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  1. Apple Store NYC 24 Jul 2009

    hahaha nice. that takes talent AND dedication. impressive....
  2. Apple Store NYC 24 Jul 2009

    hahaha. deal. let's see how good of a stalker you are. and rawin and katie are both stixers, they haven't posted in a while though i think. i just have heard of them from my days of brumstix lurking before i joined.
  3. Apple Store NYC 24 Jul 2009

    quote: Originally posted by EnglishGuyinNYC: quote: Originally posted by Nat: Good>perfect + Englishguyinnyc = New Rawin and Katie? Anyone with me? Who are Rawin and Katie? edit - and why do I have the feeling I will come to regret asking that question haha. i know who rawin and katie are respectively, but i have not heard what makes them apply to us (though i can guess??). and ps: how's that internet stalking going? creeper. lol.
  4. KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic, July 28, 2009

    yeah, at soho she kept coughing too-but it doesn't stop her from sounding amazing, i don't know how she does it!
  5. KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic, July 28, 2009

    WOW. machine is SO good live. every time. it's crazy.
  6. Apple Store NYC 24 Jul 2009

    yeah jenny was the one who was there. actually, she has been married for 5 years now. isn't that crazy? who does that? answer: no one sane. hahaha.
  7. Wee Rants

    ^^do you mean, "i'm a nocturnal animal, and it's really going to save my ass in college"?? because that might be closer to the truth, haha. at least it was for me. people who like to sleep don't do well in dorms. so don't worry about it! lmao.
  8. Apple Store NYC 24 Jul 2009

    quote: Originally posted by EnglishGuyinNYC: it was the sidewalk cafe in alphabet city (east village). not bad, some good performance, some bad, some just plain weird. jenny's husband played at the sidewalk the other day! he was a guest drummer for the hey rube. jenny didn't understand why i was so excited about that. i wish i could have seen his gig.
  9. Apple Store NYC 24 Jul 2009

    too bad you can't escape this withering internet death glare! (glares) haha. what venue was it? that does indeed sound very cool. but for now, i must go to bed. and we are hijacking this thread again. we should do something about that, lol.
  10. Apple Store NYC 24 Jul 2009

    haha, good one. i should definitely do that. i wonder what she'd say? i'll let you know, lol. oh, did you ever say 'johnny-on-the-spot' today? if not, FAIL. and dillon- bk lounge=best dane cook sketch ever. it's sadly very true.
  11. Apple Store NYC 24 Jul 2009

    quote: Originally posted by EnglishGuyinNYC: school? I would of placed you between 20-25! you are broke because you broke your own promise to save up and see a proper regina nyc show and not come down for the apple gig! lol. yep, i am a sophomore in college. 19, actually. you were close? slightly? haha. my sister is 28, and people ask us if we are twins all the time. so either she looks young or i look old. i think it's a combination. and also, i only took one day off of work just so you know. and i had a ride down and a free train ride back. and kari payed for all my meals! now that's a deal! check out those economizing skills!
  12. Apple Store NYC 24 Jul 2009

    i DO need to quit bk. actually i already have- last august, to be exact. but then i came back from school and no one in the entire freaking town was hiring (stupid economy), so i walked into the bk lounge and they hired me on the spot. if only i wasn't so broke...
  13. Apple Store NYC 24 Jul 2009

    gee thanks for that, lol. and my 5 hours on the train was greeaat! my favorite part was when i was asleep and then i got woken up by a cute little old lady moving to the seat next to me who wanted to know EVERY DETAIL OF MY ENTIRE LIFE. it was awesome. now, i have nothing against little old ladies, but i mean i was seriously fast asleep there! and little did i know, it was just a prelude to the cute little old man who would later accidentally drool on my hand while giving me change at bk. senior citizens love me.
  14. Apple Store NYC 24 Jul 2009

