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  1. Regina on Jimmy Fallon Nov.23

    Well I am now in the "it's the same recoding, perhaps cleaned up a bit" side of this argument and if that is so, she will not be singing this on Fallon, but rather one (or two) of the songs on the Live from London album. ('Course I am still dreaming of "Somedays" which she sang in Europe after Dan's death and which I find to be a perfect memorial, along with K's song.) Now can somebody tell me which Fallon show she will be on? You need to use a date and time for the reasons I mentioned above. quote: Originally posted by makingstuffup: No, I think they are the same. The noisy demo version is shorter (2:06). The cleaned up EP version is longer (2:08-2:09) and seems more subdued, as if it was slowed down so the words are clearer around the middle. This is based on my comparison of the two in sony vegas. At the 2nd "we don't believe in you and your wrecking crew" part, they both line up almost perfectly (the only difference is the 2nd "crew" has been stretched/subdued at the end). /overanalysis LOL. I would like to compare the holiday. version...! Has this song ever been performed live? Like someone said earlier in this thread, it would be cool if she performed it on Fallon.
  2. Announcement about DVD :)

    Well, we can now taste every song from the CD. The clips are maddening, of course, but they promise a really beautiful thing: Oh, God. This is really going to be something; isn't it?
  3. Regina on Jimmy Fallon Nov.23

    You know, realistically, she is real busy: Broadway, Live at London stuff. I cannot imagine her going to a studio to record one old song for a holiday album. She did that Peggy Lee thing and No Surprises but one was for charity and the other was a song she had never recorded.
  4. Regina on Jimmy Fallon Nov.23

    quote: Originally posted by RJLupin2: quote: Originally posted by Barth: Here it is on Amazon, and you can hear a little bit of it: the same gorgeous song we have known for years: Does anyone else think that's a new version?! Sadly, no. It sounds like the Demo.
  5. Regina on Jimmy Fallon Nov.23

    quote: Originally posted by dentistgirl: quote: Originally posted by Reginaoverdose: quote: Originally posted by jellybeanjules: I'm rooting for December, cuz it'll be on that holiday album!! Please explain! here ya go.- Gift Wrapped She is doing a studio recording of December? That is huge news. Thanks. I will own this, of course. (Funny how that becomes an "original song" since technically it has not been recorded, though it was part of her Demo back in the old days). I am not sure which Late Show she is going to be on since it begins at 12:30 a.m. Does the date mean the real date, or does the date refer to it following the Tonight Show of a particular date, if you know what I mean. Either way, of course,December starts Wednesday of the following week. (She isn't going to trick us and sing Norah Jones' song of the same name; right? No. Here it is on Amazon, and you can hear a little bit of it: the same gorgeous song we have known for years: Available for download on 11/22. How the hell am I supposed to go to any movie theater that night? I will be listening to RegMusic. Hurrah, Now, in the meantime, while we are waiting for Regina on late night television again (and I am betting on "December," too since it will make Warner Brothers as happy as it will make us, though it is not on the London thing she will be primarily promoting---confusing), I found these two Joni Mitchell on Dick Cavett things again from August, 1969, a day or so after Woodstock ---to which she did not go because of, well, Cavett. If I posted these before, I am sorry for the repeat, but, especially For Free and Wily (about "her man" of the time, Graham Nash, who was in the studio on the same show) where Joni is there behind a piano, I see Regina as clear as clear can be. Both of them are originals, and can not be really duplicated, but the manner, the skill, the voice, the rapture of their listeners---Dick Cavett looks to be in trance---is Regina, today. As is certainly obvious, Joni Mitchell's music has been part of my life forever, and remains as important today as it was forty years ago and my daughter, in her twenties, has adopted her, too. That tells you that Regina will be part of all of our lives for many years to come, too and, more than likely, of the offspring of many of you as well. Watch these and you will see my point, I think:
  6. Announcement about DVD :)

    Robust debate on the quality of the DVD is fine, but I suspect Reg wanted something other than a televised version of her concert: you already have that from Bonnaroo and other places. My only frustration is that it seems similar to the view that Far was not up to snuff because a) it was not just Reg and piano, it was somehow different from BTH or Kitsch or the earlier stuff, c) its "theme" was somehow wrong (though she has disclaimed any such thing, pointing out that the whole album was made up largely of songs she has sung for years, but had not yet recorded or d) whatever other objection lodged that had to do with what she did before. And, no, you are not required to agree with everything she says, does, wants, imagines or envisions. But it is her creation, her artistry, her music that is being presented and she should be permitted the right to grow and project what she wants to do. On Joni Mitchell's live album Miles of Aisles, there is a portion where people are yelling to her the names of songs they want her to play when finally someone yells out "play what you want" and Joni says in a voice of gratitude, "all right!" And then there is the 1973 John Mayalllive record where he is asked to play "Room to Move" from the 1969 record "Turning Point" and Mayall says, "that's way in the past." You've got records to remind you of what she already did. Now is time for something else. I cannot wait for November 22.
  7. Announcement about DVD :)

    quote: Some fan recordings of this sound much better.. I am not sure this recording is from Live at London itself, but just references a song that is on it. Still, I don't see the problem with this recording which is, to my ears, pretty good.
  8. Announcement about DVD :)

    well, I guess here we go again. Nothing different allowed? I love both videos and the trailer. Adria Petty knows what she is doing and apparently has done it very well based on what we have seen so far, in my opinion. If you would rather watch the straight, unadorned videos at Bonnaroo or the like, that's great; I love them, too. But this looks special.
  9. Announcement about DVD :)

    quote: Originally posted by RJLupin2: Folding Chair from the DVD : "The first song from Live in London just premiered on Myspace- check it out here: -Regina HQ" absolutely spectacular. Adria captured it perfectly and the sound, even via My Space, is excellent. Dave Heilman (unseen) is great. K and Dan playing so beautifully makes it hard not to tear up and Regina: there's nothing to say beyond the music. But what is being whispered at the end about her loving something/someone?
  10. Jenny's got a new song

    Every post you write, dentistgirl, impresses more than the last one and I am certain your videos will make my day. I have now seen Jenny three times live (including the Dan Cho night), but could use a thousand more. I remain hugely jealous of the European audiences who got JOY/Regina concerts. Can't be a better evening of music imaginable, as far as I am concerned.
  11. Regina's Updates

    quote: Originally posted by Jamie R.: quote: the best of which (at least to this music loving heterosexual old guy) being one, from the great Allison Weiss: I completely agree with you. I've looked at her formspring off and on for several months, and so many people have blatantly asked her, and she has deferred all questions of sexuality until this extremely public and personal message. That takes guts. and with those guts, some really interesting and well played music.
  12. Regina's Updates

    quote: Originally posted by jellybeanjules: I wonder if she's getting involved with the It Gets Better campaign! They do such great PSAs. Loved Reg's post and, as to the It Gets Better campaign, which definitely seems focused, as well it might, on kids finding themselves to be gay, the best of which (at least to this music loving heterosexual old guy) being this one, from the great Allison Weiss:
  13. Obama's assassination list

    The "debate" is the expression of some right wing person devoted to his television channel of nightly right wing diatribes whose political beliefs differ from Regina's (and, incidentally, my own.) The Ghost of Corporate Future has some advice for him about watching the "ten o'clock news"
  14. Obama's assassination list

    quote: Originally posted by MusicLover_2007: Has Regina ever said a thing against the left-wing media? I can only interpret "especially Fox News" as a swipe solely against right-wingers. quote: I choose the media that seems to reflect more of who i am. And I tend to choose the more liberal news. I am a Liberal in almost every sense of the word. I believe in protecting Civil Liberties as carefully as we protect the dearest things to us, but not with guns. I think guns are the cause of countless preventable tragedies in the households of Americans. I believe in Equality. In ending all Racism, Homophobia, and Sexism. I believe that government has a duty to help its citizens grow through education, help the elderly, have health care, and that it's not "each for himself". But I don't believe they have a right to spy on me. I believe in the freedom of Choice. I support a woman's right to have an abortion if she feels it necessary in her life. I believe in Barack Obama. I supported him with all my heart. I have never felt as strongly about a politician in my life. And in a few days he will be our president. This is a short list of my left, my Liberal, my closest media self. I do not agree with the Liberal Media when it comes to Israel. I have never seen such one sided reporting in my life. And I've seen some amazing propaganda growing up in the Soviet Union. I have never seen a group of people so determined to portray Israeli people, Israeli soldiers, as blood thirsty, inhumane monsters. I am not a politician. I am sure there's a great political reason for this kind of reporting. For this kind of misrepresentation. I am sure there's a great reason for my hearing on a UK television set, while getting ready to play one of the festivals a couple of years back, a reporter saying, in a tragic voice with a tragic face "At this moment Hezbollah is fighting for its very existence." As if Hezbollah was a kitten that fell down a well, and not a terrorizing organization, and that Israel was the one who threw it down there. I'm sure there's a reason. And i think the reason is fear. And i think the reason is the same reason i was deciding and undeciding and deciding and undeciding whether to write this. Here's the whole thing. She, just as you, is entitled to her opinions. I share them and you do not. Doesn't make you right, or me right or either of us a bad person. But I cannot imagine having a deeper feeling for someone with whom I have spoken once, for about a minute and a half, than how I feel about the person who wrote those words, among the many which have moved me so much.
  15. Regina is everywhere

    and then, just now, an NBC Nightly News report speculating that Prince William might marry his girlfriend (whose name is apparently well known, but not to me). Were there to be a royal wedding and commemorative coins struck in its honor as for the prior royal wedding of Prince Charles to Diana Spencer, they would prominently include the Latin word for Queen. With coins bearing her name, it would be only right for our Regina to be asked to play at such a wedding, no?
  16. Regina Spektor en Cd. de Mexico 16 de Octubre. Quien va?

