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  1. dead rat

    quote: Originally posted by JohnnyC: Darnnnnnn it all to heck! That's more like it......
  2. quote: Originally posted by JohnnyC: Seems the only official album you are missing is the Live at Bull Moose EP. and Live in California 2006 EP. JohnnyC, I remember when you were good.....
  3. Regina On TRL 3-15-07!!!

    What was IT?
  4. Regina On TRL 3-15-07!!!

    quote: Originally posted by I gotta wear shades: Wow, TRL is really on the cutting edge! Good one!
  5. Regina does Lennon's Real Love for AI

    On June 12th, Warner Bros. Records in the United States, in conjunction with Amnesty International USA (AIUSA), will release "Instant Karma: The Campaign to Save Darfur" -- a CD of more than 20 iconic songs by John Lennon recorded by an array of best-selling artists, including Green Day, R.E.M., Christina Aguilera, Jack Johnson, and Snow Patrol, as well as Corinne Bailey Rae, Regina Spektor, The Postal Service, and many more. REM's cover of #9 Dream was released on the 12th and is available on iTunes now.
  6. Regina On TRL 3-15-07!!!

    According to the news on this website it sounds like they're just showing her video. She's not making an appearance. I set the DVR for nothing! March 15, 2007 MTV's 'TRL' is by far the last place you'd expect to ever find Regina, but they're airing her video for "Fidelity" on the show today March 15.
  7. "Educate Me, Ms. Spektor..."

    You want an education? In no particular order and definetly not all inclusive: Led Zeppelin, Big Head Todd and the Monsters, Susan Tedeschi, The Arcade Fire, Dave Matthews, Gomez, Sublime, Aerosmith, 311, DeVotchKa (thank regina for turning me on to them), Fiona Apple, Oasis, Pink Floyd, Bob Dylan, Dresdan Dolls, Bonnie Raitt, Tom Petty, Beck, AC/DC, Miles Davis, Motown (60's & 70's), Bif Naked, Alanis Morissette, Van Morrison, John Mellencamp, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Elvis (Presley and Costello), Chantal Kreviazuk, Jewel, The Beatles, ELO, The Rolling Stones, Mott the Hoople, Yes. Okay, I'm coming up for air now. This is just a small, small portion.
  8. Top Three Songs

    As of this very moment... 1. Rockland County 2. Apres Moi 3. The Noise Ask me again and it will be different I'm sure.
  9. Keane Fan Rudeness

    quote: Originally posted by Marry Ann: I have a borderline incident to report here. I haven't been to latest Regina Shows in Tel-Aviv, but all the major newspapers report the following: The audience was very excited and clapped even in the middle of the songs sometimes. Moreover, the audience sang to her songs without invitation - pretty loud! (You know, usually Regina asks the audience to sing along at the Encore or by the end of the show - well they never waited for invitation.) And finally, while Regina was singing Samson, this girl sneakes on the stage and pushes her camera into Regina's face in the distance of half a meter!!!!! Regina was shocked, stopped singing and laughted, then continued, then stopped again and said: "This is the first time anybody ever stuck up on me. I will never close my eyes again. That's very weired". Keeps me wondering: Is is great love or mere fan rudeness? People often speculate on this forum if regina will ever change. Will fame go to her head etc. That type of behavior, while it won't go to her head, may cause her to shut down a bit for her own personal safety. She managed to lighten up the situation but I'd bet it had an impact on her somehow.
  10. New Obsession, Goin' To Savannah

    quote: Originally posted by Sunshine Redneck: No one in my redneck blue collar world has ever heard of her, and the ones I force to watch her videos just don't get it. What a relief that I'm not going insane. Rest assured, it's not that different in the white collar world either. In my experience it's been the people I usually think won't get her, that do. Oh, and you are going insane! But it's the best kind of insanity, welcome! quote: Originally posted by Sunshine Redneck: I've booked two nights in Savannah anyway and will be the fat,bald redneck(but no mold on the scalp) standing outside the theater with a "Need 1 Ticket, Will Pay Top Dollar" sign. You might try posting a ticket needed thread in the "Shows" area. You never know. It might reduce your insanity level a bit. You're in for a treat. There's nothing like seeing her live.
  11. Bonnaroo!!

    quote: Originally posted by Fran: I was approved to volunteer at the festival! Fran- What will you be doing (besides trying to take it all in) as a volunteer? G
  12. Who does Regina play with?

    PerksOfAWallflower- You didn't start anything except a dialog. That's what this place is for. State your opinion anytime. I sure as heck do. G
  13. Who does Regina play with?

