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  1. eet!!

    quote: Originally posted by ThisIsHowItWorks: I feel like I haven't seen you on the forum in the while. Is it just my imagination, or were you gone? yeah, i was lurking a bit, but pretty busy with the college life and i actually just got back from italy (!!) so i haven't posted in forever. but don't worry, i'm still alive!
  2. eet!!

    quote: Originally posted by Rosa!: quote: Originally posted by ThisIsHowItWorks: The story sounds a tad made-up, but whatever. I think the majority of the stories at MLIA are made up, but some of them do make me laugh pretty hard. i don't know guys, this exact thing has actually happened to me! it resulted in much head-smacking.
  3. Show Posters

    quote: Originally posted by srg: i NEED this. lol. is it possible to get it anywhere, srg? or would i have to figure out how to print it myself?
  4. Political orientation of artists

    i don't know about left-wing and right-wing...those terms somehow seem intrinsically extreme. but if you change it to something less severe and somewhat related, like "conservative" and "liberal," then i think this question is a lot easier to contemplate. Conservatives are generally considered to be more traditional with their beliefs. To be an artist (speaking as one myself) it is to a degree necessary to be somewhat liberal-minded. we take traditional ideas and push the envelope to capture people's attention and have some sort of impact on their way of thinking. in order to be a successful artist, you need the freedom and flexibility of mind to think from other perspectives. it is a profession that basically requires non-traditional thought. this is true for any art form, whether it is visual or auditory. and there are, of course exceptions. now, how this relates to left-wing and right-wing is anyone's guess, since there are extremes on both ends.
  5. Swine Flu....

    haha, my college is sending anyone home who has ANY flu symptoms. its ridiculous. for example, if i walked into health services right now with a headache, they would probably send me home with swine. personally, i think swine flu is a myth. it is just normal flu. it has the same symptoms. it actually doesn't even last as long as normal flu. it is dangerous to infants and the elderly and people with previous health problems- just like, oh wait, the normal flu. just saying.
  6. quote: Originally posted by Appt: I'm afraid not. You can save the document as an adobe illustrator file but there won't be any vectors inside only a bitmap. ah damn. i fixed it. thanks for the tip!
  7. i may be mistaken, but you can save your pic as anything, and then if you have adobe illustrator, you can just go to "file" then "place" and put that file into an illustrator document. then you can save the whole deal as an illustrator document. that counts as a vector file right? oh and i guess this isn't really useful unless you actually HAVE illustrator. which may be the problem with some of you, lol.
  8. best. timing. ever. for my graphics final, the assignment is to do a music poster. that is basically all of the guidelines. besides that it has to be awesome. now, i am actually doing one for ingrid michaelson (because i may or may not have already done 3 projects this year inspired by regina and that doesn't look good in junior review) but my roommate is doing one for regina! i read this to her and am requiring her to enter her design. and then we can share the spoils! mwahaha!
  9. Wee Rants

    quote: Originally posted by ThisIsHowItWorks: I saw New Moon with my girlfriend today, and after the movie was over the woman next to us turned to us and said in a horribly sarcastic tone: "I just want to thank you guys for those awesome comment you made during the whole movie! That was so cool! It was really great how you couldn't be quiet! Thank you so much!" LOL. oh, the memories. i went to see twilight last year, and the 14-year old girl in front of me turned around halfway through the movie and said "are you fucking KIDDING me?" those Twilighters are hardcore. then again, me and my friends were being admittedly obnoxious. it was during the sparkly (sweaty?) edward scene and we were dying laughing. good times.
  10. A Place to Ask Any Regina Related Question

    quote: Originally posted by Justxxxne: quote: Originally posted by good > perfect: i remember she said something like, "I can't watch violence, and I don't have a tv." (if anyone other than regina said this, i may have seriously judged them lol.) but possibly these two things are related? idk... I don't watch TV either, although I own one just to watch dvds. I agree with Regina. I'm feeling really small right now LOL will ppl really judge me badly for not watching TV and reading books instead? Gawd! oh nononono! incorrect assumption! i don't watch much tv either, i use my laptop to follow the 2 shows i follow. i was actually referring mostly to the "i can't watch violence" bit. because sometimes, the best, most moving movies are violent. take pan's labyrinth for example. or perfume. but in general, reading books > watching tv. no exceptions. so kudos!
  11. Our Regina art.

