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  1. What are you watching right now?

    Limpicks And can I tell you how thrilled I am with that AT&T commercial that's causing a revival of the Lou Reed classic
  2. с днем рождения, регина!

    very touching...excellent job!
  3. Dreams...

  4. Truman State Univ Nov 14 2009

    Each semester, Truman students eagerly await the announcement of the fall and spring concerts. This fall, the Student Activities Board has announced Regina Spektor will perform Nov. 14 in the Pershing Arena.... http://media.www.trumanindex.c...Nov.14-3789465.shtml
  5. Regina On Late Night W/ Jimmy Fallon.

    The entire episode will be up on hulu later today...
  6. General Questions

    #CD's 1 $2.97 2 $3.78 3 $4.77 4 $5.42
  7. Arvika Festival 7/15/10, Sweden

    Regina Spektor och Dans, Dans, Dans! Nu är det dags igen! Nya namn till Arvika. Det blir en popdrottning, lite dödselectro och ett gäng ruskigt, ruskigt bra dansakter! Kolla in! Sedan första skivan för åtta år sedan har Regina Spektor levererat klarögda poplåtar om förunderliga vardagligheter och vardagliga mirakel utan att för en sekund låta ängslig, konstgjord eller ansträngd. Under 2009 genomförde Regina Spektor flera bejublade spelningar i Sverige och med låtar som "Samson" "On the Radio" och "Fidelity" som alla går rakt in i hjärtat, är det inte svårt att förstå varför. Regina Spektor kommer till de värmländska skogarna i sommar och såklart kommer det att bli alldeles underbart! [Google translation which I'm sure needs work:] Regina Spektor and Dance, Dance, Dance! Now it's time again! New names to Arvika. It will be a popdrottning, a little death electronica and a bunch of horrible, horrible acts of good dance! Check! Since the first record of eight years ago, Regina Spektor delivered bright-eyed pop songs on the amazing everyday devices and everyday miracles, but that for one second let the anxious, artificial or strained. In 2009, conducted Regina Spektor several celebrated concerts in Sweden and with songs like "Samson" "On the Radio" and "Fidelity" which all goes straight into the heart, it is not difficult to understand why. Regina Spektor comes to the forests of Värmland in the summer and of course it will be just wonderful!
  8. The WRONG answer game

    A: Yes, Who is a crumudgeon but also very sage. Q: How many pecks of pickled peppers did Peter Piper pick?
  9. What are you listening to right now?

    Pa' Bailar (Siempre Quiero Mas) - Bajofondo
  10. Baking (and cooking?)

    well at least they're non-caloric!
  11. What are you listening to right now?

    quote: Originally posted by ThisIsHowItWorks: quote: Originally posted by fidelity377: Caroline - Brandi Carlile Me too! Love love love the ragtime piano. That's Sir Elton John in case you didn't know...
  12. What are you listening to right now?

    Seagull - Bad Company
  13. Regina On Late Night W/ Jimmy Fallon.

    quote: Originally posted by Dynamo_girl: Dance Anthem would be great since I've never seen her perform it.
  14. Good News Thread!

    Brandi was Uh-mazing... ILWB, Congrats...Have you ever checked out the Crash Test Dummies? Baritone on!
  15. Good News Thread!

    Thank you my Fryslan friend! Hope you are doing well. I just got word that the show is on!
  16. Good News Thread!

    Please don't let the blizzard change this...Brandi Carlile tonight...2nd row...
  17. What are you listening to right now?

    Flick of the Wrist - Queen
  18. The WRONG answer game

    A: A simple and time-tested curing formula is as follows: • 8 lbs. salt • 3 lbs. sugar • 2 oz. sodium nitrate • 1/2 oz. sodium nitrite (or a total of 3 oz. nitrate available; remember, excess nitrite is toxic) Q: Is space the final frontier?
  19. Regina is everywhere

    quote: Originally posted by mooebon: I heard "Better" when I was in my local grocery store. Hi Lisa...*waves* Get out...Why do you always get so lucky? McCaffreys or Weggies?
  20. post your favorite photos of regina

    quote: Originally posted by silver bullet trailer: i too am quite short... I think you can remove the "quite". When I met you I didn't get a neckache or anything...
  21. Concerts?

    Another old thread which you may like to peruse... http://reginaspektor.infopop.c...8/m/5601002952/inc/1
  22. Baking (and cooking?)

    Jamie, I see shadows....
  23. Wee Rants

    One of the hardest lessons to learn and practice in life is...No one can make you feel anything, only you can make yourself feel...if you step back, grasp and apply this, life becomes much easier.
  24. quote: Originally posted by LightBlueGrass: I don't really like the other artists, hopefully i don't look bored to death, that would be rude. Be sure and go with an open mind. Some of the other artists are legends and will surprise you I'm sure.