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  1. DOWNLOAD Regina 2006-04-09 Boston, MA

    Dolce et Decorum is one of my favourite regina songs ever. it's so very emotional come on come on come on
  2. Regina IN THE CINEMA and stuff

    the advert is pretty awes but the music is totally incongorous! i though the cinema had started playing a cd!
  3. DOWNLOAD Regina 2006-04-09 Boston, MA

    thanks so much - the quality is amazing!
  4. Samson remix

    that link doesn't work!
  5. Nic Nell, can you help??

    Here's the other version of making Records which I hadn't actually really listened to properly before but it's really lovely! I can't find Small Town Moon though! I was pretty traumatised to be adressed by name on the message board! lol! Anyways enjoy and (oh is this a cheeky plug mayhaps?!) come and here some of my lovely crazy songs . I have a song called Poor Little Rich Boy which is very different to Regina's one and sing about Robots and Sea Monsters! Awes! nic x
  6. Begin To Hope - the new album

    I tried to make a live version of the new album a little while back but i couldn't find live versions of all the tracks such as on the radio, lady, 20 years of snow and hotel song... i really like the new version of on the radio. it's kind of caught me by surprise and i just woke up this morning really really wanting to listen to it again! I think it would also be great to compile a sort of in between soviet kitch and begin to hope bootleg album with tracks like: blue lips loveology the virgin queen begin to hope all the row boats time is all around hero of the story dance anthem of the 80s but find the best possible versions of these tracks! songs like the virgin queen i think not many people know as i may be wrong but i think she only played it at bush hall which was an incredible concert! one of the best i've ever been to! and it would be great for more people to get to hear these tracks... it's always great when you meet people who are just starting to get to know regina's music and they say only know Soviet Kitsch and you're like... errr there's sooooo much more where that came from! awes! x
  7. Live at Shepherds Bush Empire Bootlegs (AT LAST)

    thanks so much for recording and posting these! a mission to be sure but well worth it! awesome! i now have bootlegs of all the regina concerts ive been to! yay! awes nic x
  8. More press coverage . . .

    i think the history books didn't mention us and the bible didn't mention us bit is in wry wink towards the way that something that is the most earth shattering and important thing to two people is just that for two people and actually happens everyday to somebody. which is a lovely comforting thing. x
  9. new songs...

    it's a funny one because regina has been playing these songs live for ages stripped down with piano or probably should say straight up with just her and the piano and we all have lots and lots of versions these tracks - especially fidelity! so. if these were just the same tracks but recorded in a studio then that wouldn't be that different to the bootlegs we already have and hence 'twould not potentially be very exciting but i also know what people are talking about! fidelity sounds kind of like a demo to me in someways that you would do at home but then slicked out in the studio a bit which makes it kind of flat but then again tis also cool to have another version of a song you love. I think maybe one of the other things in these recordings is they have clearly been done with a click track so they are perfectly in time unlike regina's previous stuff which is all without click and gives her space to pull back and slow up and play into bits more. It's just not as raw as her live stuff and i don't think either of the two tracks really do her voice justice but it is good to mix it up a bit! I'm not a big fan of Better but i've never particularly rated it out of regina's songs. i think the thing with better is that the guitar is a very standard american strumming affair and the drums and the vocals sound very much like they sit on top rather than in amongst the track, tis quite kind of like the intro music to a sitcom or ally macbeal or something! lol! But i don't mean to be all negative and am really looking forward to the album. It looks like regina is going to carry on playing live with her piano and considering how many regina tracks aren't on the album that we've all heard - that there will be loads more soon anyways! and for me some of my favourite tracks are live ones like making records, all the row boats, the virgin queen (which is one of my favourite songs ever!), loveology and i listen to them all the time in the live quality - far more so than most of the tracks of her albums! and then ther eare concerts like the 2004 one at Tonic with Anders Griffin on the cello which again is like a different whole regina live album with again different arangements of her songs! i play amd write songs on guitar and also play lots of other stuff like piano and drums etc and i'm working on expanding my sound pallete (oh yeah!) for the next set of studio recordings i do but it is a really weird and ill defined step to take as you have to layer it all on top sort of of what you already have and especially when you are so familiar with what you normally work with ie for me guitar and voice - even though i can play and write all the piano stuff fine - i still find it difficult to get it all to work well but still energetically all together because i can't play and record all those instruments at the same time. also maybe another thing with these tracks is that the vocals are obviously recorded on top of everything else whereas the live stuff she splaying all together at the same time as she did on Songs and stuff as well and it makes it feel much more at one as the same emotions are coursing through ones veins at the same time as opposed to you could be feeling completely different when you record the parts if you do them seperatly! this has been very sprawling so i hope it has been possible to make some sense of! Regina! Yay! This album isn't going to be the definative regina but nor is it supposed to be. it's supposed to be an album that captures a particular thing! and if you think that tracks like 20 years of snow are on it which is pretty old then there is still hope in the future for some of the other tracks that haven't made it onto this one! awes and begin to hope y'all! nic x ooh and go and listen to my songs. well you dont have to but they are crazy party fun! yay!
  10. .

    i'm so confused. after reading all three pages i kind of figured he must have deleted his posts but still what nonsenical fun! at least that makes a little sense of the nonsensicality! x
  11. Begin To Hope - the new album

    Thanks so much! x
  12. Begin To Hope - the new album

    Where can i get a copy of Small Town Moon from? i haven't heard it yet! x
  13. Begin To Hope - the new album

    I have two copies of making records but this one is the best and is really lovely especially at the start when she say's thankyou and the second verse is one of the best bits in a song ever. in the studio they’re adjusting the wires and microphones and I’m about to sing my songs and they won’t be just my own and I’m glad that they’ll exist but they’ll make me obsolete cause I sing it just once and the wires they remember it and sing it right back and they do it better than I can anytime, anywhere, I’m preserved I’m a jelly or a jam… Making Records Live at Sin-e enjoy! awes nic x
  14. Begin To Hope - the new album

    Go and check out the transgresive records podcast on click on the subscribe via itunes and then choose the newsest transgressive records one. transgressive are putting out mary and meets and they recorded a couple of questions with regina including collaborations on the new album which just before christmas. The interview is at 15 minutes. where she talks about mary anne. ant the about 25 when she talks about the collaborations. there are drums on 6 of the songs and she says she played lots of synths and strings and a saxophone player and another person from central park and paul macartney's guitarist and things so it sounds like tis not just gonna be piano tracks. anyways if i had a say i would love to have: a proper version of making records (but tis pretty old, interim between songs and soviet kitch) Loveology no doubt though the bootleg is great of it it is just such an awesome song. All the Rowboats which i think is great. The Virgin Queen which again to my knowledge i think she only played at Bush Hall. which was incredible. (could this mayhaps be Lady? plleeassse!) The Hero of the Story Time is all around also does it seem weird to anyone that blue lips isn't on that list. it has been played at pretty much everyshow for the past year. umm i guess this album is already going to be a weird one as in the uk there is already so much buzz about regina so i guess that must be the same elsewhere and such but it seems or atleast sounds like from interviews and such that she has really made an album this time in every sense of the word so i think it will be a very complete album which has all the different things that she does off it rather than just her best songs. i think soviet kitch was like that in some ways too as some great tracks like dusseldorf and making records and baobabs and things didn't make it onto it not nescessarily because they weren't the best tracks but so that soviet kitch could have all the different things that regina does on it. i listen to the bootlegs i have in general a lot more than the albums as they have so many of the songs i really love on them but bear in mind the fact that we are soo lucky to have all these bootlegs as even if the tracks aren't on the album, atleast different ones are and that's more regina for all. also i should think that she has recorded some bsides this time around! this is sprawling and long! Anyways, because so many tracks aren't going to be on the album it would be lovely to get together the best bootleg versions of each of the songs in one place as a sort of alternative regina album - the interim album between soviet and begin to hope. and then we will have an extra album! yay! anyways i'm gonna make a playlist of all the songs i have off the proposed tracklisting of begin and see what it sounds like as an album as tracks like edit i've never really listened too! anyways i write songs too which regina fan may perchance like! i even have a song called poor little rich boy which is not reginas one but mine! but tis awes. lol. kind of crazy scatalogical pixie fun! awes nic x
  15. Rockland Country Demo

    lol i really should read the posts before mine properly!