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  1. Apparently, there is a video for Fidelity in rotation on VH1 in the USA and somehow it wasn't announced to the fans?! You can watch it on the vh1 and mtv websites ( and, respectively) It's utterly fantastic. Still "Regin-ish," while also "growing up.". It's really amazing and Regina looks adorable, and yet nothing is sacrificed artistically. I wish the websites weren't so slow-loading because I'd love to watch it more than once! I shall wait for an HQ encode recorded from the television by someone online.
  2. "Far" Regina's Next Album :D

    album is wonderful very excited i feel like in general it's moodier than the last, but i don't mind so stoked for my physical copy to come in the mail!
  3. quote: Originally posted by slicknick1986: TIME IS ALL AROUND! ( Holy crap yes! )
  4. Dance Anthem of the 80s video!

    quote: Originally posted by eshbach: Wow cool, I like this video more than any of her videos since Us. I really like how Fidelity came out, but I agree! Some of the stuff has been getting out of hand, I think. Laughing With is definitely not a favorite, though I am trying not to sound negative because it's still new new new Regina and I'll take anything I can get!
  5. Prince Caspian Soundtrack

    Fran- I just got back from seeing the film, and I kind of agree. It's awesome she's on the soundtrack, and great that they wanted to put her in the actual film, but it wasn't necessarily the best move. Then again, her voice made it a lot less harsh than it might have been had they used... pretty much most people.
  6. Regina Dance remix on myspace

    Regina might know about the mixes? She knows the band, I gave her a burned CD of their stuff once, and then an actual copy of their album another time.
  7. Regina Dance remix on myspace

    just read the thread, re-downloaded the Dance Anthem of the 80s cover... it's been so long since I listened to this! The Liberty Tax also remixed three songs by pop band, The Veronicas for me once, and I released them via a fansite I ran. AND I interviewed Judith on my radio show last year. So much has happened since this post started and I went "Oh. My. God."
  8. Regina Dance remix on myspace

    not sure what people have/dont have want, etc. i didn't even look. but i had these two songs in my pretty balanced folder (buy their album, it is so cute, they are so cute) hero of the story cover remix deal chemo limo cover remix deal
  9. Prince Caspian Soundtrack

    I downloaded the OST a few days ago and just listened to the track now... on my eighth listen now I think. Gorgeous, of course, Regina's voice is haunting as always, the strings are gorgeous. This woman needs to drop her next album, I keep getting annoyed with her, just because it's been so long and her live show tracklistings haven't changed and because I am dumb and forget that there are tons of fans who have never seen her and are happy to hear all their favorites for $35... ANYWAY, then she does something new and I forget everything and am enamored once more. I'm glad she is being asked to do things too. My own ridiculous hyper-fan behavior aside, she is a deserving and talented artist and should be getting all the positive recognition, and hopefully will continue to for years to come.
  10. ReSpekt community opinions...

    Hello, I just received a myspace message about the discussion here It's true, I was working on a site, and another fan named aaron did a bit of really complex and amazing coding for this fantastic searchable lyrics database and live show download database. i've already built the site, and it's got a layout, a gallery, all of that. the project came to a standstill when someone who agreed to be in charge of the photo gallery and put some serious work into it sort of... disappeared, and i never really went on from there. i'm also hesitant to host individual songs and full show .zips for all of her shows, because there are websites that search for hosted mp3s online and make them available randomly, playing them directly from the original website's storage space. this bothers me, as it completely removed the site itself from the equation, and uses up bandwidth. anyway, i see no problem with there being a variety of sites, especially because is at this undefined hiatus type thing right now. -adam
  11. $80 well spent

    Orthodox judaism forbids tattoos. Orthodox judaism doesn't forbid talking to people with tattoos, liking people with tattoos, or being flattered that someone else has tattooed a reference to you on themselves. Assuming that Regina is the strictest of orthodox jews, she still wouldn't have any issue with it. I think we're all safe on this one.
  12. She's playing Sydney two nights in a row now! Check the page for details;_New_Zealand_2007 IF YOU ARE ABLE TO SEE HER TWO NIGHTS IN A ROW, DON'T MISS OUT. ahhhh she is so great live and I mean, who knows when she'll be back to Australia. A fan down there just told me about it and I want to make sure everyone knows so they get the chance!
  13. SECOND Sydney, Australia show added!

    She's playing Sydney two nights in a row now! Check the page for details;_New_Zealand_2007 IF YOU ARE ABLE TO SEE HER TWO NIGHTS IN A ROW, DON'T MISS OUT. ahhhh she is so great live and I mean, who knows when she'll be back to Australia. A fan down there just told me about it and I want to make sure everyone knows so they get the chance!
  14. A agree, Regina's version is gorgeous and the vocal layering deal is great.
  15. Regina needs to cut down the touring

    One time I saw her wear a scarf around her neck before a show, so obviously she is taking care of her vocal chords. OR MAYBE SHE HAS A LITTLE TEENSY BABY GROWING OUT OF HER NECK AND IT SINGS ALL HER SONGS FOR HER AND ALSO PLAYS THE PIANO. P.S. Her message board has a section all about soup. And she's been singing for a good while already. My bet is that she knows how to take care of her throat.
  16. An up-to-date Regina fansite?

    The site is still going to happen, I've just been really busy and not sat down and done all the content that needs to happen yet. Coding-wise, as Aaron said, it's totally taken care of. The gallery is set up, but really empty. Someone was supposed to take care of work on it and totally disappeared off the face of the earth. I'd say that things should start to get really moving in a month or so when school's out and I don't have final projects and final exams to worry about. But yeah, it's definitely my fault, not Aaron. He definitely did his part, and it's pretty great, too.
  17. Regina On TRL 3-15-07!!!

    quote: Originally posted by music box: quote: Originally posted by Eliana: nooo!! now she's going to be in the top 10 on trl and pretty soon all the teeny boppers will be singing fidelity! i know i must sound really selfish, but NOOO! they already are... at least here they are. A lot of random people do like her. And getting upset about that is ridiculous. The more people discover regina, the further she gets to spread her music, and the more opportunities she has. She won't ever make it to the top of the TRL countdown unless some crazy shit happens, because that's not how TRL works anyway. It's not talent or worth-based at all. So calm down, and just let things happen as they do. Regina's been working long and hard and the fact that people who you don't deem as "cool" are getting to enjoy her is not as big a deal as you think it is. Besides, regina could be the gateway artist that introduces them to entirely new genres and helps them discover their taste.
  18. Regina is so rad. EDIT: The shutter noises are definitely audible in this video:
  19. regina hates Songs?!

  20. Grantham,PA (Jan.20th,2007)

    quote: Originally posted by mkarschner: I was wondering if anyone had any copies of the live recording for the whole concert. Unfortunately I missed it and apparently it was really good. Hopefully full show recordings will turn up, because it was a really excellent show. Probably the best I've seen, although my first time was better for personal reasons (first time, front-row center, "Dance Anthem of the '80s" was played, etc."
  21. Well, this is certainly an "other" post! Haha. I make and sell cute little things these days, so if you have a chance, feel free to check it out!
  22. Look, look, I make buttons and jewelry!

    Well, this is certainly an "other" post! Haha. I make and sell cute little things these days, so if you have a chance, feel free to check it out!
  23. Whu?! HOTEL SONG demo?!

    I messaged her as well.
  24. quote: Originally posted by JohnnyC: Raugust, I have questions for you. You've added songs, and chosen different names for ones that already have general consensus names. Naturally I have questions, before I modify the main post: 1) Bear Spektor: isn't a song, that's why it's not included. 2) I Cut Off My Hair: You call it "Definition of a Crazy Person" Current name is the accepted standard. Need a source for yours. 3) Open Up Your Heart (Down the Road and Up the Hill): Name hasn't been confirmed. Current listing is the most logical for search purposes. 4) Opposite Ends: Is this even a real song? New perhaps? Reference please. 5) The Clocks Were Asleep: You renamed it to "Stop Right Now". This is almost exclusively known with current title. Need a solid source to change it. 6) Halikha LeKesariya (a.k.a. "Eli, Eli"): I assume this is the fairly recent live recording? I just don't know the song, so haven;t added it yet. Finally, if Opposite Ends is real, could I be so bold as to ask anyone that may have it for a copy, as well as Halikha LeKesariya? ' Halikha LeKesariya is a short little hebrew song she sings. I mean, I downloaded it SOMEWHERE, apparently, and listened the other day. It's about thirty seconds long.
  25. Whu?! HOTEL SONG demo?!

    DUDE, this is a big deal.