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  1. where do i get..

    If I recall correctly, that is one of the items available at her shows.
  2. just been to NYC

    I assume you're just kidding. A random act of violence can happen anywhere on this planet.
  3. you

    if you're talking other than regina, one of the most glaring in history is a song called Taurus by the band Spirit. You can listen to a sample of it here. Now you tell me what this sounds like.
  4. you

    Do a right click on the title and choose "Save Target As". It will download.
  5. Middle name.

    Dearest Marry Ann- I wasn't referring to your or any other particular post. Your post was informational and I know a lot of people here including myself appreciate it. Sorry if I came across otherwise. I just don't want people to be the reason she changes. Not that anyone here does. We just need to keep ourselves in check sometimes. What's JohnnyC going to do though when he sees two people agreeing with him???
  6. favorite acapella song?

    Perks- Have you heard the demo version of Hotel Song? Some places list it as Come In To My World. I'll volunteer to do the clapping. Get a little beat box going and you'll be styling.
  7. darkness in sunny regina...

    Anytime I sing I scare people.....
  8. Regina On TRL 3-15-07!!!

    If you've seen the Fidelity video, you didn't miss a thing. That's all it was.
  9. I have 2 stories...

    quote: Originally posted by Asaelfx: I'm trying to work on my little brother.. who's 16. But I'm not sure if he'll like Regina. But I can't think of one of just Regina. He's really into Garage Bands Your Honor ??? I know it's not her alone, but.... quote: Originally posted by Asaelfx: I guess she likes the Lilly Allen songs I was asked to get on there.. which I didn't really listen to before burning the CD, and now I've realized inappropriate they are for my little sister. But my mom is completely alright with those. lol. I bet that'll change. You don't really pick up on the lyrics until you've listened several times. She has probably only listened when it was on the radio and got the edited version. Hope your birthday wish comes true.
  10. Middle name.

    I gotta go with JohnnyC on this one. In my opinion if regina wanted her middle name out there, you would be able to find it. I don't want to harp on this too much. But as I alluded to in another post when people speak of the possibility of regina changing as she becomes more well known, there are certain things that push people in to withdrawing from the public. I think family information and people jumping up on stage at a performance to take a picture are two good examples of this. regina is, one of, if not the most accessible musicians out there. While I think for her own personal safety this may have to change down the road we need to be diligent in not taking this acessibility for granted and allow her to maintain her family privacy.
  11. Regina pictures

    quote: Originally posted by diceguyBill: Not sure why the photos aren't showing up. They are there. Just press the Gallery button on the right side at the top of your first post.
  12. BBC 2 Culture Show Vids Download

    quote: Originally posted by twee: Yeah same here. Why put up links if you're just going to delete them less than a month later? Let's see. Your first post here and you dump on someone who took the time to upload files?? You obviously don't understand how sendspace works. We don't delete files. They do after a certain period of inactivity. Most of us are real good about reposting when asked nicely. You might want to follow up your post with some kind words and get yourself off to a better start here.
  13. regina's middle name
  14. it is sweet and honorable to die for ones country....

    quote: From her myspace blog: one nice member of the boards asked me and then wrote a note to everyone about it We need to get that one nice member to ask again.
  15. it is sweet and honorable to die for ones country....

    quote: From her myspace blog: Sunday, April 16, 2006 1- i know that i always allow tapers- encourage them and all that jazz- it makes me happy that there is such a strong and kind to each other community on my "brumstix" (on my own website), as well as a few other communities where my listeners (who are so sweet that i feel like they are from some other planet, somehow) share music/info/general good to each other shit- but- i really ask not to share the 2 new songs yet- (i have never done that before) so please don't... I am torn because i want to play them at shows, but i need to keep them private from the internet for a little while longer. I hope that you all understand and get over it. It's really not such a big deal- i will drop a line in a week or so either way and then you can put them up wherever you want/ or not... this is important to me, and i assumed that when one nice member of the boards asked me and then wrote a note to everyone about it- it would happen.... well, i assumed wrong, so i'm asking again. Thankssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss! Brings up a good point though. That was almost a year ago and regina said she'd drop a note in a week or so either way and then it'd be okay. I don't think we ever saw a note though????
  16. it is sweet and honorable to die for ones country....

    quote: Originally posted by That Time: what is the name of this song in the video? quote: Originally posted by PerksOfAWallflower: i just made a vid of dulce et decorum est pro patri mori on youtube.
  17. I have 2 stories...

    Cyn- Once you're done converting everyone in Brazil to regina you should run for a political office. G
  18. Regina On TRL 3-15-07!!!

    quote: Originally posted by Eliana: pretty soon all the teeny boppers will be singing fidelity! Too late for that. The secret's already out.
  19. Lyrics Forum

    In order for that to happen we would need moderators and administrators. We don't have any. This is easy to tell based on the non-coordinated threads as well as the hundreds of repetitive ones. Most people don't search so it just snowballs. It would be awesome if someone (or many people) were given these powers. But it's gone on for so long now it would take forever to just coordinate the data that's already here. Which makes me think of something else that's lacking. The ability to Private Message other members. There are many times when we are forced to post our e-mail addresses just to communicate off the board. /rant
  20. "Educate Me, Ms. Spektor..."

    Cyn- If you like blues be sure to check out Susan Tedeschi. If you can't find her down there let me know and we'll make sure you do! Best, G
  21. New Obsession, Goin' To Savannah

    That's an e-mail address. Not a website. I know you're new at this so I'm not picking on you by any means. But you'll need to respond with an e-mail. Get your friend to show you how to send one. It's easy once you know how.
  22. This is what Regina has done to me...

    quote: Originally posted by diceguyBill: My latest worry is that when I finally see her at Purchase College later this month I'll be all burned out. Burned out? If anything it'll probably rejuvenate you and suck you in even more. She is awesome live. I'll be at the SUNY show too so you won't be the only older guy there!
  23. quote: Originally posted by JohnnyC: Touché! Since it's not in stores though, OR available outside of the US, I hope I can be forgiven for letting it slip my mind there You mean you can't download it from iTunes either?? Do you need a copy up there, eh?
  24. Whyn't You Help A Brother Out!?

    quote: Originally posted by Sunshine Redneck: I think "Reno 911" is brilliant comedy so what do I know. Don't forget Team America: World Police
  25. New Obsession, Goin' To Savannah

    Hold on to the twenty's. I have been to many shows and there are always some tickets floating around. You'll be fine. EDIT: Hey check out your Shows post. Someone is trying to contact you regarding a ticket!