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    not to mention that after the fall of the Roman Empire, bands of Christian "missionaries" traveled throughout Europe, their mission to convert all is not as widely taught that they tended to burn villages to the ground when the people refused to give up their beliefs. by the time Europe emerged out of the "dark ages," opposition to the Church was practically eliminated. The Christian Church's history is a dark one, almost all of the time relying on fear and intimidation to keep its followers loyal. i used to be extremely religious...but i eventually couldn't overlook history. in what other religion is it actually considered a taboo to discuss the ACTUAL history of the religion? sure, we all are taught about the jews and about jesus- but when do we ever get taught about the history of christianity itself? from what we know of him, jesus himself seems to be a brilliant man who had some great insights about his religion (judaism) and sought to reform it. christianity nowadays is nothing but a poor, twisted reflection of his words passed down through 300 years of storytelling, then the council of nicea sorting through the good and the "inappropriate", then hundreds more years of monks copying the testaments by hand- and finally, to the hundreds of different translations of the text we have today... why does it seem that these silly debates are always what drag me out of my shell on this forum, haha?
  2. Occult symbolism in Fidelity

    HAHAHA... oh wow this was the greatest thing i have read in a while. "They blow dust on each other’s 'faces' in a voodoo magic ritual" ...or maybe they are just giving a nod to Indian culture and celebrating Holi. either one lol. and is it just me or do masons not worship satan? i'm just saying. they are mostly creepy for sure, but i know several masons and as far as i know none of those "masonic symbols" has any root in reality. except for the triangles. maybe it would make more sense if they said illuminati, since they are fictional anyway and therefore you can make up anything you want. oh and also, i love how they critique regina's "actor chick" style, like "she makes a strange hand gesture like spiders crawling up her legs." that line made me laugh. at least they think regina is hot though...
  3. Health care reform...

    ^^has nothing to do with this thread. just because your baiting isn't working in your other threads doesn't mean you need to spam already existing ones with pointless war mongering.
  4. post your favorite photos of regina

    well see, i think that the problem most people have with omtwf is not actually the production. the problem is that what used to be an almost unbearably sad song about trying to stay hopeful in a hopeless situation literally changed overnight to become a peppy, optimistic song about "giving it another go." ...and that makes a huge difference. the strangest thing is, regina may have meant it to sound like that all these years, and we just read it completely differently than what she heard in her head (not too far fetched haha).
  5. school = :(

    aw. i totally get what you mean. its the same in the art world- for many of the same reasons. being an artist of pretty much any kind has historically been a "male" profession. interesting, when you notice that nowadays, aspiring male artists are often stereotyped as gay. what a world, what a world. but i have to say- i am female, and some of my favorite books of all time are lord of the flies, 1984, and a clockwork orange. and i found pride and prejudice incredibly dull. but that has nothing to do with how "girlie" it is, haha.
  6. I Love Russians!

    quote: Originally posted by Henry Gale: Mikhail Bakunin, a Grade-A badass and one of my favorite Lost characters. He was only in seven episodes, but he was highly memorable. Hahahaha...just seeing this now. Eyepatch was awesome. He died like 13 times and still didnt call it quits. Something which still has never been fully explained... oh, lost-what would we do without your nonsense? oh hey, and i love russians too. particularly jewish ones.
  7. Concerts?

    yeah, she seemed really nice. although i admittedly didn't really interact with her that much, haha. it was kind of one of those "oh hey, there's lauren pritchard-thank you so much!-oh hey, we need to go get thai food now" moments.
  8. Concerts?

    quote: Originally posted by mooebon: the girl who sang Blue Wind i love lauren pritchard. seriously. she signed my playbill. i thought she had the best (or coolest?) voice in the cast, hands down. haha sorry for completely side-tracking this thread, i seem to have a knack for that.
  9. Concerts?

    i saw spring awakening with the original cast as well! they are all amazing. and just so you guys know, spring awakening closed last year- but it is currently on tour. i saw the tour when they came near me in march, and i can tell you for a fact that i was not disappointed with any of the replacement cast. i don't really think it's possible to make that show bad, haha.
  10. Mental Images during songs.

    yeah, i went in to see a famous Pontormo painting...and was basically floored. i mean- the lighting, the emptiness, the rounded arches... its like it was copied straight out of my imagination into real life.
  11. Mental Images during songs.

