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  1. Pre-ordered the vinyl and lithograph to add to my signed BTH and Far lithographs! So excited!!!!!! It will be interesting to listen to an album of all new songs, songs that haven't even ever been played live!


    Update: Just listened to "Bleeding Heart" which comes with preorders! Wow. It's really interestingly different. Not the direction I would've guess regina would have gone in but still super awesome!

  2. So I realized that it is probably about time someone revamped the Complete Spektography. By doing so, it will help us all out in the sharing of live recordings.


    I have made a very extensive and comprehensive document of all Regina's songs and the shows they were recorded at but there are still many holes to fill!




    and here is a version anyone can edit:




    It is really a very helpful document, a "guide" to her songs.





  3. Seems like Dog and Pony and The Virgin Queen are two popular ones!


    That Valentines Day concert (2004-02-14) is one of my favorite things to watch; it seems like it was such a great little intimate show! And who can forget the crafts! I wonder if somewhere out there there is a Regina Spektor original bra (with chocolate of course!)


    And you do make a good point TC. There is something really special about that one recording. But who knows? There are songs like All the Rowboats that were recording and turned out really awesome! And then there are others that I'm less a fan of, like Open, one of my favorite songs. I think I prefer the White Session version of that, which is more stripped down. Simply beautiful.


    The Virgin Queen is a cool song too! Too bad the recording is a bit shoddy... But still! Yeah, that'd be great!


    I'm getting excited!

  4. There are currently 36 songs Regina has sung live but never put on an album. I was just wondering what would be your top, lets say... 9 songs of the 44 and ½ songs. I wouldn't be surprised if Party Upstairs and Stay were on the upcoming album, but I'll include them anyway.


    The 44 and ½ are: (Year is of earliest known recording)


    1. Eternal Life (2001)

    2. 8th Floor (2002)

    3. The Mustard Musketeers (2002)

    4. SoHo (2002)

    5. Raindrops (2002)

    6. Belt (2002)

    7. Dead Rat (2002)

    8. One-String Blues (2002)

    9. Bear Spektor (2002)

    10. AB (2002)

    10½. In the Studio (2002)

    11. Just Like the Movies (2002)

    12. The Soup (2002)

    13. Ave Maria (2002)

    14. Paris (2002)

    15. BYOS (2002)

    16. The Bronx (2003)

    17. The Floor Heard Everything (2003)

    18. Making Records (2003)

    19. Happy Hooker (2003)

    20. Woolen Gloves (2003)

    21. Dust to Dust (2003)

    22. Be Like a Cloud (2003)

    23. The Devil Come to Bethlehem (2003)

    24. Secret Stash (2003)

    25. The Clocks Were Asleep (2003) 

    26. A Cooler Version of Yourself (2003)

    27. A Canon (2003)

    28. Mermaid (2004)

    29. Dog and Pony (2004)

    30. Aquarius (2004)

    31. Reginasaurus (2004)

    32. Lucky Penny (2004)

    33. I Cut Off My Hair (2004)

    34. Baby Jesus (2004)

    35. Uncle Bobby (2004)

    36. You (2004)

    37. Loveology (2004)

    38. Long Brown Hair (2004)

    39. The Virgin Queen (2004)

    40. Begin to Hope (2005)

    41. Dulce et Decorum Est Pro Patria Mori (2006)

    42. Ink Stains (2009)

    43. Party Upstairs (2014)

    44. Stay (2014)


    Also I'll include Chicken Song, Cinderella, School is Out, and Rockland Country, 4 songs that were recorded but never performed live.


    Personally, my top 9 would probably be (in no particular order):


    1. Dog and Pony

    2. Begin to Hope

    3 You

    4. Raindrops

    5. Dust to Dust

    6. Secret Stash

    7. Ink Stains

    8. Baby Jesus (which was recorded for Begin to Hope but didn't end up in the album...)

    9. Mermaid


    What would your 9 be?




