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  1. Virgin Queen is quite an amazing song. Regina seems to cover the reign of Queen Elizabeth in the context of women's role in the UK, along with Shakespearean references, not to mention the emerging 'New World'.My theory is that the end of the song could be a Native American chant. Quite a song, indeed...


    Have you heard the theory that she is singing the words backwards? I don't quite hear it myself, but I wouldn't be at all surprised if that was what she was doing!



  2. ^ Love that one!


    I've been super obsessed with Virgin Queen for a couple months now. It will just pop into my head at random times and it'll be stuck for a few days. I wish that it would make it onto an album one of these days, but I think she only played it once before so the likelihood of that happening seems slim  :(

  3. This was my favorite season so far! I don't really care about Piper or Alex either. I also didn't really care about Ruby Rose's character. It seems like everyone loves her, but I don't feel like she really added anything to the show. I used to hate Pennsatucky, but I really liked her in this season and felt so bad for what she went through  :( I really liked the backstories of all the characters on this season and I really loved the ending! 

  4. ^ That's what I was thinking as well. I hope it means him and Regina. I think if he were talking about Only Son he might have just said I instead of we're? And wasn't he recording Only Son songs months ago? Either way I am feeling super excited!

  5. Jack's response to someone on the same status posted by his Only Son page when they asked if he's played a NYC show recently:


    "No it's been a reeeeeeeeeally long time. But we're cooking up some really fun new stuff and when(ever) it's ready (hopefully this year) I'll be out and about again :)" 

  6. I honestly cannot remember how I originally found out. I want to say it was on the old crackerfarm website? But I can't be too sure about that....I do know that I originally discovered crackerfarm from the liner notes of soviet kitsch 

  7. oh my god, it's so beautiful. Man, I would feel so complete! That's awesome. 


    Does anyone know who that guy is on the cover of Your Honor & The Flowers? Is he someone Regina knew or just some random person for the picture?


    The guy is Mike Beyer from Crackerfarm. Crackerfarm did the photography for Soviet Kitsch  :)

  8. Regi posted this cute picture on her facebook yesterday! 


    "Tonight saw a great new play starring Renee Fleming- whom I adore for her talent and beauty and heart! It's a new play on Broadway- with a great cast- called "Living on Love"... For people who love music, and theater and fun:-) oh- and puppies:-)"  (plus some emojis that I don't think will show up on here)