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  1. "Far" Regina's Next Album :D

    i saw that too! i was in a room by myself and pretty much bursted out with "UPCOMING RELEASES REGINAA!" my mom heard me and had to ask why i was yelling lmao.
  2. Name That reg Tune

    on the radio "my office at"
  3. Face The Music / Jeff Lynne

    *looks at pics* ... *doubletake* wait! since when does reg play the ukelele?? has she ever performed with one?

    this is kind of random but it amused me... there is this guy who i am friends with on facebook who is a super hardcore born-again christian, and he posts a different worship song everyday (no exaggeration, it gets annoying). well just now i looked, and he had posted the laughing with video. of course i immediately hit the like button, but then i realized that he was using it in his usual church-y context (nothing really wrong with that i guess, but it irked me a bit). so then to make myself feel better, i posted a comment saying "reg is the best!" with a link to the jool's performance of blue lips video. ... i couldn't help myself. haha.
  5. Name That reg Tune

    Rockland County! "it was coming my"
  6. eet!!

    ah! how does she do that?! i LOVE it! that video had me laughing and bouncing up and down in my seat lol. i swear, such perfection is inhuman!!
  7. A stage musical based on Reg's music

    that just made me remember something, tamx! the other day when i commented on this thread, i actually had a dream about it (lol). because you know i only go on here at like 2 in the morning, like any sane person would. but i didnt really remember much at the time, and now i do! anyway, my dream was basically this musical (kind of, it was a bit off because it was a dream). and there were all these flashbacks to carl's past. but the weird thing was that through all the flashbacks, lucille was always in the background, kind of narrating it in song. the only thing i really remember clearly is a scene in a church (i dont know, i guess carl was really religious or something?) and lucille was the church pianist, and just broke out into blue lips during the scene. and the part "blue, the most human color" was sung in crazy harmonies by a full chorus and it built up into this huge stunning crescendo. and i remember thinking (while dreaming) "this is freaking amazing!" thats about it. i thought it was an interesting concept. just thought i would throw it out there, haha.
  8. A stage musical based on Reg's music

    whoever said they wanted this to be a movie and not a musical, I definitely disagree. Regina’s music is NOT mainstream enough, and we are not going to attempt to make it that way (aaaah!). yeah, it could be way cool as an artsy like film festival flick (maybe). Remember, the only movie musicals we have heard of (lets list some) rent, chicago, phantom, jesus christ superstar, Sweeney todd, hairspray, the producers, hair, footloose- were already smash hits on broadway OR like across the universe- were revivals of classic songs. Or Disney. Lol. BUT I think, being a jukebox musical and all, this would have a good chance of not only making it to Broadway, but being successful there. I feel like Regina’s style actually could have a huge impact there. Couldn’t you just imagine it? Reading this thread made me immediately start blocking scenes and inventing lighting cues in my head! Also, movie musicals suck. They always lose their impact in trying to make it an acceptable length and content for audiences. Haha, that’s my little spiel. Sorry for my theatre-dorkiness, but I had to stop lurking like a creeper and actually say something for once!

    dana is fine, haha. did the last shot remind anyone else of harry potter (lol)??

    first post! wooooo! i love this video, the obvious influence of dali and escher made my day...oh regina, you know how to make your art school fans happy...