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  1. What are you watching right now?

    Ditto on "Lost"! I didn't see the entire season finale, so that was interesting. And the writers of Lost have a knack for killing off every single one of my favorite characters. I liked Charlie first: he dies. I liked Claire also: she's been gone for two years or there-abouts. I liked Charlotte: she died thanks to the time travel. I liked Juliet: she's dead now (I guess?) All I can say is, What the hell, JJ Abrams?? Really??
  2. Signatures

    I see a lot of people with some really interesting/funny/thought-provoking signatures. Some I recognize, others I don't. I'm just curious where everyone found these little gems and if there is a story behind them.
  3. post your favorite photos of regina

    @silver bullet trailer: The signature is from one of the concerts I watched on Youtube recently--not that it is new, but that I watched it recently. I think it was Regina headlining at the Beacon Theatre. She was trying to adjust the microphone to her height, and she said, "This is optimistically tall. I'm shorter." This is the story of my life. I'm almost too short to function in the adult-sized world.
  4. Concerts?

    Regina (again) Avett Brothers (March 2nd!!!) James Taylor and Carol King the Yeah Yeah Yeahs She & Him Jenny Owen Youngs Allison Weiss Ingrid Michaelson Jason Mraz The Strokes The Killers Bon Iver Ben Folds And that's just a sampling in no particular order.
  5. post your favorite photos of regina

    That photo with the polka-dot black dress makes her look exactly like my friend Sophie. It's strange. Every time I do a double take.
  6. Man of a Thousand Faces Video

    Seriously, though, can you imagine watching this while high on LSD? I can't, but from what I've heard, it would be freaky.
  7. What are you listening to right now?

    Just finished: "Happiness is a Warm Gun" - The Beatles Right now: "Hands on Me" - Vanessa Carlton Up next: "No More Words" - Jenny Owen Youngs After the break: "Music Box" - la grand chanteuse
  8. Surefire Boredom Busters

    I find myself on www.imdb.com all the time. Just start with a movie/tv show/actor/musician/director/whatever that you like, and you can see the connections of the Biz, and learn a shit ton of movie trivia in the process.
  9. Review of "Far"

    quote: Far is, simply put, one of those albums almost anyone can listen to hundreds and times without it ever getting old I really agree with this. I bought the album sometime in early July, listened to it a few days later, and literally COULD NOT listen to other music for at least two months. Different songs began speaking to me at different times, according to what was happening in my life. This is not something that most records could do. I appreciate that Regina refuses to give a definitive answer about what songs mean, because it allows for this affect. And now, 6 1/2 months later, I can listen to it and get a different response from it. My room mate, on the other hand...
  10. Reg's next album - wish list

    Recently, I've had "You" and "Loveology" stuck in my head, and I don't have an especially good recording of either. Other than that, I'm flexible.
  11. Tonic 14 feb. 2004

    I agree!!! What a way to pay tribute.
  12. Regina is everywhere

    I'm so happy I just read this whole thread. I'm not the only one! Two things: 1)I swear I heard the beginning of "Us" during an intro spot on the Purina Dog Show on Thanksgiving. 2)I constantly find myself dropping lines from Regina songs into normal conversation. It's fun, especially if someone catches it.
  13. Truman State Univ Nov 14 2009

    Truman was my sister's alma mater, so I know a bit about the town. I propose, why not have dinner at Pagliai's Pizza at some point? It is close to the campus and easy to find.