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  1. photos of ourselves !

    and apple butter too!
  2. Regina on SNL!! - Oct 10 2009

    ^just like you. Gosh, the pressure you two must be under....
  3. What are you listening to right now?

    If anyone asks I'll deny it....
  4. Party w reg after RCMH

    quote: Originally posted by Nat: i didnt get mine. but all is well. HUH?
  5. What are you listening to right now?

  6. What are you listening to right now?

    quote: Originally posted by SugarDrive: the crane wife 1 & 2 - the decemberists ^Welcome to the stix
  7. Louisville, KY Nov 19 2009

    yeah your Mom ought to love it...
  8. Louisville, KY Nov 19 2009

    Looks like you're in the pit. See P1 on the map...yellow is Pit, section 1
  9. Interviews & Appearences 2009

    ^Yes it is and here it is! I got excited when I read 5 outfits. Thought that meant a skit or two for sure. But she says it's just standard operating procedure...
  10. pictures and videos of interest...

    ^aaahh, the single ladies connection!!! Sorry to steal your thunder. They are pretty damn good though...
  11. My Regina (DIY) T-shirt

    quote: Originally posted by leaves: Disclaimer: Not tooting my own horn on RO's thread. Your shirt is reall really awesome. Excellent point and seconded too...
  12. My Regina (DIY) T-shirt

    quote: Originally posted by leaves: I like your handwriting. I like both of your handwritings. Excellent job Ms. Overdose. Molly, didn't you do something similiar with shoes as I recall?
  13. Regina on SNL!! - Oct 10 2009

    Having spent the last four months traveling the world, winning over legions of fans with her unmistakable song-craft, Regina Spektor is very excited to make her Saturday Night Live debut this Saturday, October 10th and premiere her second single, Eet, from her critically acclaimed album, far...
  14. Wee Rants

    Wow...I never knew so much went in to birds...good luck...
  15. ****Topic Finder****

    Most people have put them in with that particular shows thread...But if you think a delination is needed then go for it!
  16. pictures and videos of interest...

    ^Don't miss their covers of September & My Favorite Things then...
  17. pictures and videos of interest...

    Check out Pomplamoose Music
  18. Show Calendar

    Oct 06 2009 The Tabernacle-Atlanta, GA Oct 10 2009 Saturday Night Live-NBC TV Oct 12 2009 Calvin Theatre-Northampton, MA Oct 14 2009 Radio City Music Hall-New York, NY Oct 26 2009 House of Blues-San Diego, CA Oct 28 2009 Greek Theatre-Los Angeles, CA Oct 30 2009 Fox Theater-Oakland, CA Nov 01 2009 Roseland Theater-Portland, OR Nov 02 2009 Orpheum Theatre-Vancouver, BC Nov 03 2009 Paramount Theatre-Seattle, WA Nov 06 2009 In The Venue-Salt Lake City, UT Nov 07 2009 Fillmore Auditorium-Denver, CO Nov 10 2009 Verizon Wireless Theatre-Houston, TX Nov 11 2009 Stubb's Barbeque-Austin, TX Nov 12 2009 Nokia Theatre-Dallas, TX Nov 14 2009 Pershing Arena at Truman State University-Kirksville, MO Nov 16 2009 Ryman Auditorium-Nashville, TN Nov 17 2009 Thomas Wolfe Auditorium-Asheville, NC Nov 19 2009 Louisville Palace Theatre-Louisville, KY Nov 30 2009 O2 Academy-Birmingham, England Dec 01 2009 O2 Academy-Glasgow, Scotland Dec 03 2009 Manchester Apollo-Manchester, England Dec 04 2009 Hammersmith Apollo-London, England Dec 07 2009 Cirkus-Stockholm, Sweden Dec 08 2009 Cirkus-Stockholm, Sweden Dec 10 2009 Rockefeller-Oslo, Norway Dec 11 2009 Lisebergshallen-Goteborg, Sweden Dec 13 2009 KB-Malmo, Sweden Dec 14 2009 Huxley's Neue Welt-Berlin, Germany Dec 16 2009 Gasometer (Wien)-Vienna, Austria Dec 17 2009 Kaufleuten-Zurich, Switzerland Dec 19 2009 The O2-Dublin-Ireland Feb 26 2010 Tibet House US Benefit Concert at Carnegie Hall-New York, NY Mar 23 2010 The Fillmore New York @ Irving Plaza-New York, NY Apr 21 2010 Riverside Theatre-Perth Apr 23 2010 Adelaide Entertainment Centre Theatre-Adelaide Apr 25 2010 QPAC,Concert Hall-Brisbane Apr 27 2010 Sydney Opera House,Concert Hall-Sydney Apr 28 2010 Sydney Opera House,Concert Hall-Sydney Apr 30 2010 Palais Theatre-Melbourne May 01 2010 Palais Theatre-Melbourne May 03 2010 Opera House-Wellington May 06 2010 Billboard Live-Tokyo Jun 10-13 2010 Bonnaroo-Manchester, TN Jul 03 2010 Open'er Festival-Gdynia Poland Jul 15 2010 Arvika Festival-Sweden Jul 20 2010 The Sage-Gateshead Jul 21 2010 O2 Academy Leeds-Leeds Jul 22 2010 Corn Exchange-Cambridge
  19. Lost In Autumn

    Leaves become most beautiful when they're about to die When they're about to fall from trees When they're about to dry Up
  20. Fox Theater Oakland 10/30/2009

    ...I'd suggest buying presale, as this birdie has a ravenous posse... Hey yo, if you didn't know, we're a ravenous posse!
  21. Fox Theater Oakland 10/30/2009

    quote: Originally posted by Appt: quote: Originally posted by Lost in the Sounds: RSO emailed me back and has chosen not to post the video because they don't want to infringe copyright law. May I ask the rso people why they decided to care about copyright law in this case? Having official videos for download is a huge infringement! The other videos are not exactly of the hook either - they are copyrighted by the channel they were broadcast on. Posting or not posting a video is up to you I am not saying anything here; I am really just curious why you think this video is special. It's not that important to post on the rso email. Anybody here will clarify? Aaron maybe? It was not special. All the official videos are down now. We were asked to remove them. In light of the YouTube/WMG agreement just announced, it is really of little consequence anyway. reg on!
  22. Louisville, KY Nov 19 2009

    Louisville Palace Theatre Louisville, KY Show on 11/19/09 Doors 7 / Show 8 / All ages Pre-sales to start on 10/7 at 10:00 AM in the time zone of the performance:
  23. Asheville, NC Nov 17 2009

    Thomas Wolfe Auditorium Asheville, NC Show on 11/17/09 Doors 7 / Show 8 / All ages Pre-sales to start on 10/7 at 10:00 AM in the time zone of the performance:
  24. Good News Thread!

    This weekend I saw a repeat of the CSI:NY episode that ends with Stella in her apartment contemplating the death of her ex-lover while Samson plays in the background...It was funny because I don't normally watch that show but as I was flipping the dial something inside of me was saying, don't change the channel. Then I remembered why!