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  1. Gloria Theatre, Cologne, Germany (7-02-2009)

    quote: Originally posted by Lost in the Sounds: That story with Regina stopping the Flowers reminds me of another time, this vid I saw on Youtube, where Reg stops playing and tells a person to 'get the fuck out and go get a drink and tell them it's on Regina." Lol. Not to mention the Lollapalooza video where she stops when she sees a girl feeling unwell. Maybe it has to do with the song...?
  2. Gloria Theatre, Cologne, Germany (7-02-2009)

    What a great concert it was! This was my first Regina concert and she was phenomenal! Although there was a slight delay between Reggie Watts's part and when Regina came out, the wait was definitely worth what followed! She seemed to be in a good mood, she played most of the new "Far" songs. And then some more from "Begin to Hope". She also played "The Flowers" which I really really loved (although the bar-woman, standing only a few feet away to my left, kept talking on her cellphone...Regina actually interrupted her singing and apologized for not letting her make her phone-call, it was really funny from Regina's part!). There were a couple of encores too! All in all Regina was on the stage for a good 90 minutes! I was wishing for some more interaction with the audience, but nevertheless is was a great experience. Regina must be one of the most adorable persons I've seen...ever! I hope I will be able to see her again very soon!
  3. Patron Saint

    Wow! That's a great song! It is so cool to discover new songs from Regina that I haven't heard before. It is amazing how talented she is...She should take all these songs and put them on CDs...or somewhere like iTunes, so that I can buy them!
  4. Far "Purists vs Non-Purists"

    Yeaheee...a negativity thread! Good thinking We need an outlet for the negative energy or else it clumps up inside and then it's baaaad! OK. Since I haven't received my copy of the album yet (why did I order online?!) I can not be negative about the whole album...yet ! Having heard however "Blue Lips", I have to say that the drums plus fake beat sounds ruin the song...Well, maybe not ruin, but distort its nature. In general I have nothing against more instruments apart from Regina and a piano, but in this case I think that the drums/beat were uncalled for. Oh...and when I (we) say about the producers or the label influencing the final outcome, it doesn't mean it is a conspiracy. But it is a bit naive to think that when one says "complete artistic freedom", he/she means complete artistic freedom. Regina is not big enough yet to have reached this kind of status with her recording company. I'm certain that she was "advised" to make some compromises. And of course she would never say this in an interview, but it doesn't mean it's not true. I'm afraid I'm not poetic enough...sorry Regina (if you ever read this...)! Regina's music is amazing anyway, and no drums or stupid beat sounds are going to change that! And yes, I also want an album every 6 months
  5. Review of "Far"

    quote: Originally posted by Common Loon: This was posted a while ago, but I just wanted to add my two cents. I can understand why you feel that way, and I agree that the songs wouldn't have sounded exactly as they do if the producers hadn't been there to make suggestions, but I'm not sure "force" is the right word. I think what the producers mainly did was to give her ideas. In some cases I wish they hadn't, but I also don't think they did anything more than it was their job to do, or made Regina do anything against her will. Remember how many different kinds of music she likes, and how she said she would only join the label on the condition that she got to have the final word on the creative decisions? As much as I love and miss the simple piano-and-vocals Regina, isn't it possible that this seemingly new version is just another dimension of her that she didn't have the resources to show us before? Well I guess that forces is a bit to heavy for a word. Of course Regina wouldn't do anything against her will and her creative vision (I hope...). It is just that some of the stuff I've heard so far from the new album (it still hasn't arrived in my mailbox...damn!) seems a bit to generic (I'm referring to the instrumentation or these lurking beat sounds in "Blue Lips"). To me, it seems like an effort to built on the "mainstream" base of fans that started following Regina's music with "Begin to Hope". Interestingly enough, this was how I was introduced to her music too. However, now I seem to be drawn more to her older ("purer") work (thanks to YouTube!). My question and this is what I tried to discuss in my last post is whether this, lets say, "need" to appeal to a larger (mainstream?) audience comes from Regina herself or from her label/producers. I know it might be "naive" to forget the "business" part of the "music business", but I don't agree with connecting terms like "business" or "industry" to music in the first place...maybe I am naive! Anyway, Regina's music is absolutely brilliant as is she. I may not agree with some of the choices for "Far" but I still love her work and I can not wait to see her live in Cologne next week ! Edit: You can find another review of "Far" here:
  6. Far sales

    Does it really matter that she gets the #1? I mean, before MJ died, she showed her potential by reaching the top of different billboards...The album is the same, whether it occupies #1 or #345. The sales will be the same probably, in absolute numbers. Whoever wanted to buy "Far" will not change his/her opinion because MJ died. It is just that the MJ fan base is vastly bigger than Regina's, so the relative numbers are in favor of MJ. But that's OK too...When Regina is around as many years as he was, then we can compare sizes (not that size matters anyway... )!
  7. Favorite Regina song at the moment?

    I would say "The Flowers" and "Daniel Cowman(<-spelled correctly?)" for the moment!
  8. A book at bedtime with Regina

    Why, thank you! I've been popping in and out the past couple of years. Thought I should leave a more solid footprint for once!
  9. Review of "Far"

    quote: Originally posted by bum bum bum: this one was frustrating to read..some might agree with it though. I agree with the review...The songs are beautiful but some of them are obviously "simplified" for the larger audiences...I'm not sure how the generic beat/drums in the background of "Blue Lips" makes the song better or more interesting...I much prefer the acoustic version with just Regina's piano or with the addition of some strings... I hope this doesn't make me anachronistic or stuck to the "old" Regina. Evolution is highly appreciated but it seems to me that this is forced upon her and not as natural as some of you seem to think.
  10. A book at bedtime with Regina

    Wow...that sounds lovely. I hadn't heard of this book before. I just ordered it from Amazon...should be here in a couple of days! Sweet dreams to me
  11. Shows in Germany

    Hey Markus, just today I bought my ticket for the show. My friends are not really into Regina, so it seems I will be alone at the concert. Which of course is not a problem, especially since this a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see Regina live!!! I can't wait for the 2nd of July Marios