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  1. The song is called 'Regina-saurus' (as in 'Tyrannosaurus Rex' - I think in the song she rhymed it with 'thesaurus') and was also performed at the Barfly gig in Camden this last summer. Regina was on XFM radio this week here in the UK, and the DJ host asked her about it.

  2. We can do more than hope, folks - e-mail the LATER website and request an appearance. After all, they saved the original STAR TREK with a concerted campaign, so why shouldn't we lobby the Beeb on Regina's behalf? You can reach them at the following website:

  3. I noticed yesterday that the latest Playlist promo CD produced by HMV features Regina's song 'Carbon Monoxide' amongst its selection. You have to buy a regular CD, however, to obtain a copy - but fortunately SOVIET KITSCH is on sale right beside it! Happy, happy, joy, joy! Big Grin

  4. Sorry Joe - both '11:11' and 'Songs' are out of print, and Regina says she's too broke to re-press them. If it's any consolation, 'Soviet Kitsch' is her best so far - she's come on in leaps and bounds since '11:11', an album which doesn't really represent her style as it is now (to which she freely admits). 'Songs' is a better album, but I don't think she does much from either in her live set - too busy trying out new stuff (which is why we love her!).