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  1. Lucky Penny

    I know this isn't a discussion on my part but I thought a lil history might be in order given the number of newer stixers here. This came out at the McCarren show in Aug '08: quote: Originally posted by dentistgirl: Interestingly, afterward when she was talking to all of us she told us the story of Lucky Penny's revival. Apparently some TV show contacted her and asked for a "proper master" because the wanted to use the song. At the time, she didn't even remember how to play the song, and certainly didn't have a master to send them. So she searched on the internet and found the only recording available, then relearned the song based on it. How great is that?! and this at the Bowery show in Jan '09: quote: Originally posted by andreseng: She told us how she went to to get a lyric for Reginasaurus that she had forgotten. We pointed out that srg, right over there, was the owner of that site. She thanked him and told him how much of a resource it is for her. She repeated the story she told us at McCarren that when the TV execs called up looking for a master of Lucky Penny that it was his site she went to, to relearn the song. So Serge is a big part of the rebirth of this song....just thought you should all know.
  2. Eet is 2nd single/Win far

    If you chose to use a sharing site the image will display in your post if you follow the instructions in the link below. How to attach an image to your post If you upload it directly to the board it will appear as a link which people will then need to download to view.
  3. The I've Never Seen a Regina Show Club

    quote: Originally posted by Cynthia: Anyway, hopefully I'll be seeing her on october 30th. Did you get your passport? When will you know for sure? How the heck are you?
  4. Ramapo College in Mahwah, NJ Oct 2 2009

    Freebird: That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore
  5. Paloma Faith

    LV, i do like some of this, maybe it will grow... And dude, watch out for the pedestrians. Did you see that woman's face?
  6. Jay Z uses regina sample

    Another item on this debacle:
  7. Jay Z uses regina sample

    That's your call. Probably doesn't hurt to leave it, to steer any others to the that stuff since it wasn't really posted as a topic...
  8. Party w reg after RCMH

    Yeah, sorry about that Raph. I know the 21+ thing will be a killer for many. But I can't control that. Again, sorry...
  9. General Questions

    quote: Originally posted by Dominic: touchy subject i know but i'm doing a project on terrorism at school and i was wondering if people could point me in any directions or give me tips. The one that pops in to mind right away is the Beslan school hostage crisis in Russia. Here is a link: Is this the type of thing you're looking for?
  10. Jay Z uses regina sample

    Yes, it was already posted. I used the search term Jay z and I unchecked Search this forum only. That's usually the killer. Anyway here are the results: http://reginaspektor.infopop.c...orum_scope=454107688
  11. Party w reg after RCMH

    A special party following Radio City Music Hall concert LifeBeat The Music Industry Fights AIDS & Chip Duckett invite you to join Regina Spektor at a special party following her Radio City Music Hall concert Music by DJ Miss Guy Complimentary cocktails 10:30PM - 12:30AM 10:30PM Wednesday, October 14, 2009 Aspen Social Club 157 West 47th Street Tickets available at or at 212-352-3101 (Ask for the Regina Spektor Red Carpet Event) $20 advance/$25 door if available. The cost of the ticket is a donation to LIFEbeat - The Music Industry Fights AIDS. 21 & Over only, please.
  12. 9/30 - DAR Constitution Hall, Washington D.C.

    ...Spektor’s accompaniment consisted of a recognizable violinist (K Ishibashi from Jupiter One), a cellist, and a set drummer. The strings added compelling texture to the arrangement, especially for otherwise flat, electro-laden studio tracks like "Machine." Though the touch of Sgt. Pepper brass that’s sprinkled throughout Far was certainly missed (especially during "Two Birds"), the band managed to fill the hall with rich sound, perfectly accenting Spektor’s vocals... Recap: Regina Spektor at DAR Constitution Hall
  13. Truman State Univ Nov 14 2009

  14. Truman State Univ Nov 14 2009

    Each semester, Truman students eagerly await the announcement of the fall and spring concerts. This fall, the Student Activities Board has announced Regina Spektor will perform Nov. 14 in the Pershing Arena.... http://media.www.trumanindex.c...Nov.14-3789465.shtml
  15. General Questions

    Opera 10 with Turbo
  16. What are you listening to right now?

    quote: Originally posted by Lilly: Pinball wizard - The Who Wow - You never cease to amaze me...very eclectic taste. You're either older than I thought or you have very cool parents who made sure you had tons of exposure...
  17. dickinson college?

    Cheyenne- http://reginaspektor.infopop.c...=137106232#137106232
  18. Opening Act

    Been more like an hour the last couple of times...I'm sure you'd be fine.
  19. Far EPK

    Ricky, you're losing it already? http://reginaspektor.infopop.c...=711105352#711105352
  20. school = :(

    quote: Originally posted by dentistgirl: A well-known common side-effect of Clindamycin is? c. something i don't remember c. oral thrush
  21. quote: Originally posted by LittleVoice: Still, I am finding closed minds on this website too, as no-one has even bothered to reply to my thread on here about the wonderful "Corinne West" and her to me, fantastic album "The Promise"! Check the title of this thread. At least no one's saying bad stuff!
  22. What are you listening to right now?

    Young Americans - David Bowie
  23. Regina @ Russia House

    This is a radio station in Maryland. As this was posted yesterday I would imagine that it was some type of on air contest that probably is long done...
  24. photos of ourselves !

    I know you weren't soliciting opinions...but I'd like to share mine. Probably not unlike your boyfriend, I prefer long hair on woman. With that said, I must tell you that this haircut looks absolutely adorable on you. It is the perfect cut for your face shape in my opinion. and that's my 2 cents...carry on P.S. Radka is a beautiful name...
  25. What are you listening to right now?

    Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World - Israel Kamakawiwo'ole