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  1. quote: Originally posted by dentistgirl: quote: Originally posted by Rinoa: What comes to mind right now: Loveology, 8th Floor, Secret Stash, Belt and You. Riona, you have amazing taste. I gave regina a "hint" and it went like this. Loveology 8th Floor Belt You Virgin Queen PS- I hate teeth. You have an amazing taste too. hehe. What did Regina say? I hope she wasn't like " What are those songs, did I write that? " Everybody should tell her about Loveology then she really might do it. We should sign a petition. Maybe she thinks the song sucks, who knows, If I remember correctly she once said that she wrote Laughing With a long time ago but she thought it sucked so when one of the producers ( I think ) told her that it's awesome...well you know the rest.
  2. I've noticed that Loveology seems to be one of her favorites among fans. If she only knew... Maybe someone could give her a hint, she might do something with the song then,maybe she doesn't know that Loveology is sooooooooo good.
  3. What comes to mind right now: Loveology, 8th Floor, Secret Stash, Belt and You.
  4. Regina Song Recommendations

    I think they should just grab Soviet Kitsch and Begin to Hope and listen, that's what I did. And then after, you'll absorb everything else easily. I think it's maybe better to listen to those older recordings of other songs later because when you're introducing yourself to some artist I think it's better to hear some good quality sound first. Someone who's new should also go check out beautiful youtube goodies ( like Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo etc )because her charm is hard to resist. It was when I saw those performances that I completely fell in love.
  5. 2009-12-16 Vienna, Austria

    quote: Originally posted by Appt: quote: Originally posted by Rinoa: Stvarno mislim da bi mogli nesto organizirati za taj prijevoz. Sad je vec cetvero potencijalnih ljudi koji bi isli. Imamo Regina topic na forum.hr pa navrati, ja sam tamo Selphie. haha, I understood that! We have very similar languages... You're from Slovenia? quote: Originally posted by Suih: Might be pretty stupid, but I just don't think, that people who like Reginas music could be that bad. I think the same thing. It kind of doesn't make sense...someone adoring songs like Ghost of Corporate Future or Raindrops or Lucky Penny etc and then being a mean person. Unless they have multiple personality disorder or something.
  6. Meeting Regina

    quote: Originally posted by andreseng: quote: Originally posted by Rinoa: Btw is Regina holding a bottle of Brandy or something like that? That's a Corona...I don't know if you have them over there...It's a Mexican beer. No, we don't have them here, not that I know of. We have some big bottles of beer but this shape kind of reminds me of some alcoholic drinks we have. quote: Originally posted by dentistgirl: btw rinoa, your pic w/ regina is lovely. you both have beautiful eyes, and I love the way you are, like, in her hair. Thanks. quote: Originally posted by Kb93: dentistgirl, it also irritated me about the security guards. i was one of the last to get a pic with her and so they were very rude. Security guards can be really rude but the important thing is that you got your picture and that Regi is not rude.
  7. Meeting Regina

    quote: Originally posted by dentistgirl: I'm guessing you saw this thread, but if not there is a bit more info plus some pictures &vids from the show HERE. I doubt you'll remember seeing me, you'll see why if you read the other thread. But I was there with 3 other stixers and friends. For the record though, here's what I look like. Love that dress. Btw is Regina holding a bottle of Brandy or something like that?
  8. Meeting Regina

    Awww, those pics are so cute.
  9. Sleeping Beauty on Bdwy

    Wow! Though I'm never gonna be able to see it.. Regina is on fire!
  10. quote: Originally posted by dentistgirl: haha, excellent! I had no idea! I was in class when I found that, so I couldn't listen to the "clip" and was assuming it was a 30sec preview or something. But this is awesome. I miss "AREAASSSSSSSS" but, wow, it's crazy good. AND when she came out tonight, she was wearing the exact same outfit as in that picture. As I thought to myself, "hey! that's the shirt from the picture with Joshua Bell," I wondered if I was creepy... Yeah, I kind of miss that way she sang "areas" too, but it's wonderful. You're not creepy, you're just a good observer.
  11. Wheeeeeeeeee! I love this song so much!
  12. Meeting Regina

    I met her 2 months ago in Milan. She came out after the concert, we waited for only 20 minutes, and she gave autographs and took pictures with everyone there. Good luck to you.
  13. 2009-12-16 Vienna, Austria

    quote: Originally posted by In your head...: quote: Originally posted by Rinoa: Heh, I could do that but eventually they would find out it's just me and refuse to take me there, lol. I have 2 friends that want to go. So that makes 3 of us for now. Also there are some people that would probably go but it's tricky 'cause it's on Wednesday and they can't take the day off from work and things like that...I have to recruit Regina army and then bombard the agency. Regina Army from Croatia? Count me in, since I'll probably sit that concert too if my school doesn't organize a field trip to Vienna at that time. Appt, have fun on Regina SpeCtor's Concert. Pozdrav Rinoa-i! Hey, you're from Croatia too. That's so cool. I thought I was the only one. Now I don't feel special anymore. kidding Stvarno mislim da bi mogli nesto organizirati za taj prijevoz. Sad je vec cetvero potencijalnih ljudi koji bi isli. Imamo Regina topic na forum.hr pa navrati, ja sam tamo Selphie.
  14. Chemo Limo

    Dreams are definitely significant. I do think ( what you said earlier ) that this song was meant to go in different directions. quote: Originally posted by Be like the water, people.: Maybe, in learning that she's dying, her life takes on a dreamlike quality. (i'm scrambling here haha) That's interesting, everything's possible. Maybe we're just diving into her subconscious where reality and her desires and everything are mixed.
  15. 2009-12-16 Vienna, Austria

    Heh, I could do that but eventually they would find out it's just me and refuse to take me there, lol. I have 2 friends that want to go. So that makes 3 of us for now. Also there are some people that would probably go but it's tricky 'cause it's on Wednesday and they can't take the day off from work and things like that...I have to recruit Regina army and then bombard the agency.
  16. 2009-12-16 Vienna, Austria

    quote: Originally posted by Appt: ^^fingers crossed for you! Train/bus is not an option? No, because I saw Regina ( for the first time ) 2 months ago in Milan and went by train with a friend and we also had to stay in a hotel over night. That whole trip was pretty expensive so right now I could only afford ( since I'm only a student with no job, it sucks )to go by organized ride. It costs a lot less than bus/train and you don't have to worry about the hotel thing.
  17. 2009-12-16 Vienna, Austria

    Yay! That's awesome, I'm glad you get to see her. There's a little bit of chance that I might be going. If the concert agency at my country ( Croatia ) plans to organize a ride to the concert and back. But I don't know if they'll have that for Regina since she's not popular and there aren't enough people to go. But I'll try to do something and find people who are willing to go so maybe something pops out.
  18. quote: Originally posted by sweetness in my lungs: OK. I was thinking about translating the article... but maybe it's better to leave it to someone who actually is from France... Anyway, some of the things she's saying in the interview: She doesn't really like the celebrity part of it all. She says that she would like to be able to go out and have some coffee with friends like a normal person. All the things that has to do with the record label and organization and stuff is work, but writing songs is true inspiration. Then you just have to drop everything that you had planned to do that day and sit down by the piano. She's also joking (I think) saying that she'll keep lots of the songs she's already written to herself for now and release them in a few years if she can't find inspiration for some time... kind of. Also, talking about how it was to grow up in the Bronx as an immigrant. She says that at her first school in the US people would make fun of her accent and not wanting to sit next to her and stuff. And in high school some guy shouted to her "Go back to your own country!" She felt like crying, but she really wanted to tell him "My country? But what country? I don't even know it myself!" She also remembers when she was out playing in a park, kids where screaming from a distance "RETURN TO ISRAEL!" repeatedly. (this made me so sad ! ) She talks about getting into SUNY, she thought she did bad but the jury found her cute and friendly "One day I'll feel like composing an album with only rap. But I've already started with Far and you know, my flow is good!" She's talking about reading... that she read Hans Christian Andersen (prisoners ) and received the sonnets by William Shakespeare at her Bat Mitzvah when she was 12. (that time ) "My voice didn't sound like this naturally. It has taken time to find it. I'm not a very technical singer" -- then saying she imitated CD:s at first and then mixed it up. Interviewer: "If I gave you a CD with Ella Fitzgerald, would you be able to imitate that to perfection?" Reg: "Seriously? Yes and you would be surprised to watch me til the point where I get good at that exercise (laughter)" --- then she says that one day she got tired of singing with an impersonal voice so she went to some lady and took a class that helped her... hm. interesting for the "reg's true voice"-thread? anyway... that's some of it. Thanks for translating. I thought she can go out and have a coffee like a normal person...She should come and live in my country, nobody would recognize her except me and a couple of other people... And kids can be really mean sometimes...
  19. Chemo Limo

