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  1. What are you watching right now?

    The VMAs! I can't wait to watch Chelsea Handler try to be national tv appropriate for the duration. I think she may slip up, but then again she is a professional.
  2. Regina is everywhere

    For me, it was an aquired taste thing. I was in the back of a friend's car and she played begin to hope. There were songs I just couldn't stand, but some I really liked (Hotel Song, Fidelity, Better). I decided to get the cd (well, I Limewired it in my pre-pop music obsession days) and then listened to it while I was studying for an AP exam (like, a good 24 hours of studying over the course of a week). So yeah, I think you can be pre-disposed, or just grow attached to the music like I did.
  3. General Questions

    Another question: Why does Reg have a "Special Thanks" credit in John Cusack's movie, "Grace is Gone?" I watched the movie, and it is not readily apparent. Does anybody know?
  4. Show Calendar

    quote: I am sad that there wasn't a big US tour this year! Although I am happy for all the people that will get to see in South America. Smiler.....theres always 2011! Big Grin THis comment just reaffirmed how glad I am to be out of the phase where all the music I loved and listened to was performed and written by dead people. With music today, there is always the future, and that is so exciting!
  5. reg in the news

    Here's an upcoming interview! New Yorker Festival Line-up
  6. General Questions

    I'm not sure where to put this question, so I think it could qualify as general. I recently went to a Carolina Chocolate Drops concert, where the kazoo is featured prominently in some songs. It seems like a great instrument for Regina, considering her penchant for odd mouth-noises and vocalizations. Thoughts?
  7. Great foreign movies.

    Oh, jeez. This thread is a treat. I love movies. Very much. Often, they are foreign. (Netflix was a terrible idea for me.) Here are the ones I've seen recently that were just awesome: Amelie The Diving Bell and the Butterfly A Very Long Engagement After the Wedding I'll think of some more.
  8. reg in the news

    Here's another link to another story. VH1 Top 100 Artists of All Time Countdown I don't know if she's on the list, but she's interviewed, so I will watch.
  9. Good News Thread!

    AAAH!! Moving back to school on Wednesday! I'm so excited!
  10. reg in the news

    This is a really interesting observation. I don't really agree with the author, however. http://www.lvrj.com/neon/lady-...0607564.html?ref=564
  11. Good News Thread!

    So excited to move back to school on the 18th!! (So not excited to start the actual schooling on the 23rd...)
  12. does Regina have a boyfriend?

    I still have a question, though: Did they meet at Purchase? Have they been together for that long?
  13. post your favorite photos of regina

    It would make sense. According to Wikipedia: "A singer specialising in chansons is known as a 'chanteur.'" And we have all heard so many reviews calling Reg a "chanteuse."
  14. Good News Thread!

    One of my best friends got back from a year in Switzerland two days ago. I got to go to a concert with her yesterday and help her remember English words.
  15. post your favorite photos of regina

    Wow, you're the first post on the 100th page. That's an epic landmark.
  16. Hey I dreamt about Regina!

    So, last night I had a dream that i was on a tour through Israel. We stopped off at a rest stop, and I saw that Regina had signed the wall right by a water fountain. Then later on, I was in a train station, and Regina had signed the counter at the ticket booth. Just a random little detail in this dream about something else entirely.
  17. post your favorite photos of regina

    Well, good for her and her environmentally savvy shopping bags! [i WANT!!!]
  18. post your favorite photos of regina

    There are a bunch of O2 Leeds on Flickr, but this is my personal favorite...
  19. Regina Spektor en Cd. de Mexico 16 de Octubre. Quien va?

    (Va a practicar. Por favor, pardoname mi mala espanol. ) Yo quiero que pueda ir a este festival! Es el concierto mas cerca de mi ciudad este verano. Tambien, esta en la Ciudad de Mexico. Yo no he ido, pero quiero viajar alla porque es una ciudad como Nuevo York: grande y interesante.
  20. post your favorite photos of regina

    Here's one from Ostrava. She looks a little bit more chipper.
  21. Occult symbolism in Fidelity

    quote: Originally posted by ThisIsHowItWorks: This is taking us off topic, but I'm going to be studying Joseph Campbell and "the hero's journey" in my first semester Composition class! I look forward to discussing it with you, if that's okay with you. Joseph Cambell is the best! I had the stomach flu this past year, so I just lay in my bed and watched "The Power of Myth" on youtube all day. Most productive sick day EVER!
  22. Regina is everywhere

    I found this on NPR.com. I figured it would be nice to have a bit of sunshine in light of recent news. This is the All Songs considered blog from NPR music about Bonnaroo: Regina Spektor put a smile on Jill and WFUV’s Rita Houston face with her throwback style that still embraces modern piano pop. Rita spotted Spektor sporting “old-lady slippers” while waiting in the “Which” stage wings, then quickly changing into more glamorous footwear. “I just loved her putting on her red shoes and taking the stage,” Rita said.
  23. post your favorite photos of regina

    ^^Going back to the old photo again (sorry), does anyone know where/when it's from? It looks like it might be in Manchester, but I can't tell.
  24. post your favorite photos of regina

    Despite the cigarette, I love this picture because of the outfit. Who else would come up with such a combination, though??
  25. RIP Dan Cho

    This is such a shock. It is even stranger for me because one of my best friends is living in Switzerland, and was on that very same beach, literally weeks ago. I have pictures from her of the rocks mentioned in the French article. Very weird. Rest in piece, Dan.