as promised, here are videos from the Cleveland show. In all their sideways extreme darkness and acoustic goodness, Enjoy! Dissolve If I Didn't Know Jenny asking for water English Lessons and Protestant Guilt Voice on Tape Lead to the Sea **New Song Last Person **New Song Hilarious Cleveland Story Fuck Was I Start + Stop
  24. Announcement about DVD :)

    quote: Originally posted by jellybeanjules: They put up Live in London on iTunes, and it has One More Time W Feeling as a bonus track! coolio There appears to be some sort of ruckus on Itunes today about some band from the 1960s
  25. Announcement about DVD :)

    Eet from Live at London is now up: