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  1. Benefit for Haiti on March 23, 2010

    I enjoyed catching up with everyone and was thrilled with the show. I enjoyed the "host" role that reg took last night as she was very interactive with us. I didn't mind the break in the flow since all the surprise guests performed so well. Goosebumps were the order of the night for me... Jamie, I thought you might fall asleep while we were waiting after. Glad you made it safe and sound. A good cause, great people and excellent performers...couldn't ask for more in my book!
  2. Favorite Albums of 2010

    Wow, yeah I think I'll reserve judgement until the end of 2010. My favorite non-reg of 2009 was Brandi Carlile - Give Up the Ghost
  3. Name That reg Tune

    Uhmerica "now can we"
  4. Benefit for Haiti on March 23, 2010

    Hmmm...I just noticed who is playing Irving the following night...Julian Casablancas...Hmmm...
  5. Benefit for Haiti on March 23, 2010

    reg via FB: Regina Spektor If you are coming to the Benefit show at Irving Plaza for Doctors Without Borders work in Haiti(and i very much hope that you are!)please note that we'll be opening doors at 8pm, not 7pm. I will go on at 9pm prompt and it will be a full show with 3 special guests intermittently appearing throughout!(thus we need a bit ...extra soundcheck time) There will be special merch too! i'm so excited about the guests!cheers, regi
  6. Weather

    quote: Originally posted by Dynamo_girl: It only happens in Michigan,hopefully it melts Actually it happens in lots of places. I remember a July 4th snowstorm in Frisco, Colorado. A rarity for sure but May snow happens there even at the lower elevations from time-to-time.
  7. What are you listening to right now?

    I and Love and You - The Avett Brothers
  8. Good News Thread!

    quote: Originally posted by kaysntees: I just won Best in Show in a juried art show But of course...congrats Katy, you deserve it.

    No worries people. Thank you all for the good wishes. Was a bit low key this year. My daughter came home for spring break and had her 4 wisdom teeth yanked...OUCH. She is doing fine now. Thank you again...
  10. Benefit for Haiti on March 23, 2010

    You're never alone when you're a stixer...
  11. Show Calendar

    Noted, thank you, and corrected.
  12. Benefit for Haiti on March 23, 2010

    I saw her there a few years ago and it was packed to the hilt. I'd expect the same this time.
  13. Benefit for Haiti on March 23, 2010

    I am curious about this: quote: Regina Spektor: An Intimate Show to Benefit Doctors Without Borders Intimate can mean so many things... Size of the venue Number of tickets sold Proximity of the crowd No band Maybe it's intimate in that it only holds 1000, relative to say Radio City Music Hall's 6000?
  14. Benefit for Haiti on March 23, 2010

    still available...bit of a sticker shock but remember it is for charity... Linky
  15. How about a duet? Don't Give Up, with reg doing the Kate Bush part...oh yeah...
  16. Bonnaroo 2010

    That's're done, I forgot about that. Are you going to do graduate work or just start being an awesome artist?
  17. Benefit for Haiti on March 23, 2010

    Think I just broke my F5 key...

    Did you say something?
  19. Benefit for Haiti on March 23, 2010

    quote: Originally posted by almostspotless: well I suppose I'll buy tickets and if something else comes along I can always... Something're a riot my friend!!!
  20. Benefit for Haiti on March 23, 2010

    quote: Originally posted by almostspotless: Hmm... is there a strong likelihood that Regina will do another show around NYC before going on tour around the country again, or is this it? That's anyone's guess. No one knows for sure. Well except for one person maybe...
  21. Benefit for Haiti on March 23, 2010

    Irving Plaza is GA for sure... I'm checking everywhere as well. There is nothing out here yet so I'm pretty sure someone jumped the gun...false start!
  22. Regina Spektor is confirmed to play the Tibet House US Benefit Concert at Carnegie Hall Friday, February 26, 2010. -Regina HQ Annual Concerts Tibet House U.S. Tibet House US will hold its 20th Annual Benefit Concert at Carnegie Hall on Friday, February 26th. Philip Glass, the concert’s Artistic Director, has once again brought together an amazing, original line-up of contemporary artists. Check the Tibet House US website regularly as all new updates will be posted as soon as they are confirmed. For the past twenty years at Carnegie Hall, the annual concert has assembled some of the biggest names in music and offers audiences a mix of unprecedented musical collaborations and solo offerings. And 2010 will be no exception! A fundraising reception with the events Honorary Chairpersons and artists will be held following the performance. Tickets for the reception include prime seats at the concert*. For more information or to reserve tickets for this annual event call Tibet House M- F, 10 A.M.- 5 P.M. at 212.807.0563. *Please note: concert only tickets are not available through Tibet House US. Concert tickets are $35 to $85 and can be purchased by calling Carnegie Charge at 212.247.7800 or in person at the Carnegie Hall Box Office, Starting December 24th.
  23. Wee Rants

    More snow Thursday...
  24. Baking (and cooking?)

    Where's Jodi...I'm hungry...need some empty calories...