    i just made this INSTEAD of doing my graphics homework. which, by the way, is the EXACT same idea, except my professor doesn't allow us to use pictures of celebrities. goddamnit. that, my friends, is procrastination taken to a whole other level. i think i will print it out anyway to hang in my room.
  12. Apple Store NYC 24 Jul 2009

    quote: Originally posted by folding chair: no wai! r and k are cooler. and they have a real relationship yo! (no offense to you new people) hey now, you can't just say we aren't cool and then say no offense! that's just wrong! was planning on letting the topic die since we kind of killed it in the first place, but this was uncalled for. just out of interest, is there anything more to this whole rawin and katie thing besides that they were a brumstix couple? (englishguy wants to know, but is too much of a wimp to ask again)
  13. Profanity/Vulgarity

    woah woah woah! are we REALLY comparing cussing to gun control? think about that for ONE second. did you think about it? good. i assume that by now, you have answered your own question. on a side note, how did we get on this thing where liberals are promoting cursing? it has absolutely NOTHING to do with politics. conservatives cuss just as much as liberals, and in my experience (being one of the only liberals in redneck-town, new york) a lot of the time, they cuss more! usually when talking about liberals and gun control. just saying. this is nowhere near a political issue. it is a personal preference.
  14. Somedays

    ya know, i had a slight epiphany about this song a couple days ago! it might just be something that's a personal thing, though. in the past, i loved this song because to me, it conveys such a strong, specific emotion that everyone has felt. "somedays aren't yours at all..." it's just so TRUE. but that "i'm in love with your daughter", wtf? but the other day i was singing it right before my grandfather was about to visit, and i thought about it in a new light. see, his wife (my grandma) died last summer. and i thought about what his reaction would be to the song. do you think that the narrator could be reflecting on the loss of a spouse? then those seemingly random lines tie in, as a memory of making the decision to spend their lives together. this is just how i think of it, now. what do you guys think?
  15. Folding Chair

    my interpretation is similar to yours, be like the water! the song is so HAPPY. ridiculously so. and i think that's the point. i always thought that the narrator was not happy at all, even contemplating suicide like you said. but to the outside world, she is merely pretending to be happy. but right beneath the surface, there is a much darker emotion. kind of like the song. the song itself is SO cheery and cheesy-but if you just stop and listen to what it's REALLY saying, you realize there is something wrong. it's like it is mirroring the narrator perfectly. and i do think the narrator has contemplated suicide, but i don't think she actually wants to die. she is trying as hard as she can to turn things around, which is why she keeps inviting us to sit with her. and i always imagined (not even remotely related to the actual lyrics, haha) that she had put up an umbrella or something that is casting the shadow over her eyes- because she doesn't want us to see the pain right beneath the surface. EDIT: oh man, i totally missed the entire part about marriage! how did i manage that? i love that! hehe, geez i need to read before posting. that is a great interpretation too. makes a lot of sense!
  16. Regina Spektor: The Movie :)

    oh geez, could you imagine a piano version of guitar hero? those 5 little buttons are too much for me- and entire keyboard would be terrifying! ...but it would be awesome anyway, lol.
  17. ingrid michaelson is the shit....

