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  1. 4/21 REGINA & THE ROXY

    Thursday 4/21 at the Roxy, was one of the best days I’ve had in awhile, it was great. 4/20 was my birthday and I don’t think I could have asked 4 a better 21fst b day. Regina was amazing. I yelled 4 the song prisoners and she played it! She was hesitant at first she was saying something about if she did play then everyone would start requesting songs, are something like that, but then I yelled but I Luv you!! And she began playing it. I’m glad she played and was nice enough to pay attention to me, because that song means so much to me, it reminds me of my father who I knew only as a letter and died in prison. A lot of her music is so real and touching it gives me the chills but in a good way, it’s amazing, words can’t describe it, or maybe they can but I don’t have a great vocabulary. I was there with a couple of my friends, but I was standing with my friend Diana, she was there with her fiancé Gabriel. She was standing with me for most of the show, then Samson came on and she disappeared. I looked back and seen her crying, I didn’t understand at first, then she told me her and Gabriel are getting married next month and this is the song they will be getting married to (Samson). This was very touching to me. This makes me luv Regina’s Music even more. Overall it was a Great show, unforgettable; I’m a fan for life.
  2. Regina at the Roxy on April 21, 2005

    Does any1 know if there will be an opening perfomance? WHAT TIME WILL REGINA SPEKTOR BE GOING ON?! I get out of work at seven pm! But im not giving up, im still going to try and make it. Wish me luck people and GODSPEED!
  3. Regina & Chicago & the blasted age limit

    Head for Canada!! you can do it!!
  4. A Time and a Place for soup....the food of Love??

    I have found the best time for soup is during a hangover . Yes, thers nothing like a bowl of plane warm tomato soup (and when no 1's looking I like too throw a little irish cream in there, yum,yum :wink: ). This works with any soup, but it has to be warm.

    A Quick Recipe for Making Moonshine

    A Quick Recipe for Making Moonshine
  7. Los Angeles

    Regina u r amazing and beautiful. Your show was great. I went out and bought Songs right away it was a must in my music collection. Keep playn great music, 4ever and ever.