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  1. Edinburgh show and The New Colossus

    I saw Regina in Edinburgh this week after what seemed like forever since I saw her last. The show was great as always, but especially noteworthy was her recital of The New Colossus to start the show. This was in response to there being 'a new asshole in The White House' who had dismissed the poem and its imortance as it was only added to the Statue of Liberty later. Obviously as an immigrant to New York it means a lot to Regina and her speech beforehand, and the recital itself was very moving. I wish I could have recorded it but the venue had a very strict no photo/video policy. (The show that followed was amazing too, and it was fun to see the guitar back!)
  2. Remember Us To Life (Album Coming Sep 30, 2016)

    Platinum blonde Regina is too scary! But mermaid Regina is cool!
  3. Remember Us To Life (Album Coming Sep 30, 2016)

    I've got a heart of stone (I didn't even cry at Marley & Me ) but The Light almost moved me to tears!
  4. Record Store Day 2016 + Regina!

    Maybe the alternative version(s) of Better?
  5. What would you like to see on the new record?

    Although I've listed the old songs I would love to hear recorded, I would much rather have an album of 10 songs we've never heard before.
  6. What would you like to see on the new record?

    1.Loveology 2.Making Records 3.Mermaid 4.You 5.Raindrops 6.Dulce et Decorum 7.I Cut Off My Hair 8.Dog and Pony 9.Secret Stash
  7. pictures and videos of interest...

    Outside of my family, this is possibly my favourite photo of anyone, ever!
  8. The New Record

    I remember watching this live on Later with such anticipation. Regina still didn't get a great deal of attention in the UK at the time and to get on Later is quite a big deal. I was almost holding my breath when she came on, willing her to do well. My heart was in my mouth at the slightly shaky start but by the end I could have punched the air, it felt like a triumph! Sounds a dramatic account of watching a TV show, I know, but that's how it felt
  9. The New Record

    I was just thinking about Loveology today and wondered what fans would prefer: 1. It appears on a future studio recording, but is given the full instrumentation / production treatment. 2. It never appears on a studio recording and retains its legendary status. For me, it would be option 1. It's too good a song not to be heard, even if it's a very different version.
  10. What are you listening to right now?

    THE YEARNING - If I Can't Have You
  11. Wee Rants

    A victim of facebook/twitter I'm afraid. Many forums have gone the same way. I'm sure whenever any new music or tour is announced the place will get lively again. On the plus side, if Regina still reads this board it will be easier for her to keep up, as I'm sure she has her hands pretty full these days
  12. What are you listening to right now?

    I'm listening to the just released debut album from Honeyblood, which contains these beauties:
  13. Statues of Us

    Very impressive! I had never heard of Winter Guard until now, it looks like it is highly competitive.
  14. regina is going to be a mommy!

    I wonder if they're now going to get a silver bullet trailer? And happy birthday Lilyfloss!
  15. Vote for Regina on!

    Oh well, better luck next time Hopefully not Regina's last nomination; I know anything she produces in future will certainly be worthy of an award. If she had won this time, it would have been ironic that she was awarded for a song that is far from her best anyway (in my opinion).
  16. pictures and videos of interest...

    ^^ Marisa Berenson is definitely a lookalike! When I say old pictures of the queen remind me of Regina, I don't mean a lookalike as such, it's just 'the look'. I always think Regina looks like she could have stepped right out of that era. And she has a kind of regal aura, as well as the very obviously regal name.
  17. pictures and videos of interest...

    Regina has always reminded me of a young Queen Elizabeth II, which makes her name more apt. What do you think?
  18. Old Photos from Original Website

    These are great, thanks. Can't wait for that next set!
  19. Regina is everywhere

    Blood Relatives are a new band from my home town. They did a radio session tonight and in the interview the singer revealed that she loves Regina. She went on to tell the story of the time Regina was hit in the face when she played in Glasgow. Anyway,they are a good band and it's nice to know I shared a Regina show with their singer.
  20. Regina is everywhere

    I think it's unusual for an artist to have the rights to their own songs and it is the publisher who will give permission to use them. Can't see Regina having a problem with this one anyway and here she is wearing a poppy herself:
  21. Bulletin Posts

    Decided last minute to go to the theatre today, so they only had gallery tickets left. Here's what I saw from the cheap seats
  22. pictures and videos of interest...

    I love that photo. The two guys behind obviously don't realise who's right in front of them, just another tourist posing for a picture.
  23. Daniel Cowman

    Just before I reached your last sentence I thought 'my mind is going to explode!' I need to listen to the song now and then read that again. And I hope I didn't just create the world I know. What kind of mind would create a forum full of people with toast on their faces?!
  24. Regina inspired interior design

    Ha ha, brilliant! I won't spoil it for everyone by saying it right away. Sadly I don't have any Regina inspired decor. My wife can just about live with the Regina screensavers and wallpapers so I won't push my luck. I've also been allowed to have a photo collage of my favourite music venue hanging in the hallway.