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  1. post your favorite photos of regina

    quote: Originally posted by Reginaoverdose: that just made my day!!! hahaha.
  2. A Place to Ask Any Regina Related Question

    i remember she said something like, "I can't watch violence, and I don't have a tv." (if anyone other than regina said this, i may have seriously judged them lol.) but possibly these two things are related? idk...
  3. Vote for Regina's Laughing With on the VH1 countdown!

    so i was looking at the results and no, regina isn't on there. however, some strange things the Dave Matthews Band got on the countdown at like 17 or something, when they are listed as an ICECUBE. how does that happen? maybe the votes don't even count at all...
  4. Vote for Regina's Laughing With on the VH1 countdown!

    ok. so i'm pretty sure voting just ended, and reg is still a thermometer. however, i counted the flames and there are currently only 14 of them- which means reg has a chance on the countdown! maybe! ...hopefully? lol.
  5. Vote for Regina's Laughing With on the VH1 countdown!

    daily BUMP. ...nothing new to add, except keep voting! also i feel guilty because i have been slacking. lol.
  6. Wee Rants

    quote: Originally posted by kaysntees: A woman in my printmaking class got her wisdom teeth out in the spring and she asked to keep them so she could photograph them and use them in a print, it worked out great. I'm getting mine out this summer too and I plan on doing the same...teeth really are awesome. GASP. that is awesome! i have always wanted to do some sort of project including xrays or just skeletal imagery in general- using teeth is such a cool idea! hopefully i will have an opportunity to really cut loose these ideas next sounds weird, but being a college art student can be very restricting sometimes. i just want to do what i want to do! god! i'm an artist, for christ's sake!
  7. Far sales

    ^^sorry to rain on the parade a bit, but Michael Jackson was a great artist and a huge American icon. His death is doing for his work what Heath Ledger's death did to Batman. and not that i don't think reg should be #1, but MJ has a great legacy (no matter what people might think of him) and he deserves this send off. if this hadn't happened, it would have been such a disgrace to his memory. while the timing is definitely annoying, this is nothing to be griping about. and im sure reg would agree.
  8. Far "Purists vs Non-Purists"

    quote: Originally posted by JosephCa64: Say what you want about record labels, Lord knows they are evil. But, do you have any idea the amount of money Regina would have to invest to start her own label? Press and ship her own CDS, pay for her own promotion? Hire her own staffing? Forget about it. You're talking millions and millions of dollars. if Ingrid can do it, why not Regina? I feel like they are comparable in popularity, though Regina is probably the more popular of the two. Ingrid has broken down so many barriers that the music industry put up, i really do think it is very plausible for Regina to do the same thing if she ever wanted to. will she ever want to? probably not. i feel like warner bros would have to really piss her off A LOT for that to happen. but its fun to think about anyways...
  9. Least favorite Regina Song?

    quote: Originally posted by fidelity377: Some I can't stand: Flyin', Ain't No Cover, Summer In The City, and Wasteside. i didn't really get Ain't No Cover either. But then one day, i tried to sing it. and it was SUPER FUN. won me over instantly. so i would highly recommend that lol. some songs that don't really click for me? hmm. i'm gonna go with sunshine and better. idk why, but better has never really made any sort of impression on me whatsoever. except for that excellent verse "born like sisters to the world..." that whole part. and sunshine? idk, just haven't gotten it yet. i'll let you know when it happens.
  10. Far "Purists vs Non-Purists"

    quote: Originally posted by MusicLover_2007: Well Reg should simply go totally independent and release a new album every 6 months! totally. she should go Ingrid Michaelson style and make her own "frankenstein label" made out of her and her family and friends. It's totally possible- and look at all the mainstream success Ingrid gets! lol. don't think she will ever probably do that, but it would be amazing if she did.
  11. ever hear people say bad stuff about regina?

    quote: Originally posted by Appt: I follow a site where new music, movie, series and game releases are posted, I never read comments on there because they are rude and stupid. Yesterday Far was posted there and I couldn't resist and so I did read the comments...very stupid of me. There's a personal attack on Regina from a guy who claims he went to school with her, blueh, I copied the comments but am not going to post them here directly If you want to reed them - proceed with caution: eh. whatever. that guy has serious personal issues. he can't deal with having his ideas bashed in a class? he should try being an art student. it happens to everyone- just because the entire class supported Reg and not him doesn't make her a bully. maybe, just maybe, she was right (he didn't even say what the topic was). even if she wasn't, maybe he should get over it. for him to expect her to defend him when he was trying to tell everyone she was wrong about something is stupid and unrealistic. no matter how much we love her, reg is not a saint and no one should expect her to be.
  12. Which is the better album?

    quote: Originally posted by Reginaoverdose: So I bought a hard copy of far and a hard copy of soviet kitsch yesterday and I find it interesting that when I loaded them onto my itunes (and deleted my "illegal" copies of these songs) that... Soviet Kitsch's genre says Alternative and Far's says Pop Gag me. "Pop?" what? how? Regina is not "pop" at all. I thought that was reserved for the britney spears and The Pussycat Doll's. Even the pop-iest song on the album I wouldn't even consider pop. Just look at the lyrics (Calculation) they are ripping out their hearts and striking them together, not quite a pop song. weird. i got Far from iTunes, and it says Alternative. these discrepancies are really random lol. and we are probably the only people on earth who notice.
  13. Vote for Regina's Laughing With on the VH1 countdown!