    My point is being missed here. Let me start off by saying I'm not flaming PerksOfAWallflower. I just took exception with the statement "so many of her songs require instruments other than she is capable of playing". Nothing could be further from reality. Most of her songs do not REQUIRE any other instruments. Give her a piano and she is fully capable of playing almost her entire catalog of songs with out any accompaniment. She has done it this way for years. The number of songs that don't fit this bill are very, very few.
  14. Who does Regina play with?

    quote: Originally posted by PerksOfAWallflower: i believe she mostly tours and plays even small shows with a band because so many of her songs require instruments other than she is capable of playing. Perks- I have seen regina with and without a band. Don't kid yourself. She is capable of rendering any of her music with or without the band. Don't forget almost all of her arrangements start with the piano. Believe me, not one of regina's song requires an instrument that she is not capable of playing. G
  15. Regina on a Swedish TV show

    Cyn- Nice Find. Thanks, G
  16. missing soup...

    quote: Originally posted by Madbert: Dead Kennedys said it best: "Soup Is Good Food". I always though it was just Campbell's
  17. Question about her audience.

    quote: Originally posted by Cynthia: Anyway, our biggest hope is that maybe she could perform in a Festival. The most famous one is called Tim Festival, and it has brought many artists that weren't known around here. We'll also try and get in touch with these people. Maybe they will help us. About the costs, international shows are really expensive. Around $200, so it won't matter anyway... I remember, when Cake was here in 2005 their show cost $400... they even said in an interview "Wow! $400? I wouldn't pay it to see us!" lol So we basically have 2 problems here: our favorite artists rarely come to Brazil and when they do we can't see them, cuz we can't afford it! lol Cyn- I love the festival idea. I would pursue that big time if I were you. Costs for concerts are high here depending on the artist. regina is actually one of the last affordable shows around. But I realize internationally the costs escalate. Are those prices your quoting Brazilian Real or US Dollars? I guess it really doesn't matter because based on the current exchange rate it's still a lot of money. Especially for a student. By the way, not that this matters, but I saw Led Zeppelin at Madison Square Garden (MSG) in 1977 for $12 and I was fairly close to the stage. The nosebleed (very high up) seats for the Police at MSG are going for $55, the best seats $400. This doesn't include the many fees they add on these days either. It's getting expensive everywhere to see popular acts. I think it's really outrageous. But they sell out all the time. Anyway, good luck with your mission. G
  18. Question about her audience.

    cyn- You know I'd love nothing more than for you to be able to see regina live. regina's crowds obviously depend on where she's playing and how much more popular she becomes. The first time I saw her it was about 100 people. The last time I saw her it was 1500. I'm sure as time goes on the venues will become even larger. With that said, in my opinion, petitions are worthless and can even be counter productive. I can't recall a single petition I've seen or signed that did anything to help the cause at hand. Think about this. The amount of people you would need to just cover her costs of transporatation, band, road crew etc. would be a lot more than 300. I think your other idea is a more realistic one. Trying to get her music released down there to build the interest. I mean you had the white stripes down there, right? I would start with her management folks. Their contact info is on under the contact tab. Send them a letter or e-mail and ask them what it will take to accomplish your goal. I wish you all the luck in the world and I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. G
  19. how to meet regina before or after the show?

    No need to explain to me. I'm 46 and I always wait!
  20. how to meet regina before or after the show?

    I remember a post or two where people have caught up with her before. But that was usually by accident and it's so much more unpredictable. Who knows what time she'll arrive? You'd definetly have a better shot after.
  21. Ever wonder what Tori fans think of Regina?

    Let's see: Myra Ellen Amos born on August 22, 1963, that makes her 43. Regina Spektor (Russian: Регина Спектор)born on February 18, 1980, that makes her 27. Wow, regina has 16 years to catch up....
  22. regina influences???

    As seen on her myspace: Influences so much classical music, Bach, Mozart, Chopin and countless many more, The Beatles, Queen, Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, Bjork, Radiohead, Nirvana, Patti Smith, Billie Holiday, Luis Armstrong, Nina Simone, Ella Fitzgerald, Vladimir Vysotsky, Eminem, Leonard Cohen, John Lennon, David Bowie, The Velvet Underground, Edith Piaf, so much more rock, hip hop, jazz, punk and possibly you.
  23. how did you get into regina?

    quote: Originally posted by The Owl of Minerva: I really hope he read this, btw. I'd like to see how he's doing. On this board anything's possible. Check out this thread.
  24. New EP on CD outside US?

    quote: Originally posted by Sanddancer: I kind of have a little OCD thing going on here... Tony- Want to start a club? G
  25. dead rat

    JohnnyC ought to have fun with this one. Eliana you just walk right in to these things I saw this a few days back and a search yields: