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  1. photos of ourselves !

    why it's...the one and only..Ingrid Michaelson.congrats on the awesome guys look so cute.
  2. What are you listening to right now?

    have made a new( for me at least) discovery..she's amazing..just check out her guitar playing skills..this is a cover i fell in love with:
  3. What are you watching right now?

    oh wow..i'm so how many years does she have to study to become a forensic scientist? hmm...did you know pauley perrette(the actress who plays abby and does an amazing job) has studied sociology,psychology and criminal science.i still can believe she can speak so fast...i'm fascinated by smart people)

    Happy Belated Birthday !!
  5. What are you watching right now?

    Yey...watching NCIS too...Abby Sciuto is so lovable..I'm pretty obsessed with this show lately....find myself taking brakes from writing on my license degree and watching the episodes and i keep realizing that i don't write anything all day..but watch NCIS...i so wanna be Abby when i grow up(and no..i'm not even close to being a goth)..

    Happy Birthday Alicia!!hope you're having lots of fun
  7. Wee Rants

    you were both right on the's a mix of everything..relatives think it's their job to pressure us into doing something with our lives because they think we are not capable of thinking on our own or they think they know what's best for us because they are older and have more experience. what they don't realize is that the decision doesn't depend on only depends on us and(i can't remember what i wanted to folks keep coming in and out of the room giving advice like..dress up..stop chewing on that cracker...are you coming to bed yet..what are you writing there..?..oh you're wasting time on that site again??..why aren't you talking to people you know...arrhh..this is getting annoying..)hopefully you got what i wanted to're both right...we're in this together i guess..good to know....goosfraba
  8. Wee Rants

    i don't understand one little thing..why is it that when you meet relatives on holidays the first thing that crosses their mind to ask you is whether you have a boyfriend/girlfriend and if you say no i don't then they'll start giving you "wise" advice as if they were in the position to tell you what to do with you life...just makes me sick to the stomach..the more they ask the more i feel like i don't want to have a relationship after all the shit i've been through..i don't know what i want anymore... even my mother thinks she has the right to judge my decisions..even if she knows she is the last person i would want to talk to when it comes to feelings..she's always ignored what makes her act as if she were a wise person now?
  9. Quotes by Regina.

    i feel the same way..i'm afraid because they don't like most of the things i do..and i got used to the criticism when it comes to those things- i don't mind it..but how can anyone not like Regina...i let my dad listen to a couple of songs..first impression was: she's weird..and then when i got to music box he actually enjoyed it and said she's got a cute mom doesn't have a clue about what music i listen to..and hopefully i'll keep it that way)
  10. The Easter Thread

    Happy Easter everyone!
  11. school = :(

    having finance classes in a informatics lab...)..the proffessor is talking to himself..everyone is wasting time on facebook.. this is what we're learning to do at to enlarge your farm in farmville
  12. Wee Rants

    i'm sorry for you friend..really hope the problem will be solved..what happened? I applied for a german seminar in project management that had identity as it's theme..and just got an answer..i didn't get it..supposedly they only take one or two people from each best friend gets to go..but i don't..hate the situation..she's so happy and i am happy for her but..i still am so disappointed that i don't get to go.the seminar will be held in Serbia-just found that out..maybe there will be another time..
  13. Six Thoughts...'s 3 am..i should go to bed 2.i sleep hugging a stuffed that weird? 3.i wish i had some tea but i'm too tired to make some 4.i wish i was at home but somehow i don't.. 5.i don't wanna take that exam tomorrow 6.what am i going to cook tomorrow?arrh..
  14. Wee Rants

    hey RJLupin2..i'm could invite yourself..that is if you really want to be with that person when you are feeling bad..or you could find something fun to do...karaoke always works for me..though the neighbors are probably plotting against me.may i ask why you are feeling so crappy?
  15. Wee Rants

    Thank you Brady..I'm fine.I'm glad that i have friends and try to enjoy sunny days and not think about what happened..Life does go on..whether you are ready for it or i let it go..i 'm not sure though about gathering experience..hopefully you are right..though i am much more aware of untrustworthy people and have matured in the last couple of years..though i'm still me..a strange combination between goofy, childish, sarcastic and nerdy..if that makes any sense