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  1. "Ink Stains" *new song*

    quote: Originally posted by MusicLover_2007: Anyways back to "Ink Stains", this song means business. Basically Reg is saying to the deniers - "How about you try a gas chamber"? That's some really angry stuff there. As a Jew myself, it does outrage me to hear Holocaust denial STILL going on. yeah, for all their claims that the world jewish population didn't decrease during world war II (??), i would love to hear what they think happened to my grandparents' families! i personally wasn't surprised at all when i saw Reg wrote this new song- it was only a matter of time, in my opinion.
  2. for those of us that are waiting..

    quote: Originally posted by ThisIsHowItWorks: quote: Originally posted by good > perfect: i am not a virgin by any means... i've listened to far too many times to count actually! SLUT! Haha jk. LOL. i knew that would happen at least once on this thread. congrats for being the one!
  3. Vote for Regina's Laughing With on the VH1 countdown!

    NO! its down to a thermometer- grr. WE CAN DO THIS! *group internet-five* lol.
  4. for those of us that are waiting..

    i am not a virgin by any means... i've listened to far too many times to count actually! but i haven't listened to ANY of the album (including old live versions) since last Sunday. it's actually killing me. but i wanted to make sure that i was still SUPER excited for tuesday, so i took some time off. it's terrible. worst. decision. ever. lol. well, at least tuesday is only 2 days away!!!
  5. Review of "Far"

    i love how all these reviews are like "it can't stand up to its predecessor, Begin To Hope." far is SO much better than BTH that it's not even funny! It is so perplexing that they've got it so makes me wonder a little if they are listening to the same thing I am.
  6. "Ink Stains" *new song*

    quote: Originally posted by MusicLover_2007: Someone on a Tori forum said the lyrics look like something a 16 year old would scrawl... wow that would be a damn talented 16 year old- they're gonna make it big someday!
  7. "Far" Regina's Next Album :D

    quote: Originally posted by quite quiet: The only thing that I can think of in terms of "Far" is ironically one of my favorite songs of hers that also ironically happens to be on the album- One More Time With Feeling. And, by this, I mean: "You thought by now you'd be so much better than you are / You thought by now they'd see that you had come so far" Maybe it is in reference to this. A lot of her songs are also futuristic so maybe it has to do with something about "far" into the future. "blue, the color of our planet from far, far away" i always thought it was a reference to that one. but i like yours, i hadn't thought of that!
  8. Review of "Far"

    ^it could turn into a "poor little rich boy" style line like "shethinksthatshesfatbutsheisntbutyoudontloveheranyway!" except it would be "alltheholocaustdeniersandtheidioticreviewersandeveryonewhoisahater..." etc etc lol.
  9. Review of "Far"

    quote: Originally posted by MusicLover_2007: quote: Originally posted by kaysntees: Twee? FRACKING TWEE?!?! They missed the whole point of that lyric!!! They left out the beginning part that makes it what it is!!! Damn I'm getting annoyed, open your ears and your hearts people! You may think Regina's pretending to be a robot, but you ARE one! She should so write a scathing song about idiot reviewers... haha. stick 'em in there with the holocaust deniers. "all the holocaust deniers ( and idiotic reviewers)..." that would be a great addition to that song! lol.
  10. "Ink Stains" *new song*

    quote: Originally posted by MusicLover_2007: quote: Originally posted by RJLupin2: ^I don't know, I'm not sure I would be comfortable with this being on the album, I just don't really think it's meant to be enjoyed, anyone know what I mean? Yeah it made me quite uncomfortable with the lyrics. I guess it's best left as a live song only. i agree. it would be quite shocking to hear that on an album, don't you think? it's beautiful and mesmerizing, but let's be honest- she basically is saying "Hey, Holocaust deniers! Let's stick you in a gas chamber and see how you feel about it!" ...not really the kind of thing you actually want on a widespread release. kind of negative. lol.
  11. Review of "Far"

    man, i really think that some of these reviewers didn't actually listen to the songs (or at least not to the lyrics). they have to listen to a lot of music in their line of work, and churn out reviews. but some of these articles are extremely incriminating to the reviewers themselves. like Human of the Year being an amusing, light hearted song? to me, that just screams that they never actually listened to it, and maybe looked up the lyrics (which can definitely be taken as very sarcastic and humorous). then there's this other one talking about Regina pretending to be a machine (??). that one i feel like they listened to the track, but obviously not to what was actually being said. sorry for the mini-rant, but it saddens me that these reviewers couldn't just give regina's music the attention that it needs to be fully appreciated.
  12. Additional far Tour Dates

    quote: Originally posted by andreseng: reg told me last night that lots more dates will be added. She'll be touring for a long time. And there will be another NYC show in the fall. Possibly September. YESSSSS! maybe i will have acquired some money by then. but maybe not haha. i am going to italy in the spring, and its kind of taking priority. WHY CAN'T I JUST DO EVERYTHING? money is such a stupid concept. lmao.
  13. Regina's Recurring Motifs

    royalty: braille "and she named the baby elvis, to make up for the royalty he lacked" and chemo limo can go in the death section, as well as dreams/hallucinations
  14. Vote for Regina's Laughing With on the VH1 countdown!