    ^^ i love that! i have similar reactions to that song. but my mental-image cathedral always bears a striking resemblance to Santa Felicita in Florence... bad quality, i know- but i had to take a picture because as soon as i walked in Human of the Year started playing in my head...
  12. Death threat against South Park creators about depicting Allah

    quote: Never heard of an animal killing another animal of its species for kicks and giggles. apparently this is a development exclusive to the homonoids... animals do kill each other, over territorial disputes and power struggles. sound familiar? the whole "serial killer" thing which i think is what you are referring to is admittedly, unique to us. only thing i have to say is greater mental ability = greater ability to abuse it? quote: Actually, it supports me just fine sorry, haha. i thought you had been saying the article was written in a favorable light towards young earth dating. oops. quote: God is infinite, but can't keep time without a sun? this was in 200 CE. the sun was the way they told time. they didnt use the measurement of 24 hours. therefore, the bishop was saying that before the sun was created, there couldn't have been a "day." it just wasnt possible. i understand your point though. i was just trying to point out that this debate is not new in the religious community. quote: Are you accusing me of "talking nonesense"? no no, haha. just keeping the debate alive! i'm quite enjoying it! i was (when i wrote that) talking about creationism being taught in schools. i think personally that just because there are faults with the theory of evolution (minor ones), doesn't mean that creationism is a valid scientific theory. it simply doesn't have enough physical evidence, the only evidence it claims is that there are problems with evolution. which is fine. because there are. but that doesn't provide any validity to creationism itself. if anything, i believe schools should teach evolution along with the problems with the theory. creationism is simply not a science (yet?), and it should be taught along with religious materials.
  13. Death threat against South Park creators about depicting Allah

    quote: Originally posted by Be like the water, people.: My point wasn't that people should be incapable of attacking anything, but i feel that, while evolution was busy carving out the impulse to hunt, it would have lessened humanity's population. Unless we evolved with the distinction between animals v.s. humans, as well as the impulse to kill, simultaneously. i am confused by this. i couldn't figure out why i was confused as to how to respond until i realized this- you are referring to evolution as if it is a god. some all knowing power that made us. evolution didn't do anything. we did. and in the process of life, over millions of years, we evolved into what we are today. of course we can distinguish humans from other animals, in the same way a dog can distinguish itself from a cat. we are ALL animals. just different species. so, to wrap it up- we are animals, that survive in part by hunting. this is for the survival of the species. we can also kill each other. this may not further the species, but there is (and always has been) free will involved. and there are obviously other influences on every decision we make. quote: The RATE team has applied an inverse system of logic to the standard. They begin with the same assumption that they are trying to prove. Broken down, the logic holds that the Bible says that the earth is very young; therefore the earth is very young. Without such a beginning claim, the logic would be extremely bizarre...the entire idea is based on an arbitrary, unproven assumption. that is from your own article. just saying. it seems that this does not support you as much as you think it does? on a slight tangent, i just wanted to share a bit of an essay i wrote a while ago on creationism. i think it applies to this "young earth" debate. "You don’t have to be an atheist to oppose Creationism, contrary to popular belief. There are some Christians who oppose it vehemently. Biblical non-literalists acknowledge the fact that the creation debate is not new, but in fact a reintroduction of a view that was long discarded by the Christian faith. Eighteen hundred years ago, Bishop Oregin taught that the account of creation could not be literal, because there could be no literal meaning of a “day” before the creation of the Sun and the Earth. Also, Saint Augustine rejected the literal interpretation of the term “day” in Genesis to mean 24 hours sixteen hundred years ago. Creationism largely made a come back around the time Darwin published his theories, because they seemed to directly oppose the Christian belief. The Bible, on the other hand, commands Christians not to be dogmatic on any issue not central to salvation. Saint Augustine famously said (speaking of cosmological debates) “Now it is a disgraceful and dangerous thing for an infidel to hear a Christian, presumably giving the meaning of Holy Scripture, talking nonsense on these topics; and we should take all means to prevent such an embarrassing situation, in which people show up vast ignorance in a Christian and laugh it to scorn."
  14. Death threat against South Park creators about depicting Allah