    Very good interpretation. I'm the one who thinks that she's really dying. Though that being just a dream from which she wakes up and appreciates life more is so much more beautiful and not sad. But I can't help it. My interpretation: She's a single mother of four and she's dying from cancer. She's also financially worried about her kids...what will happen to them when she dies. She has a dream in which everything is just fine. "Crispy Benjamin Franklin came over and baby-sat all four of my kids" meaning everything will be ok, she has the money that will take care of them. And in her dream the doctor tells her that she'll get healthy whether or not she takes the chemo. I love it how she uses Crispy Benjamin Franklin as the money that takes care of everything...her kids and her health. When the chorus starts that's going back to reality where everything is not ok. She knows that she's dying and she refuses to have chemotherapy and chooses to spend one of her last moments with her kids in a special way. Basically, she's going out in style. Though I'm still confused on some parts, everything could be a dream and only the chorus is reality..
  20. Oslo, Norway 12/10/2009

    quote: Originally posted by Greyaddiction: Awwww no! Not Rockefeller! You HAVE to be 18 years old to get in, no matter what! Damnit! This is so unfair! WTF?! I can't believe it! Try to do something...I don't know..that is so terrible and unfair and Regina wouldn't agree with that..
  21. Review of "Far"

    quote: Originally posted by almostspotless: Geezum, I sure hope it refers to the reviewer! Since when, and in what world, is 29 considered middle aged? I guess in one where no one gets to live over 60.
  22. December

    quote: Originally posted by tallchick: (this was before I read the prev post. i was typing this.) When I listen to this song. I kinda think of a married couple who had gotten divorced not too long ago. She's still heartbroken by it. By the lines: "December starts on Sunday, next Sunday won't you feel happier then? turn your room upside down, turn your down upside " I feel that she's referring to how December's suppose to be the so called "happy time" of the year because of the holidays are around and its suppose to be great. So she's basically saying "The holidays are coming, its suppose to be a joyful time. Are you happier now that we arent togehter?" Shes constantly questioning whether he has fallen in love again believing rumors that don't even have any truth or fact behind them just because she's kind of worried that he's moved on already. You know how you expect the worse and when you have any proof of it, you just believe it no matter what? At the end, she feels like everything that she has created for herself is being taken away from her. I don't know if there is a child involved in this but I definitely feel that she feels like she is forced to leave everything she has created and built up and leave. And she's basically standing up for herself and saying NO. I'm not listening to you. Who are you to take this away from me? I don't believe in you and your authority. I only listen to myself and I want to stay here no matter what. That's one take on it anyway. I'd love to hear some other thoughts. I just think this song is so beautiful. Its way too short. I wish it were 10 minutes long. That piano solo is just grand. I always have to listen to it 3 times anyway before being satisfied. My thoughts exactly, I've always considered this song as the other Ode to Divorce. I see this woman who doesn't want to get divorced and she is constantly hoping that they won't get divorced. She's hoping that maybe when December comes he will change his mind. That everything will suddenly change as if nothing has happened, that he will apologize to her and everything will be ok again. Or she's saying it in a mean tone like "won't you feel happier when we get divorced" assuming they're getting divorced in December.. And at the end as you said it, she's refusing to have everything taken away from her ( and her children maybe). She's desperate and basically in denial the whole time, she can't accept it. I really love this song a lot.
  23. quote: Originally posted by ThisIsHowItWorks: quote: Originally posted by sweetness in my lungs: I'm still having a hard time just... getting...that it is actually regina spektor...sitting by her computer...writing this... to us. =) Yeah that totally blows my mind for some reason. Mine too. I love it when we hear from her.
  24. misheard lyrics

    This is fun. I think many of us ( including me ) thought she's singing "while you stare at your boobs" instead of "books" I think she did that one on purpose. quote: Originally posted by baby jesus: "A street cat got him by morning" I heard "A street car got him and I wanted"- That Time This reminded me, I heard " A street cab got him but I wanted..."
  25. Hey I dreamt about Regina!

    I dreamt today that Regina lost her dog ( she doesn't have one in real life, right? ) Anyway she had a husky dog and he was lost somewhere in the mountains and I went with her in the search for her dog. We got to this really high part ( but we've only just started climbing ) and I stopped and said that I had fear of heights and then she said she had fear of...( can't remember what, I hate it when I forget ) and then she said that this was a good way for us to face our fears. Oh and she was wearing her green Bonnaroo dress.