    BUMP. i got distracted by far for a while, and she's back to a thermometer! gah. that's no good. keep voting!
  14. Review of "Far"

    quote: Originally posted by Reginaoverdose: REGINA IS #1 and #2 on the itunes alternative album chart... How can she be number one and two, it says both are versions of Far with the bonus tracks... Is itunes glitching? I don't understand that. They even both have different customer ratings like they are different albums she is #2 and #3 in the music category too I dont understand how but yeaaaaa regina! huh. thats wierd. but imagine-two different versions of the SAME album are 2 and 3 in overall music? so if you combine their sales into one (because they are the same lol), far should be #1 by a longshot!! WOOOO!
  15. "Far" Regina's Next Album :D

    quote: Originally posted by Reginaoverdose: WTF?? WHY DOES SIRE'S WEBSITE SAY NOTHING ABOUT FAR?? As a matter of fact if you click on those buttons numbered 1-9 in the animated box on top and click on number 4, ITS ADVERTISING BEGIN TO HOPE STILL! And in regina's news category, it hasn't been updated since april 2008. There is nothing anywhere about Far. wtf??? the latest update to any of that site seems to be from the summer of 2008. maybe they have a new website or something? you would think they would get rid of the old one in that case.
  16. Machine

    ^^ i guess what really confuses me is that our hands actually have 15 joints, not including the wrist, of course. are her hands simplified? seven just seems like a random number. i guess you could be right with the two extra fingers thing... haha. maybe i am overthinking this. i need to go to bed.
  17. a place to ask questions about reg lyrics.

    quote: Originally posted by ThisIsHowItWorks: I thought it was "you're using your headphones..." But "You're [obviously meaning 'you are'] ears in your headphones" makes some sense... All you are at that moment is a listener. haha. interesting stuff here, but somehow i feel like it might have been a typo. just because the whole difference between 'your' and 'you're' is obviously not conveyed in this medium, and we all know reg doesn't write down her music at all. and she's not really big on grammar rules. speaking of which, i wonder if reg typed out these lyrics herself? because that would explain the typos.
  18. "Far" Regina's Next Album :D

    this morning, my parents were like "Were you blasting music at midnight last night??" and i was like "Um, yeah. The album downloaded onto my computer at midnight." Then my mom asked "Were you singing too??" "Um. Maybe." *embarrassed look* haha-this album is so awesome! I can't stop listening...
  19. Machine

    quote: Originally posted by StalkerChic: interesting tidbit. According to the lyric booklet in the album (yayness!), her hands are sept-jointed. huh. that lyric has always stood out to me. sept-jointed? how? if you think about how your hands work, it is beyond me where the number seven came from. unless her fingers are sept-jointed because she is artificially improved?? but i never thought that lyric was alluding to actual modifications of the body- i interpreted it as just expressing the human body in terms of robotics (bifocal eyes make sense).
  20. Far's lack of digital booklet

    ha! i love the 11:11 illustration in the Time Is All Around page! the overall design is nice and fun- approval from your local graphic design student!
  21. Regina answers 5 Questions for VH1

    i love the weird questions too. it's great that we now have all these excellent questions to ask Reg in order to ensure she is not a Death Eater using Polyjuice Potion. Of course, if I was a Death Eater, i would be sure to research Reg's animal preferences, etc. before impersonating her. (who's excited for Harry Potter? I AM!)
  22. Review of "Far"

    WOW. that pitchfork review... that guy really needs to read The Little Prince being child-like is NOT an insult. I really think Regina is very much inspired by that book (as seen in Baobabs), and i hope she doesn't read that review and begin to question it. Not that i think she is that easily influenced- but that review seriously sounded like it was meant for HER to read. It wasn't really aimed at critiquing the music for general audiences at all, just mainly personal attacks. GAH. i shouldn't have read that.
  23. "Far" Regina's Next Album :D

    quote: Originally posted by LittleVoice: The Sword & The Pen Don't let me get out of this kiss don't let me say what I say The things that scare us today what if they happen someday Don't let me out of your arms for now What if the sword kills the pen What if the god kills the man And if he does it with love well then it's death from above and death from above is still a death I don't want to live without you (repeated) For those who still can recall the desperate colors of fall The sweet caresses of May only in poems remain no one recites them these days for the shame So what if nothing is safe so what if no one is saved no matter how sweet no matter how brave What if each to his own lonely grave I don't want to live without you (repeated) WOW. i NEED to listen to this! those lyrics are incredible!
  24. Vote for Regina's Laughing With on the VH1 countdown!

    quote: Originally posted by fidelity377: just voted 25 more times, i seen at the bottom where the comments are, someone put regina spektor ftw! haha. that would be me. i figured i would go back and exercise my right to SPAM. lol. also, i was really bored late at night like a lot of you seem to have been- and that's what happens!
  25. "Ink Stains" *new song*

    quote: Originally posted by MusicLover_2007: quote: Originally posted by good > perfect: quote: Originally posted by MusicLover_2007: Anyways back to "Ink Stains", this song means business. Basically Reg is saying to the deniers - "How about you try a gas chamber"? That's some really angry stuff there. As a Jew myself, it does outrage me to hear Holocaust denial STILL going on. yeah, for all their claims that the world jewish population didn't decrease during world war II (??), i would love to hear what they think happened to my grandparents' families! i personally wasn't surprised at all when i saw Reg wrote this new song- it was only a matter of time, in my opinion. Yeah on my one of my granfather's side his whole family was executed by the Nazis, so I'm VERY particular when it comes to this subject. my grandmother and grandfather one one side of my family both had large portions of their families wiped out by the Nazis too. so yeah, its a touchy subject in my family to say the least.