  5. It must be that there was only ever an alt mix, you're right. Oddly enough I do not yet have that 7" in my collection... I'll have to get it and figure out if it's any different. On that note if you ever find a Live at Bull Moose promo cd let me know! haha

  6. Welcome Spektorologist,


    I know there is a Carbon Monoxide 7" single for sale on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B00FJXYE6E/ref=sr_1_2_up_1_main_olp?s=music&ie=UTF8&qid=1410716807&sr=1-2&condition=used


    I haven't seen a Your Honor & The Flowers 7" single or 11:11 hard copy for a while, the latter of the two wouldn't be sold for less than $500 which is around what is was last sold for.


    You can find plenty of copies of The Survival Guide to Soviet Kitsch of varying conditions here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B0048NXB8I/ref=olp_tab_new?ie=UTF8&condition=new


    Universal Edibility

  7. Here's a compilation of available live concert performances. There is some overlapping with the Radio performances list as I've tried to include every performance in front of an (large enough) audience including those broadcast via radio or similar platform.

    Check this for more info.

    Comments and additions are welcome, feel free to request anything (but check the above link to see if it isn't available at .net or respektonline first, please). Enjoy!

    2002-03-13 The Living Room, NYC

    2002-04-17 Living Room NYC

    2002-05-01 Tonic Jazz Club, NYC

    2002-05-04 Sidewalk Cafe

    2002-05-15 New York, The Living Room

    2002-09-18 New York, NY Knitting Factory

    2002-11-30 New York, Sidewalk Cafe

    2002-12-21 New York, NY Sidewalk Cafe

    2003-02-09 Hoboken, NJ Maxwell's

    2003-02-15 New York, NY C-Note

    2003-05-01 New York, NY Tonic

    2003-05-05 The C-Note, New York

    2003-05-11 Brooklyn, NY Barbes

    2003-05-31 New York, NY Sin-é

    2003-07-11 New York, NY Tonic

    2003-08-19 Sin-é, Manhattan, New York

    2003-10-03 Tonic, New York

    2003-12-29 The Living Room, NYC

    2004-02-14 Tonic, NY

    2004-06-12 Barfly

    2004-06-29 New York, NY Sin-é

    2004-07-10 Tonic Jazz Club, NYC

    2004-09-09 New York, NY Knitting Factory

    2004-10-15 Housing Works Used Bookstore Cafe NYC

    2004-10-16 New York, NY Tonic

    2004-11-15 London, England Bush Hall

    2005-01-21 Bowery Ballroom, NYC

    2005-01-26 Hotel Cafe, CA

    2005-02-03 Toad's Place, New Haven CT

    2005-02-05 Lupo's at the Strand Providence, RI

    2005-03-30 Bowery Ballroom, NYC

    2005-04-01 Boston, Paradise Lounge

    2005-04-14 The Crocodile Cafe (Seattle, WA)

