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  1. Regina songs you're digging right now?

    quote: Originally posted by Be like the water, people.: dude, Rosa, thanks for reminding me of the film score project! this song is so friggin cool... Film score project? I really like her interpretation of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah"--performed, by the way, at the Jewish Heritage Festival in 2005. It's interesting how widely the major performances of this song differ. Buckley's is more about sexuality, while Spektor's is more metaphysical. "Pound of Flesh" is pure genius. I wish she would perform it more often. [One of] the implied narrator(s) is Shylock, the Jew/antagonist from Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice. It becomes a meditation on death and literary influence.
  2. quote: Originally posted by bum bum bum: It sure does Joshua Bell and Regina Spektor! Fantastic!
  3. Live recordings for "O Marcello!" and "The Floor Heard everything are available. Check Also, I heard a version of "Left Hand Song" with strings while at the bookstore. I was arrested--it sounded like a studio recording. Does this exist, or was I dreaming?
  4. Regina Song Recommendations

    quote: Originally posted by Be like the water, people.: WELCOME TO THE STIX!!! I'm Briana! what should we call you? (sorry if you've allready posted the introductory info elsewhere and i'm just being slow..) Nice to meet you, Briana. I actually haven't posted there yet--you can call me Andrew .
  5. Jay Z uses regina sample

    This is odd. On a less important note, Canadian rapper Lenny Diko also used sections from Chemo Limo in a rap song.
  6. Regina Song Recommendations

    Find a good recording of "Aquarius." It's something of an artistic credo and her most personal song.
  7. As has been mentioned before, many of the harshest criticisms of Regina's music are due to discomfort with its resistance to categorization under the rubric "pop" music. As indicated in several interviews, RS considers herself an artist. There are several important points about art that can disqualify it from the widespread praise given to many top-40 musicians. 1) art is art 2) art does not make any promises to be reassuring or uplifting; it simply shows. 3) art is not contained within dichotomies such as "good" and "evil"--it is beyond them and despite them. 4) art is not political Of course, I do not think that "pop" artists are incapable of producing high art. I typically construe pop music as most everything that is not classical or jazz. Folk might have its own category, however. She is a very original, and I argue artistic, mind. I assume that most people who love the Beatles, Bob Dylan, and Chopin think she is a dream come true for "pop" music. In fact, I might describe her to my friends as being "like the more imagistic lyrics of Bob Dylan and the music of Chopin." But even that is difficult because each song is a unique world and there are scarcely any similarities from one to the next...