    ^hahaha, i just ran upstairs to say that laughing with just played on vh1, and i find this! so great to see her getting some publicity, and regina interviews are always so CUTE!
  15. Has anyone seen Lady GaGa?

    quote: Originally posted by addiction to hands&feet: quote: Originally posted by Appt: She's not "original" but give me one present example of who is. REGINA SPEKTOR duhhhhh but yeah, i feel ya. WORD UP!! haha, good call. and about Lady Gaga, i'm not personally a huge fan, but her acoustic is better i guess. i feel like the songs are entertaining musically, but the lyrics fall so flat when they aren't with their dance beat. they sound just plain silly, because they were so obviously not meant for that genre. but otherwise, i have no problem with her Regina-ish tendencies: after all, Regina does not own glottal stops or snapping or whatever, and they work well in breaking up the song to make it interesting.
  16. how did you get into regina?

    once upon a time, i was sitting in my dorm being indecisive about what music i wanted to play. so i said, "hey abby (my roommate), why don't you play some of your music for once?" she was like, "ok." anyways she put on ben folds. eventually we came upon "you don't know me" and she said "oh yeah, he did this song with regina spektor, which is kind of cool." i looked at her and said "oh." with a look that said "am i supposed to know what you're talking about??" and she gaped at me like i was absolutely insane. "oh hold on. we're listening to regina spektor. you would LIKE regina spektor." we did. i was hooked. good old abby and knowing what i will like before i do. i will never listen to music the same way again. and abby is officially my savior (besides regina of course) lol. so i'm a relatively new fan (this occured in the fall sometime), but i'm also extraordinarily obsessive and thorough with things that i fall in love with. resulting in me being a huge uber-nerd (in the eyes of my friends anyway) and joining random online forums and knowing every single little thing that is happening in the world of regina at any given moment (thanks to you wonderful stixers!). i'm grateful to you all for feeding my addiction.
  17. Regina's Recurring Motifs

    quote: Originally posted by kaysntees: I don't know if this really classifies as a motif per se, but its worth mentioning that Regina often has references to other musicians. Like "sitting in a park in Paris, France..." in The Devil Come to Bethlehem is a reference to California by Joni Mitchell, "you're so goddamn young" in Poor Little Rich Boy is a reference to Patti Smith and My Generation, and "Darling I'm all shook up now" from BYOS is a reference to Elvis. don't forget "raindrops keep fallin' on my head" from butch cassidy and the sundance kid! and ne me quitte pas is the name of a Jaques Brel song from the late 50s.
  18. Regina's Recurring Motifs

    quote: also in literature put in daniel cowman, as it contains a quote from shakespeare's play the tempest. " a man destined to hang cannot drown " or die..don't know but it's from the play! ok, so this is a tad bit off-topic, but has anyone else noticed that the end of daniel cowman is almost the exact tune of the song from the end credits of the shining?? its a 20s big band number called "midnight, the stars, and you." when i first heard daniel cowman, it was almost immediately after my first time seeing the shining, and it scared the crap out of me!! i wonder if it was intentional... EDIT: alright, so i just listened to them back to back, and it's not as close a resemblance as i remember- but they are still definitely reminiscent of each other. enough to scare the pants off of me back then, anyway.
  19. Additional far Tour Dates

    quote: Originally posted by ThisIsHowItWorks: Where in Upstate New York do you live? Just curious because that's where I'm from too. around utica? actually the mohawk valley. good thing i don't think you are an internet psycho, haha.
  20. Additional far Tour Dates

    quote: Originally posted by Lilly: quote: Originally posted by Reginaoverdose: quote: Originally posted by 23Allie23: I'm apart of the few on the stix who have yet to see her perform live... I haven't either and she's coming nowhere near me Same here And my chances are almost 0 i haven't seen her either...but i live in new york, so that bodes well haha. my problem is just being a broke college student.
  21. "Far" Regina's Next Album :D

    quote: Originally posted by Reginaoverdose: quote: Originally posted by baby jesus: I like how her voice seems higher in that part. It's not as high as I'd like it to be. I all the versions i've heard live it is higher and more powerful. my all time favorite regina video. its much higher! Please watch, its amazing filming and her voice. holy shit i love that video! soo amazing. however, she is not singing any higher in my opinion. i was just comparing the tracks, and the only difference is the amazing acoustics she is getting from ...wherever that was shot (lol). also, she sounds like she is hitting the "power" notes with much more ease in that video- just all around she is "in the moment" i guess. but in general, i think they are the same notes. just better. if that makes sense. haha.
  22. Which is the better album?

    i voted soviet kitsch... i love far too, but i couldn't do it. i don't know if anything will ever truly top soviet kitsch for me. but it's a close one- they are so different and both so wonderful!
  23. Vote for Regina's Laughing With on the VH1 countdown!

    hahahaha baby jesus i just read your 'Location' blurb thingy- brilliant! it made me lol. also yeah. the whole vh1 message board thing is not worth the trouble. AND I HATE THAT DARN ICE CUBE! god, how many people actually vote for this program that all of our obsessive voting hasn't made ANY difference at all??
  24. Vote for Regina's Laughing With on the VH1 countdown!

    quote: Originally posted by Reginaoverdose: quote: Originally posted by good > perfect: ..and here's something i found on the vh1 boards that is making me lose faith in humanity. "5 Best 1.Kelly Clarkson 2.Pink 3.Coldplay 4.Green Day 5.Nickelback 5 Worst 1.Brooke Hogan 2.Regina Spektor 3.Diane Birch 4.Parachute 5.Carolina Liar" right next to brooke hogan? really? and nickelback is in the best section? gah! Im curious. Is this something posted on their forums by some idiotic person, a vote done by users, or an actual page/list by vh1?? It's so upsetting but, link? no no its just an idiotic person, don't worry (sorry don't feel like going searching through the vh1 message boards' BS to find it). i realized within 5 minutes of looking at those threads that it was something that i never wanted to do again. america, america.
  25. This or That

    peach snapple! ben folds or ben folds 5?