    2005-05-01 Le Ciel, Grenoble

    2005-06-07 Radio City Music Hall, NYC

    2005-07-27 Tonic

    2005-08-23 Live at Cabaret Voltaire Edinburgh

    2005-09-13 Jewish Heritage Festival

    2005-09-15 Irving Plaza, New York

    2005-09-15 New York, NY Irving Plaza

    2005-10-06 NYC

    2006-02-01 Cabaret Voltaire, UK

    2006-02-04 Shepherds Bush Empire

    2006-04-08 Montréal, Cabaret Music Hall

    2006-04-09 Boston, MA

    2006-04-11 Warsaw, NYC

    2006-05-13 The Independent, San Francisco

    2006-06-01 Artist's Den, New York

    2006-06-23 Truck Festival, Steventon

    2006-07-06 Accelerator Festival, Stockholm

    2006-08-21 The Liquid Room, Edinburgh, Scotland

    2006-10-03 9.30 Club Washington DC

    2006-10-25 Portland

    2006-10-26 The Moore, Seattle

    2006-11-02 The Avalon, Hollywood

    2006-11-05 Cane's, San Diego, California

    2007-02-10 Trinity Arts Centre, Bristol, UK

    2007-02-15 Manchester

    2007-02-19 QMU, Glasgow

    2007-02-28 France, Inter

    2007-03-28 Suny, Purchase Concert

    2007-04-25 The Moore, Seattle

    2007-04-28 Coachella

    2007-04-30 Warfield, San Francisco

    2007-06-16 Bonnaroo, Manchester, TN

    2007-07-14 Melbourne

    2007-08-04 Lollapalooza

    2007-09-16 Austin City Limits Festival

    2007-10-03 Bogarts

    2007-10-10 Detroit Show, The Fillmore

    2007-10-16 Hammerstein Ballroom, NYC

    2007-10-27 Bridge School Benefit

    2007-11-07 Warehouse Ballroom, Houston

    2008-02-27 Ryman Auditorium, Nashville

    2008-02-29 Tabernacle, Atlanta, GA

    2008-04-19 Soundfix, Brooklyn, New York

    2008-05-10 House of Blues, Atlantic City, NJ

    2008-06-01 Washington, DC (Israel @ 60)

    2008-07-09 Mann Center, Philadelphia, PA

    2008-08-15 McCarren Park Pool, Brooklyn, NY

    2009-01-22 The Bowery Ballroom, New York

    2009-06-17 Beacon Theatre, NYC (eshbach)

    2009-06-26 Glastonbury Festival

    2009-06-29 Hyde Park, Serpentine Sessions, London

    2009-07-12 T In The Park

    2009-07-17 Latitude Festival, Obelisk stage

    2009-07-24 Apple Store, Soho NYC

    2009-08-18 Barnes and Noble

    2009-09-12 Chicago Theater

    2009-09-15 Michigan Theater, Ann Arbor

    2009-09-24 Electric Factory, Philadelphia, PA

    2009-10-14 Radio City Music Hall

    2009-11-02 Orpheum Theatre, Vancouver

    2009-11-09 Mountain Stage

    2009-11-12 Nokia Theatre Grand Prairie, Dallas

    2009-12-04 Hammersmith Apollo, London

    2009-12-08 Stockholm, Sweden

    2009-12-16 Gasometer Vienna

    2010-01-21 Joshua Bell Live form Lincoln Center

    2010-03-23 Haiti Benefit, Irving Plaza

    2010-04-27 Sydney Opera House

    2010-04-28 Sydney Opera House

    2010-05-27 White House

    2010-05-29 Dillo Day, Northwestern

    2010-06-13 Bonnaroo

    2010-07-03 Open'er Festival 2010, Gdynia, Poland

    2010-10-03 The New Yorker Festival

    2010-10-10 SWU Festival (Brasil)

    2010-10-13 Santiago, Chile

    2010-10-16 Corona Fest, Mexico City

    2010-11-22 WNYC Soundcheck, Greenspace

    2011-05-17 Housing Works

    2012-02-23 Jazz at Lincoln Center

    2012-04-10 Wellmont Theater

    Hi Appt! Do you have a complete recording of 2006-02-01: Cabaret Voltaire? I only have five tracks from that and I'd love the complete show! Also, have you by any chance an updated list?


    Universal Edibility

  8. There's a recording for "Bluecard Holocaust Survivors Event" ??? Where, When, How? :o



    Yes, I have a recording of the Bluecard Event. It is not split up into tracks, and there is a lot of background noise, only a chair moving, a glass clinking here and then, but the vocals themselves are very nice and clear! I will have it up on the tumblr as soon as I can! Or I can try to figure out a way to get it to you sooner. Just let me know!

  9. Legerdemain,


    Yes, I have a recording of the Bluecard Event. It is not split up into tracks, and there is a lot of background noise, only a chair moving, a glass clinking here and then, but the vocals themselves are very nice and clear! I will have it up on the tumblr as soon as I can! Or I can try to figure out a way to get it to you sooner. Just let me know!