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  1. Wee Rants

    quote: Originally posted by Reginaoverdose: I'm still trying to pay off my computer. It makes me sick that everyone else's parents just buy their kids everything, including new macbooks, when going off to college. i know!! i had to buy my own macbook last summer, which made me unbelievably broke. and now this year i am paying for a trip to italy in the spring for an art history course by myself. all my friends are being helped by their parents. sucks. interesting side note: both of these expenses are roughly the same cost. lmao.
  2. Far "Purists vs Non-Purists"

    i actually do think she was straining. i don't think she can hit those notes in machine as well as she is trying to. that having been said, i think she wrote it that way on purpose. it fits the feel of the song. when it's live, she even makes the verses sound strained and choppy. all for the sake of the song itself. i have always loved that about regina, she is more an srtist than a singer. she feels perfectly comfortable with sacrificing the quality of her vocal work to fit what she feels a song should sound like.
  3. Vote for Regina's Laughing With on the VH1 countdown!

    wellllll, the voting between saturday and tuesday is a bit silly. see, the voting is a week behind. since they obviously would never be able to film the show between friday at 11:00 pm and saturday at 9:00 am, this weeks votes count for next week's show. so if i were to vote today, i would not be having any effect on saturday's show, i would be voting for next saturday. but the other parts of your plan are solid! EDIT: here's me on that message board (not a member anymore, couldn't take it)
  4. Would you pay to get Regina to do a show for us?

    could you imagine if this really ended up happening? it would be amazing! i am totally in for this if it works out, depending of course on the date and time. i hadn't posted earlier because i am embarrassingly short of funds, lol. so my contribution will be limited i guess, but i am crossing my fingers that this will work out! ...a private stix show. no way. that is the stuff dreams are made of! lol.
  5. Bulletin Posts

    quote: Originally posted by Mumrik: I am officially in love with Ingrid Michaelson. Seriously, she's so fudgin' awesome. Overboard is sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet. woo me too! fave ingrid video...can't wait to see her in september! PURE WIN also, i have an immortal fish. he will NEVER die. he just really really wants to go back to college with me. apparently.
  6. Freshmeat at College. tips?

    also. preferably all of them. best thing ever.
  7. Lets have a look...

    ^^no way! that is exactly, and i mean exactly what mine is. i even have a mac. lmao. i guess great minds think alike...
  8. Freshmeat at College. tips?

    i know what you mean, i went through the same emotions. but try not to freak out, it ended up being a blast! tips: essential supplies for dorm rooms: CLOROX WIPES. seriously. also bring random things no one would ever think of. like i brought a hammer. it was useful. we used it to open a coconut. haha. talk to your roommate before setting your alarm that early in the morning (8am yikes!). i would kill you. i usually ended up putting my phone alarm on vibrate right next to my head. leave your door open to your room, don't seclude yourself. i did that for a while, it was no fun. let people randomly wander in, makes life interesting. if you are a dancer, watch the partying. that can really kill you performance-wise. not saying never do it, just be careful with it. ...that's all i can think of right now, hope it helps!
  9. Regina's Best Lines

    quote: Originally posted by mattrscity: He practices dentistry without a license,but its alright cos Mary read the books and she's got his back. Brilliant!! this line always reminds me of McTeague by Frank Norris. good book. i love in be like a cloud: "who said i was original? who said i was allowed to sing as if i really sing, to write as if i really write? who said that i could suddenly get up from underneath and walk away completely stumbling between each breath i breath?"
  10. Apple Store NYC 24 Jul 2009

    aw cute, guys! that sign cracks me up still.
  11. Far "Purists vs Non-Purists"

    i don't think the drums on Machine are computerized. they sound real to me. it is a very basic beat through some of it, but i think they are real drums. the only song that the drum track really bothers me is folding chair.
  12. weird looks for shouting reg lyrics?

    why it is from chicken song, of course. then again, it is on the 1999 demo tape-and i know that is quite the drama topic. so maybe you haven't heard it. lol. i once had a day where i could not stop singing mermaid for the life of me. and belting out "I am a mermaid, but i sold my voice..." is not the most socially acceptable thing in the world. haha. good times.
  13. Reg on The Tonight Show.

    i thought she sounded either still sick or very nervous. but it got stronger as the song progressed.
  14. Regina through the art of dance.

    ^^i noticed that too! go ade!
  15. Radio City Music Hall on October 14, 2009

    i can't go. why a wednesday? i have a drawing 3 class till freaking 9:00. i hate drawing classes. love drawing. but drawing classes stress me out- critique me when i'm done, not while i'm working, goddamn-it! sorry. i'm slightly frustrated. hope you guys all have a great time!
  16. Radio City Music Hall on October 14, 2009

    how much were the presale tickets??

    mod,you are such an excellent protector of truth and justice. what would we do without you? thanks for explaining, obviously everyone was very confused. so all we're doing here is learning to love, and skyler were probably the same person- i wonder what his third (!!) was. he's probably still lurking...(cue scary music)
  18. El Rey Theatre LA July 28, 2009

    quote: Originally posted by almostspotless: quote: Originally posted by Poor Little Rich Boy: OTR Over the Rainbow? hahaha! i thought the same thing at first! i was like "wait, reg does a cover of over the rainbow?!" then i actually thought about that for a second. lol.
  19. El Rey Theatre LA July 28, 2009

    i love how only the people who DIDN'T go are the ones contributing. we are awesome.
  20. El Rey Theatre LA July 28, 2009

    wait...did you meet jeff lynne? when are these details coming? lol.
  21. Wee Rants

    yeah, what is going on? i actually feel slightly bad for 'all we're doing here is learning to love'. he was a jerk sometimes, but i have to say his posts made me laugh. (he? she? it? who knows...)
  22. itunes - sucks

    now this is weird, because i burn songs from itunes all the time. i burned multiple copies of far, because i wanted to listen to it with better speakers and the first copy came out glitchy because my laptop was overheating. it's definitely possible.
  23. Apple Store NYC 24 Jul 2009

    there we go. [/thread take over] haha.
  24. Apple Store NYC 24 Jul 2009

    oh damn! and you brought your computer with you just so you could tell me?? good thinking ahead! man, you are such a good super villain...
  25. Apple Store NYC 24 Jul 2009

    the facebook search feature is no cause for alarm, lol. we college kids live by it. also, use reverse white pages next time you get a wrong number text. then proceed to prank the texter by asking them if it is still thunderstorming down in holly hill, south carolina, and telling them that you are a 34 year old black woman named monique. then begin a marathon session of dateline's to catch a predator. these are actual events and true stories from yours truly. ... (locks house and closes windows) jk, jk, haha.