    To call Regina a "diva" as in being demanding and rude is to be an idiot. Regina does, however, know what she is doing and her obligations to her audience. I am sure that whatever she asked for was reasonable, for the benefit of the audience, and requested in the typical, kind, thoughtful way by which she asks for anything.
  17. Announcement about DVD :)

    That has to be a mistake on Amazon's part. There is no CD on the planet that costs $21.98. quote: Originally posted by dentistgirl: So, I'm confused as well. I went to see about the pre-order on amazon. The only things listed are a Blue Ray ($17.49), which has no picure, and a CD for ($21.98). Why on earth a CD, that states "format audio cd" and number of discs "1," would be more expensive than a Blue Ray disc I have no idea. I would like to assume it will be a CD/DVD combo pack, but since there's no mention of a DVD anywhere, I'm not about preorder it. Given Sire's track record of horrible disorganization in releasing things, I'm pretty sure I should just wait for "Regina Spektor: Live in London version 17.5 super ultra fan edition" to be listed before I even bother ordering it.
  18. Announcement about DVD :)

    quote: Originally posted by 'shboom: It's available for pre-order on and but I also wonder why it's not on her website. I am quite happy to buy it from Amazon, since I know that I will have it on 11/22. My question is whether the two disks they are talking about is the audio on one and the DVD on another since it says "format: CD."
  19. Announcement about DVD :)

    quote: Originally posted by I Am A Mermaid: I went checked out for the pre-order thats supposed to be availible today, but I couldnt find it. Has anyone figured this out? same question here
  20. Any good new female vocalists?

    New? What counts as new? Bess Rogers Allison Weiss Lauren Zettler Rachel Platten (who we saw at the Dan Cho event) Field Mouse (Rachel Browne) Allie Moss Emily Kurn Lelia Broussard Jasmine Y. Miller If you have never or barely heard any of these women, try to do so, because each is beyond outstanding. Really. Not So New, but Newish (in the sense that they have been around for less than ten years) Jenny Owen Youngs Nellie McKay Aimee Mann Eilen Jewel Tracy Bonham K T Tunstall Ingrid Michaelson Joanna Newsom Aimee Mann Anna Dagmar Tori Amos Brandi Carlile Zoey Deschanel (I'll skip Norah since you must know her without my mentioning her) This is a virtually off the top of my head list. They are all excellent, wonderful, spectacular additions to our world of music. Iam leaving a few off this list because I am having a brain freeze, but you can't go wrong with any of them. Topped, of course, by Regina
  21. ingrid michaelson

    Now live at a Best Buy near Union Sq
  22. Regina is everywhere

    She is everywhere for us. I was pleased to have have been able to tell her how almost everything reminds me of a lyric of hers and it happened again last night. On "Mad Men" there was discussion of a painting by an artist who has become a heroin addict and has tried to show her "afterimages": the things that you still "see" after you have closed your eyes to sleep. and, well, you know: quote: 'Cause when you're lying in your bed Darkness 'round your head Your eyes might as well be polka-dotted or plaid Polka-dotted Or Plaid If you are addicted to Mad Men and to Regina, things that might otherwise not make sense, do.
  23. New Yorker Festival - 10/2/10

    quote: Originally posted by silver bullet trailer: "I'm totally progromming it. I've got my sachel and i'm ready to run off to Hoboeken" bahahahaha thanks so much for posting this! What could Regina and you possibly find in Hoboken? Jenny Owen Youngs @ Maxwell's in Hoboken NJ, 11/20 Saturday, November 20, 2010 at 9:30pm Maxwell's, Hoboken, NJ (and, of course, the beautiful former Erie Lackawanna train station in and out of which I frequently commute, or the famous Clam Broth House)
  24. Obama's assassination list

    Please take this down. It is terrible
  25. Announcement about DVD :)

    quote: Originally posted by ThisIsHowItWorks: quote: Originally posted by dentistgirl: Hahaha, Bobbin' for apples, she finally got her sticker! YESSS!! I can't wait for her next album, "Fuck fuck fuck fuck." Hmmmm, usually that word repeated four times is followed by "Love grows in me like a tumor. Parasite bent on devouring its host"