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  1. reg in the news

    You just can't make this stuff up...."Often declared the musical heiress to Fiona Apple..."
  2. Good News Thread!

    @kaoir Have you ever seen this? It was done by Perksofawallflower, aka Jessica, someone who used to post a lot around here. P.S. She is currently in France on a teaching assignment. Enjoy!
  3. The New Forum

    If you're using a mobile device you may want to check out the "Change Theme" button near the bottom of the page. Just tried it (IP.Board Mobile). It's formatted in the more familiar way that some folks have alluded to. I am pleased by the changes including the default "Full Version" Theme with the reg's?? fingers. The PM feature is great. Change is good...
  4. Never Forget

    Please take a moment to remember those who were lost.
  5. Never Forget

    They aired this once during the Superbowl in 2002 so as not to benefit financially from it or have their brand associated with the tragic events - they aired it again, once, on the tenth anniversary......
  6. A Gift for Regina!

    quote: Originally posted by Appt: I would love to participate! I don't have facebook but if it'd be easier for you guys I could create a "fake" one just to join the group...? Has someone helped Radka out or did she just email? Never saw anyone respond to her...
  7. Six Thoughts...

    quote: Originally posted by sweetness in my lungs: 1. Damien Rice is playing in Stockholm next Saturday. 2. The same night two of my friends from school will have a birthday party with everyone from the music school I went to last year. 3. The concert will be very expensive and I will be going alone. 4. But he hasn't been to Sweden for five years. 5. But maybe I won't get to see all those people I love in the same place ever again. 6. What should I do? (7.) I'm seeing Lady gaga in September. 1. Without Lisa he is nothing anyway 2. Friends are more important. 3. Being lonely and broke sucks. 4. So what's waiting a little longer in the realm of things anyway? 5. Precisely why you will BE GOING!!! 6. See numbers 1-5. Seven is cheating, 30 lashes with a wet noodle...
  8. Wee Rants

    quote: Originally posted by almostspotless: yet feeling slightly infantile with a parent) for many a Reg show, I definitely feel your pain. I've been in your place many times. (And likely will be for a while Yes, but who has the coolest and best looking Mom at every show? Sure isn't me!
  9. misheard lyrics

    quote: Originally posted by eva eva eva: Just realised today that for a veeery long time I thought "when you OD'ed" means orgasm. LOL. I had no idea, I'm way to naive Wow, if only all the folks that permanently Od'ed had.....never mind...
  10. Wee Rants

    quote: Originally posted by Be like the water, people.: Haha! a couple of people actually said that they already liked her a lot, and one girl mentioned to me that Regina was going to Russia pretty recent news! I think you just found the people you should be hanging out with!!
  11. Regina on Iron Man 3 as Black Widow??!! (IMDB)

    quote: Originally posted by baby jesus: I wonder why Regina didn't end up doing it? She said it was because of the writers strike at first...Then it was scheduling conflicts...
  12. McCarren Park Pool August 15, 2008

    Where many of us first met, where the book was presented to regina, where we once stood several years ago, there is now water....oh, and kids punching cops...
  13. The Survival Guide To Soviet Kitsch

    For those that do not have The Survival Guide To Soviet Kitsch DVD, it is now avaialble for download here: Enjoy!

    Off the top of my head I can't recall unfortunately. You should probably do a search here for Film Score Project. Before we realized it was called Two Sisters we referred to it as the Film Score Project. I am sure your answer(s) lie there somewhere. Might just take a little poking around. Good luck...
  15. Any Arcade Fire fans??

    Here are their two recent Saturday Night Live performances. Normally I wouldn't post these here. But this is the "Other" forum and I was really impressed. These are large files as usual and they're DivX encoded. If you need the plug in it is available here. Enjoy The Arcade Fire - SNL 2007 - Intervention.avi (146.37 MB) The Arcade Fire - SNL 2007 - Keep The Car Running.avi (123.43 MB)
  16. Broomfield, Colorado 2012
  17. 2012-04-10 Montclair, NJ | Wellmont Theater

    ^Like We so need a "like" button...

    You guys are very kind, thank you!
  19. What are you listening to right now?

    Consequence of Sounds Jam -

    Many thanks Miss Youngster...
  21. 2012-04-10 Montclair, NJ | Wellmont Theater

    quote: Originally posted by Common Loon: How on earth will I know who you guys are? I'd say, look for an extremely diverse group of people mulling around outside...
  22. 2012-04-10 Montclair, NJ | Wellmont Theater

    I have 2 singles if anyone needs: M106 J101
  23. General Questions

    Molly (leaves) is right. Artistic freedom allows for grammatical errors. Go with what you feel. And Hi Molly (*waves incessantly). Produce any videos lately???