    quote: Originally posted by EnglishGuyinNYC: ha so you spotted where I was sat then! keeping an eye on me stalker! I thought that was bad too, they shoved a few people on the make-shit seats at the side (the right side is always bad at a regina show) hahaha, me jenny and popcorn were searching the seats for people we had seen in line and discussing because we were pissed. and yeah, we were in the first row of those folding chairs on the right side. we had a sweet view of the speaker. but again- i don't want to be negative, because what a great performance! oh and ps. it's depressing i missed that whole dinner afterwards thing. i didn't even know it happened- my (other) sister met up with me afterwards for dinner, and i didn't want to be like "oh wait, i want to wait for regina." or "oh wait, what about all those stixers??" ya know. respecting the people paying for my meals...always a good thing.
  15. Apple Store NYC 24 Jul 2009

    quote: Originally posted by EnglishGuyinNYC: That would be crap if they didn't release the whole thing. good > perfect, I know you just want to see the video so you can catch my head bobbing along perfectly in time to the music! and i haven't yet used the 'johnny on the spot' catch phrase, there is still time. what was worse about apple was how the first two rows was already taken by people who weren't in the line haha. totally right. regina will be completely overshadowed in your glory. and get going on that catchphrase, you bloody brit, you! what was even worse than the vips was that i got there at three and was ahead of you in line and STILL got the worst seat in the house. like, exactly opposite regina on the other side of the freakin grand piano type seats. i could basically see just her eyes and up, too bad she is so tiny, haha. but it was still a great show whether i could see her or not!
  16. Apple Store NYC 24 Jul 2009

    why? thats crap. though i guess you're right-most live performances for itunes are around 6 or so songs. which ones do you think will make the cut?
  17. Vote for Regina's Laughing With on the VH1 countdown!

    dropped to #21. didn't watch it, but looked it up afterwards.
  18. Apple Store NYC 24 Jul 2009

    lol. hey now, don't ruin my dreams. and yeah, i'm not sure if this thread will ever recover from us....but good night anyways!
  19. Apple Store NYC 24 Jul 2009

    nice! i am 1/2 russian jewish, actually. sometimes i like to think that maybe i'm regina's long lost 2nd cousin twice removed or something. after all, a good portion of family history disappeared during the holocaust. it's totally possible. maybe. lol.
  20. Apple Store NYC 24 Jul 2009

    hahaha, you're right about english people always being villians. but they are usually really COOL villains. i would say about 90% of the time. and that's a very exact estimate. unless of course you are talking about valkyrie. in which only the evil nazis sounded german. the good ones were all british. and tom cruise was...well, american. of course. lmao. and here's some tips: "hey, are you australian?" "no, i'm english. try to be more johnny-on-the-spot with your guesses next time." ... hehe. expert advice right there.
  21. Apple Store NYC 24 Jul 2009

    really? that's odd. i don't think australian accents are THAT similar. i guess we are just good at hearing the difference? and the brits always say that in the movies, what are you talking about?! you just shattered my hollywood-constructed version of the united kingdom! haha. and if that's the case, you guys should start saying 'johnny-on-the-spot' more often. all the cool kids (aka only me) are doing it.

    quote: Originally posted by BeLikeA*cloud*: Good >perfect... first of all.. i didnt get that theory from the matrix... but, when you mentioned it - i thought it was pretty funny how similar they were... my friend actually told me that theory, and when we talked about it... i thought it could actually be true, haha... but i have MANY theories of what could be.. just like lots of people do... BTW - thank you for not taking what i said too literally... your awesome =] haha anytime anytime. you're awesome too. and so is the matrix.
  23. Apple Store NYC 24 Jul 2009

    quote: Originally posted by EnglishGuyinNYC: that line can be taken in many different ways! edit - and that quote is true, especially when someone lives 5 hours upstate! indeed. that is basically what i meant. it is funny talking to you on here when in real life i met you for a second and don't even think i said anything, haha. you seem like a really cool guy, i wish i could have been more johnny-on-the-spot with my communication skills and all that jazz (mixture of brit speak and my theatre dorkiness coming out??) lol. edit: i really love how we are just taking over this thread.
  24. Apple Store NYC 24 Jul 2009

    hmmm idk? i don't believe i know your name (lmao)? in the words of regina, it's a strange world where machines can replace people...
  25. Apple Store NYC 24 Jul 2009

    LOL. hahahahahahaha! wow. ...and i'm not really sure how else to respond really, haha. though it takes talent to translate straight from brit speak to bk-ese, i must say.