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  1. 3 word story

    of sewer containment
  2. New music we should all hear

    It's really heartwarming to find all you fine people out there spreading the good word of Music-Which-Deserves-To-Be-Listened-To-And-Praised-More. I'm kinda new here and will take this opportunity to shake[say] hands[hello] with[er.. to] all of you. I've not got long; just wanted to make the point that I, personally, feel so lucky that I'm only intimately familiar with a handful of the above mentioned artists' work. The Lambchops, Catpowers, and Newsoms of this world(plus, of course, the charming Reggie herself) have all treated me well; be that raising me during dark nights, levelling me on erratic days or soothing me on mornings after. But it seems I have only very lightly raided the riches contained within the Musical PiggyBank of Nice. & now I'm in a position to make some Less Random Purchases. I'll definitely try getting hold of some CocoRosie as well as some Feist (thanx Ms Eloise) and Julie Doiron too (thanx Jenn S). Mmmm, I'm all excited now.. I should offer a few gems myself I guess. Oh jeez, I gotta hurry though, lots to do.. (that'll learn me for going off on those tangents of whimsy up there). Um.. well I've got the new Iron & Wine EP 'Woman King' playing in my ear at the moment and its perfick. Seriously. The songs aren't spectacular or anything and new ground isn't being pushed but, I don't know.. their songs are just, well faultless I guess. Like a plain circle. And who doesn't like circles? No-one, that's who. Except maybe Triangle Man, the pesky bleeder. Grrr, that Triangle Man.... Aaaaand anyway, yeah, last night I was listening to an old Red House Painters CD and I went through one of those Lambchop Moments mentioned previously (thanx Tooots). They can be a tad inconsistent with their brilliance but if you wanna check 'em out, a couple of particlarly wow-some tracks are 'Grace Cathedral Park' and 'New Jersey'. What else? Gosh, I don't know... Six Organs of Admittance> ; Kristin Hersh> ; ooh, and a weird little British band called Broadcast - they're not of the acoustic vein, but still very ethearal-ly, like if, I don't know, The Matrix had been set in Faerie, that kind of background music. [<<Sorry, even I'm thinking "What is he..?!" now. That last comment, the Matrix one, skim over it, for God's sake. No please, its not even the slightest bit correct. It isn't worthy of eyes.] I'm gonna go now because, as you can see, I have lost any grasp of any plot that might have been trying to .. something-or-other. I'm bored. That's my excuse for giing on for so long. But, more to the point, I'm procrastinating furiously. Thanx, if you made it this far, for reading this drivel. I had good (and short, and to the point) intentions to start with, I promise. Roll on May 9th! Gonna get meself a T-shirt 'n' everything... (ADDITIONAL: as a first-time poster how have I done? Any tips?) (ADDITIONAL ADDITIONAL: keep the artist-recommendations-thing going! SeeyaBye!)
  3. An essay concerning The Bush-tard

    Found this on the Laura Veirs site. 'Tis an excellent example of essaying. READ!
  4. An essay concerning The Bush-tard

    Found this on the Laura Veirs site. 'Tis an excellent example of essaying. READ!
  5. anyone heard of Annie Stela?

    I like this thread...
  6. So there is. Curse me and my lack of a thorough search.
  7. 3 word story

    The Ghettoes of
  8. 3 word story

    alongside The Limping
  9. Whos who!?

    Gracious greetings, one and all. :wink:
  10. 3 word story

    . Simultaneously, on Mars,
  11. Who would you like to see regina tour with

    Hey there to one and all.