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  1. Lock 17 gig goers....

    im so excited, this is the third time now! it just gets more special-er if that makes sense. well it should do, its quite a nice word... and like Stuart said, its been just over a year now since I saw her first at Bush Hall...time fliiiies i hope i manage to spot some of you guys this time round!
  2. Purchase College film project

    wow, what a great find is it me or is it does it sound slightly xiu xiu-like? it could just be me, ive been addicted to them recently...
  3. quote: Originally posted by MD: ...is themed on her more character-based paeans. my favourite songs by her then
  4. when is Regina playing in London?!?!

    i'll be there, my friend bought us tickets without me realising, what a great surpise this'll be the third time now however i was speaking to another friend about lock 17, ive never been there before, and she said they were pretty strict on ID, i hope not, can anyone confirm this or say its a load of crap? i say this but ill be going regardless, its just i like things to be as smoooooooth as possible, ive been too lucky with getting into places i shouldnt recently
  5. Regina Demographics

    a young part of the demographic? im 16 nearer 17...
  6. If Regina would ever do a cover song.....

    for some reason, i think a cover of simon & garfunkel's 'cecilia' by regina would be mind-blowing, her bashing away on the piano...hmmm...
  7. Just in case you want to make a Regina shirt

    iron on paper also has a bit of a problem with black shirts, unless it specifies that it works on dark colours, this I learnt the hard way...
  8. A bit of Magic

    it worked for me, what a wonderful sleight of hand django, its magic! loved the little regina message too heheh
  9. Website names

    how about a play on the 'respekt' abbreviation?
  10. Update on Fan club

    this sounds really really great. id love to help in anyway I could, so i hope you bear that in mind!
  11. Offical Reggina Fan club

    i'm definately in
  12. Islington show!! Woo!

    quote: Originally posted by Blood_Roses: thankx for that info! also Flutterby: I have ur poster as my desktop background! thankx xx hahah cool thanks for that makes me feel like I did something useful
  13. Islington show!! Woo!

    I got my photos today, and this is my most favourite, so I decided to morph it into a crappy poster. Enjoy clicky
  14. Islington show!! Woo!

    quote: Originally posted by fearghas: And the warmup band were pretty good too oh yeah they were, didn't catch their name though, anyone able to fill me in?
  15. Islington show!! Woo!

    absolutely flawless, as always, regina seemed more stage confident this time than at the bush hall gig, still amazing neverless, a great countless number of songs but she played the two I wanted, Baby Jesus, well half till she gave up and Reginasaurus! wooo yeah a great night, absolutely incredible