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  1. post your favorite photos of regina

  2. Upcoming Gig dates?

    Pretty sure that was from 2008
  3. regina is going to be a mommy!

    Oops! How did I not see that before? Guess we must think the same! Thanks
  4. regina is going to be a mommy!

    Somewhat related.... Just realized that Regi was definitely preggers in that halloween picture she posted with the pumpkins!
  5. pictures and videos of interest...

    Awesome! I would definitely go see that!
  6. regina is going to be a mommy!

    I am so happy for them!!!!!! I wonder what they chose for a name....They are going to be such great, cool parents! And he has some awesome grandparents too! Ahhhhh sooooo happy!!!!!!
  7. post your favorite photos of regina

    this one is too cute...found it here http://janatello.net/tag/coronacapital/page/2/
  8. post your favorite photos of regina

    I love those! Such a beautiful place! It looks so magical there
  9. post your favorite photos of regina

    Has anyone seen this one before/knows where it is from? I don't recall I have seen it before but I know it is not new
  10. You've Got Time 7" RSD!

    Awesome! I wonder if there will be another song on there as well...

    Happy happy birthday Regina!!!!! Hope you are having the best day ever!
  12. Why is the song "Fidelity" called "Fidelity"?

    It is from high fidelity. She was watching it and then wrote the song. I think it's mentioned in her "next big thing" interview?
  13. Regina is everywhere

    Cool! Thanks for sharing! She will be interviewed, right? I am excited to hear it
  14. 11:11 now on sale on Ebay

    It is basic economics concepts...the supply is low and the demand is high and therefore people are willing to pay more money for it. As long as people are willing to pay that price it will continue to sell for it. It sucks that not everyone can afford special items like that but it's life.
  15. regina is going to be a mommy!

    Just imagine all the songs Regina will make up to sing to the baby!
  16. regina is going to be a mommy!

    I have never been so happy for two people to have a baby! Congrats Regi and Jack!!!!!
  17. Introduce Yourself! Brümstix Questionnaire

    His house is so cool! They even have a scavenger hunt where you find scenes from the Gashlycrumb Tinies! In St. Petersburg definitely visit the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood. It is breathtakingly beautiful. Also you should try to visit the Hermitage if you can (although I don't think it is always open to visitors). Oh and bring an umbrella! Apparently it rains all the time there even if it looks like it is going to be a nice day. I am so excited for you!!!!
  18. Introduce Yourself! Brümstix Questionnaire

    I love Edward Gorey!!!! I visited his house on Cape Cod this past summer! What part of Russia are you going to? I went to Saint Petersburg in 2012 and it was so amazing.
  19. post your favorite photos of regina

    I have no idea why they don't show up anymore...weird! The ones I posted were the bike "outtake" ones and the striped shirt ones. I really love the ones with the red boots. I really love them all actually. It kind of makes me sad that there are probably a ton of amazing pictures like these that are basically considered to be outtakes that we will never see I had completely forgotten about that article so thanks for sharing it!
  20. post your favorite photos of regina

    She is Kreayshawn...no idea why her pictures are labeled as Regina. Looks to be that way on a bunch of sites from that award show.
  21. post your favorite photos of regina

    Also found these cute ones
  22. post your favorite photos of regina

    Yea I posted both of those on my tumblr page...but I didn't post the first picture here. If you go to the link I posted from where I found them, on page 13-14 you can see the ones I posted here
  23. post your favorite photos of regina

    On this site http://www.retna.com/ximagi/search.php?u=&people%5B%5D=regina+spektor&full%5B%5D=&sort=date&date_created_before=&date_created_after=&headline%5B%5D=&city=&state=&country=&source=&object=&byline=&objects%5B%5D=&caption%5B%5D=#page=0&view=gallery There are some other good ones on there that I didn't post