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  1. I do not know why I never did this before. It seems like a great idea!
    Name or nickname: Matthew, Mathieu
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Orientation: Not sure quite yet.
    Relationship status: Single.
    Location: USA
    Languages: English, French. Learning Russian, Finnish, Romanian. 

    Occupation: Student.
    Hobbies: Playing the oboe, cor Anglais, sitar. Collecting books by Edward Gorey. Collecting modern art books, stamps. I sing for a jazz band.
    Interests: I have a love of filmmaking and music. I'd love to be able to compose. I like to make lists of things. I know it sounds pathetic but seriously. I like lists.
    Political Views: I consider myself a democrat, but I do not admire the divide of parties that so hurts politics today. We can't get enough done when we are always at each others throats. 
    Religious Views: Born a Roman Catholic, but not exactly sure at the moment. I admire Quaker values.

    Favorite Things
    Foods: Anything but peanut butter and fresh tomatoes.
    Color: A bright, orangish yellow, but NOT orange. I do not know why.
    Books: The Little PrinceCandide. Tintin. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass.
    TV: Community. I Love Lucy.
    Movies: Anything by Woody Allen, Alfred Hitchcock, and Luis Buñuel. Elevator to the Gallows by Louis Malle. F for Fake by Orson Welles. 
    Music: Jazz and classical mostly, Pink Martini, but I also love singers like Tori Amos, Joni Mitchell, and Laura Mvula. 

    Origin or meaning of your Username: The first Regina related piece I obtained was the Survival Guide to Soviet Kitsch. Universal Edibility is a quote from that, or rather Regina mentions it several times in one of the pages: "plants.54%edible? UNIVERSAL EDIBILITY" and "do not swallow. ½plant ½animal/ 14¾14¾½plants.54%edible? if in doubt, apply the UNIVERSAL EDIBILITY TEST...AIN'T NO JOKE."
    First time you heard Regina: I was at a summer camp and a friend of mine played Eet and showed me the video. I was hooked instantly.
    Top 5 Regina Spektor songs:
    This is indeed a very difficult question, but I will have to go with these 5 in terms of, of course, how often they are played, but also which songs mean the most to me, whether it be in terms of lyrics or melody, etc.: (Not in any particular order)
    Dog and Pony
    A Cannon

    Random fact about yourself: I own 11 signed Edward Gorey books, in the grand scheme of things not very many, but I am content.
    Who/What inspires you: All the wonderful Brümstixers who have created such a healthy and welcoming environment online, Respekt in both meanings, being able to still purchase vinyl. Snow. Brooklyn brownstones. 
    Best thing about last year: Going to Brooklyn for the holidays. I can't name one thing more wonderful than NYC during the holidays.
    Looking forward to this year: Traveling around Northern Europe. GOING TO RUSSIA for the first time!
    La di da. La di da.

  2. So, this is my updated list of concerts I do not have. If anyone has the mp3s and would be willing to give, it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for all the help already!


    2006-02-01 Cabaret Voltaire, UK: I only have Small Town Moon, Fidelity, Prisoners, Better, and Us
    2006-07-06 Accelerator Festival
    2006-08-21 The Liquid Room
    2006-10-26 The Moore, Seattle
    2006-11-02 The Avalon, Hollywood
    2007-02-10 Trinity Arts Centre
    2007-02-15 Manchester
    2007-09-16 Austin City Limits Festival
    2007-10-03 Bogarts
    2007-11-07 Warehouse Ballroom,
    2009-06-26 Glastonbury Festival
    2009-06-29 Hyde Park
    2009-07-12 T In The Park
    2009-11-02 Orpheum Theatre 
    2009-12-08 Stockholm, Sweden
    2009-12-16 Gasometer Vienna
    2010-04-27 Sydney Opera House
    2010-04-28 Sydney Opera House
    2010-05-27 White House
    2010-07-03 Open'er Festival 2010
    2010-10-10 SWU Festival

  3. I wasn't sure whether to post this or not, but I haven't found it anywhere else on Brümstix, so I thought why not?




    It is a video of Jack and Regina singing Jumpin' Jack Flash from the 2013 Stones Fest at the Bowery Ballroom on the 22nd of May.


    Is this something someone will add to the Spektography?


    Also, does anyone have any recordings of their performances at the 2013 Dylan Fest?



  4. Recently I found some awesome pictures from Regina's original website that I'd like to share! Some are from the concert with Renate Hug in Switzerland where she sang the "unknown song" a.k.a. "Eternal Life" as I've named it for myself. (It's a drag, you know.) It's always fun to find a new-old Regina thing. I can't really do pictures well on here, but here are some. If any of you are interested in seeing any more, just shoot me a message! —Universal Edibility


  5. Does anyone know when Respektonline will be coming back fully? It's been a while and it still says:


    Dear RespetkOnline Users,

    The contract to host the existing version of RespektOnline expires on April 1st of this year, and the RSO team decided to take this as an opportunity to rebuild the site with a more user-centric focus. Our vision is of a community where anyone can post content of any sort, be it audio, video, or even concert reviews, and have all the content be organized, easily sortable, and searchable. To that end, we are in the process of rewriting the site, and while we had hoped to keep the existing site online as long as possible during the transition, it seems that we have been forced to launch the new site prematurely.

    On behalf of the entire RSO team, I sincerely apologize for any content that you may be missing during the transition, and we hope to improve the situation each day while we work throughout the month to bring the new site fully online. We appreciate your patience, and hope that you will find the upcoming enhancements much-welcome additions to the site's functionality.

    Yours Truly,
    Aaron Eshbach and the RSO team.


    Universal Edibility