    I WAS JUST GOING TO POST THAT. lol. actually i just impulse-bought it from itunes, haven't listened to it yet (still downloading). but i was surprised it was discounted to $8 and includes bonus material! freaking sweet!
  18. Pound of Flesh

    i did a bit of research, and found some interesting things-though i am not sure what to make of them. ezra pound was, like you said, a poet/critic/intellectual. but interestingly, he was also a known anti-semite. and the phrase "pound of flesh" is a literary reference to Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice. Shylock (a jew) wants a "pound of flesh" as payment from Antonio if he doesn't pay him back in time. could this song really be about antisemitism? and i also got the impression that she is warning us about the dangers of trying too hard to please others. ...but that's all i have, haha. where to go from here? someone has to take up the trail!
  19. Blue Lips

    quote: Originally posted by ThisIsHowItWorks: The way I interpret it, the song seems at first like an attack on faith as a whole, but I prefer to think of it as just being a different perspective. Like "Laughing With," I see "Blue Lips" as a 'jumping-off' point designed to make people think and question. agreed! it's not condemning any religion, just people's tendency to box themselves in by their beliefs. religion itself isn't harmful, only when people refuse to see any other point of view. and she wants people to think about that. and i'm glad you're enjoying the party, haha.
  20. Blue Lips

    i love this new discussion section! it's like a party! lmao... i agree a lot with you, thisishowitworks. i think that the majority of the song is pretty self explanatory. but the bridge is absolute genius. i think that in the bridge (and the whole song, really) regina is commenting on the prison-like qualities of many religions today. the religious people "started out beneath the knowledge tree", meaning at the beginning, they were honestly seeking truth through their faith. but then something happened. they wanted to feel some sort of safety and reliability in their belief, so they stopped actively seeking and thinking and created guidelines and rules for how to live. "and no one saw and no one heard..." by creating rigid frameworks for their religion, what they were really doing was fencing themselves in, away from knowledge and truth, and away from the rest of the world. to the outside world, they put on a triumphant facade "smiled real wide for the camera lenses..."- but really all that they had done was imprison themselves "in the assembly lines". and i agree with the significance of blue from lost in the sounds, too. though i also think blue represents sadness as well. all of these interpretations are applicable.
  21. quote: Originally posted by dentistgirl: It's evidence of regina in the audience at Kimya's gig. aaah. i see. that makes much more sense, lol- thanks!
  22. Eet

    i have always felt that eet is about losing the innocence of childhood. while falling out of love works as well, the deciding verse for me is the "someone's deciding..." part you mentioned earlier. she paints this vivid picture of a man contemplating stealing, but he is obviously bothered by it and would not do so willingly. maybe he is considering it to provide for his family? (i know this has been discussed elsewhere lol, i am just recapping) and as he opens the window to feel some fresh air, he sees this little kid throwing an absolute fit because his brother won't let him try the game they are playing. by juxtaposing these two vastly different scenarios, it throws the childish actions of the boy into contrast with the heavy weight of maturity on the older man. he can't return to the days when he could throw a tantrum over a silly game, he has more "grown up" things to think about. and when you add all the other lyrics of the song into the mix, it becomes cohesive. i think with the falling out of love interpretation, that verse is quite odd and out of place. just my thoughts! (ps: i love this new section! thanks mod almighty! )
  23. quote: Originally posted by dentistgirl: ^EVIDENCE- exhibit A wait...why is this evidence? am i crazy or is this definitely not kimya? i feel like i'm missing something here lol...
  24. quote: Originally posted by folding chair: quote: Originally posted by good > perfect: i am still exploring technically, but i am pretty darn close! however, i would like to take this opportunity to ask: does anyone have the virgin queen and feel like sharing or letting me know where to find it? i have listened to it on youtube, have no idea how to rip the audio, and all the links i have found here on brumstix are expired. any help would be oh so amazing! it is a wonderful song. for you, ma'am. thank you so much! yes! you don't know how long i have been attempting to download that song. and thanks to you swimming pool noises too! i have always wondered how people do is a wonderful thing i suppose.
  25. i am still exploring technically, but i am pretty darn close! however, i would like to take this opportunity to ask: does anyone have the virgin queen and feel like sharing or letting me know where to find it? i have listened to it on youtube, have no idea how to rip the audio, and all the links i have found here on brumstix are expired. any help would be oh so amazing! it is a wonderful song.