    quote: Originally posted by Be like the water, people.: And why is it possible for people to kill at all? When has that benefitted humanity? sorry, what? when has the ability to kill benefited humanity? we originated as hunters and gatherers. as in, you know, hunting. which is killing. people still hunt. it is a way to survive. and if we can kill for food, we can use the same ability in different ways. quote: Speaking of common traits providing "evidence" for evolution, is it possible for you to name some animals that display moral sense, and then show how they evolved into people? seems you have restated the theory of evolution in question form. so...yes? quote: In reality, it appears that our methods of dating items and even the earth itself are not scientifically sound. Again, this was admitted by evolutionists. you are saying that carbon dating is not scientifically sound? and this is supported by actual scientists? please provide a link! because as far as i know, its pretty much simple math...
  15. Death threat against South Park creators about depicting Allah

    quote: Originally posted by Be like the water, people.: I don't remember who-- Good > Perfect, perhaps (sorry if i got that wrong!) pointed out that life from God's breath is just the same as life from disorder. close! actually, i was arguing that evolution in no way contradicts your scripture. as in, god breathes life into dust = life springing from "goo" as you like to call it. i feel that you will respond by saying you don't believe we are related to primates again. but there is nothing in the bible that contradicts that, it even supports in a way. i mean, all creations must be related as they are designed by the same entity. i think modern day christians might be simply offended by the idea of it. do you share the creationists' belief about the life of the dinosaurs? i am not sure how strictly literal you are. but if we agree that the "7 days" mentioned in genesis weren't literal 24 hour periods, this helps to see how evolution can fit into the story. quote: what good does it do if such a highly evolved creature can experience such joy from killing those of its own species? oh and again, we are confusing the word morals. just because it is ingrained in us not to murder morally, doesn't mean that those morals can't be broken. in such a "highly evolved creature," we have free will and a choice in everything we do. and also a side note- the hunt is also a primal instinct. what is hunted is irrelevant, but the joy of the hunt is a remnant of the days when hunting was a means of survival. combine these two and add a dash of society telling you who "deserves to die," and there ya go! one french colonizer at your service! (sorry i had no input in the whole chaos theory or whatever discussion, haha. the way i see it- humans evolved, and as they learned to shape and control their environment to suit their needs, civilizations grew etc... anyway seems to me, the world is much more chaotic now than it was back then. hey whaddya know, it works out after all)
  16. Weather complaining allowed, rosa. haha, i'm just bitter because it snowed today. it SNOWED on may 9. last weekend, it was in the 90s and humid as hell. and it snowed this weekend. *sigh* gotta love good ol' new york!
  17. Death threat against South Park creators about depicting Allah

    quote: Originally posted by Be like the water, people.: When did we make the jump beween creationists disputing facts, and creationists disputing a theory? the word theory in science lingo means that it is a hypothesis that has been thoroughly tested by the scientific community and we have not yet found results that contradict it. theory, in the science world is as close as you can come to fact. the only true facts that exist in the scientific community are simple observations like "the apple falls to the ground" as opposed to "gravity pulls the apple to the ground." quote: We didn't all come to life from some kind of goo, then slowly become alive... god created adam by breathing life into dust, yes? sorry, i guess i am still not seeing the contradiction here.
  18. Death threat against South Park creators about depicting Allah

    quote: Originally posted by Be like the water, people.: you're saying atheists cannot say that there is a right or wrong? ummmm...kind of. there are morals, of course. incest, murder, rape, etc- these are all understood to be wrong on the most basic level. things that are generally considered "right" are things that just so happen to also aid the survival of the species. but no, atheists do not generally deal in absolutes.
  19. Death threat against South Park creators about depicting Allah

