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  1. 'Us' video!

    I thought it was beautiful. -x-j-
  2. Anglais

    There are a lot of U.K.-ers here. I'm one of them, howdy! -x-j-
  3. i listebed to 'Songs:

    Soviet kitsch Songs 11:11 That was my order. Soviet gripped me and made me a huge fan. -x-j-
  4. Howsaboutthisforareview

    What an awesome review. I wanna see The Dresden dolls even more now. -x-j-
  5. 2005-02-02 New Haven setlist

  6. 2005-02-02 New Haven setlist

    Doesn't Regina usually use a keyboard anyway?
  7. 3 word story

    which were hidden
  8. Word Association

    Gary :arrow: Name
  9. Watch Regina live here...

    Thank you
  10. New website and forum.

  11. Word Association

    Boy :arrow: Male
  12. 3 word story

    fast, almost hitting
  13. i just heard about this regina person

    Hey there
  14. Regina opening for Dresden Dolls

    ^ I know the feeling
  15. New website and forum.

    Hey! I know you!!!