    sorry, i know this was all directed at brady, but i want to throw something out there. the reason that creationists are laughed at is that well, they have NO evidence. science is based on fact, as in thorough experimentation and testing of each new hypothesis. creationists say, "hmm well we have this book here, see? and we believe what is written here in the first page or so is fact. so all of your previous research must be wrong!" science says "huh ok, here why don't we test it out some..." and the creationists say "oh wait. we forgot to tell you. its a faith based theory. so there's no real way to test it. just trust us, we're totally right." .. and science laughs. can i ask you something bltwp? (i'm going to anyway, so i hope you just said yes! ) why does the theory of evolution contradict the bible? i was actually a devout christian up until a few years ago, and still i never understood the debate. see, the bible says god created us in his image, right? so why is it so offensive to christian beliefs if we evolved into his image? same difference, just way more creative and interesting!
  20. Death threat against South Park creators about depicting Allah

    quote: since their own personal morality is, in their eyes, perfect) false. as you have already argued, atheism is pretty much entirely subjective in terms of morals. our morals are a result of our upbringing and the society we live in. there is no such thing as perfection in atheism, since atheists do not, for one thing, believe the world is that "black and white." quote: ...we all have perfect raw moral sense. i feel we are confusing the meaning of the word morals. just because we have morals bred into us doesn't mean we have to use them. there is indeed such a thing as immorality. all brady was trying to say is that our modern morals result from a mixture of primitive instincts and modern culture and society.
  21. Death threat against South Park creators about depicting Allah

    ^^bum bum bum, i just thought i would inform you that we may or may not be the same person right now. 10,000 points for being awesome. EDIT: cool, brady- three cheers for art nerds! (ok, maybe i'm the only nerd, but still!)
  22. Death threat against South Park creators about depicting Allah

    haha, sorry, it is not really a belief system or a religion of any sort- just my sarcastic sense of humor again. see, i am a graphic designer- currently a junior in college, actually. and we always joke that the design principles that are drilled into us every waking moment are taken so seriously they start to sound like some sort of religious mantra. and they pretty much invade your entire life! for example: i took a stupid stupid stress management class this semester (it counted for gym credit, actually lmao) and one day my professor handed out a sheet of paper to everyone. it was supposed to test whether you are an optimist or pessimist. on it was written "OPPORTUNITYISNOWHERE." some people thought it said "opportunity is now here" and others thought it said "opportunity is nowhere." my response? all i could think was "wow, that is BAD kerning!" (kerning is a term that refers to the spacing between letters) it is kind of extreme the way art school changes the way you see everyday things. [/tangent] my real belief system on the other hand...well, i guess to sum it up i would be agnostic on the verge of atheist. the reason i have trouble crossing over into the atheist camp- well, i really do believe in the power of art and design, not just visual art, but music and dance and what have you. i believe that art communicates on a higher level somehow, and that doesn't flow very well with hardcore atheists. ps: this was longer than i thought and i sound like a hipster. crap.
  23. Death threat against South Park creators about depicting Allah

    ^^true that. i however, have no way of knowing whether god is perfect or not, seeing how my belief system is based on good design principles. all i know is that the gods of design would NEVER kill anyone...unless they used comic sans too often, of course. hehe i quite enjoy this discussion, guys.
  24. Concerts?

    quote: Originally posted by mooebon: They were all GREAT. Esp. Joanna Newsom whose new cd is incredible. when did you see joanna newsom? my brother in law was touring with her recently (actually he was touring with fred armisen when he was opening for her, but same difference, haha)
  25. Death threat against South Park creators about depicting Allah

    quote: Originally posted by Be like the water, people.: Do you get mad at the government for executing serial killers? If so, then why? Actually, yes- i am indeed anti-death penalty. i have always considered that to be one of the most backwards elements of our society. most of europe, and really, most industrialized societies have already disbanded the practice, but the good ol' US hasn't, putting us in such great company with communist states and islamic theocracies. if you know someone has murdered, does that give you the right to murder them in turn? i don't know, i guess that is something that has never made sense to me in the slightest. life in prison should suffice to do the same job, yes? and states that still practice the death penalty actually have higher crime rates- so there is really nothing to be said of "preventative" punishment. so anyway, back on topic- i understand what you're saying about god being all knowing etc etc... but i guess i will just sum up how i feel by saying that i am anti-death penalty, be it by the government OR by god. "what if the god kills the man and if he does it with love well then its death from above but a death from above is still a death..."