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  1. dream

    Perhaps you read fellow brumstix member ElmoEl's plight referenced in this thread?
  2. EXACTLY how i feel about regina..

    Music, like many things in life, is a very personal experience. That means it's open to individual interpetations. I have come to realize after many years that it doesn't matter what someone else thinks. It only matters what I think. I know regina's music is not for everyone and that's cool. But don't you allow yourself to feel afraid or hurt because of someone else's feelings. Feeling afraid or hurt is from within you. Remember, no one can make you feel anything. It's you that generates those feelings inside. Sure, I think it'd be great if every one of my friends that I turned on to regina would love her like I do. But they all won't. My bottom line is if they don't like her, I still do and that's more for me! Sorry for the psycho-babble, I'm officially off the soapbox........NOW.
  3. do you know where to find regina's album 11:11?

    quote: Originally posted by diceguyBill: go to this site Where it will tell you that it's out of print and only available on iTunes.
  4. Song Help

    The last bat mitzvah I was at had nothing but blaring top 40. If I were a betting man I'd say you probably are looking for "The Flowers" off the Soviet Kitsch disc.
  5. do you know where to find regina's album 11:11?

    It is out of print. The only way it is available is digitally (iTunes). You can always keep your eye on ebay. But it is rare that one pops up on there. Good luck.
  6. London Show 16/02/07

    Excuse me while I go get some popcorn.......
  7. regina hates Songs?!

    I am positive. Read the first couple of sentences before your quote and the beginning of the next paragraph and it becomes abundantly clear that she is refering only to the Songs version of Samson. And again, she never used the word hate. You know what they say happens when you assume.
  8. regina hates Songs?!

    You took that out of context. She's does not say she hates Songs anywhere in that interview. She said that she felt the version of Samson on Songs was horrible and that she wanted to replace it. The word hate was never used any where.
  9. Vids and Interview Download

    The 2/14/07 Carson Daly LINK is here.
  10. Carson Daly again

    Again, this is of good quality, and therefore a large files. If you don't have broadband you probably shouldn't bother. In addition, if you don't already have it, you will need the DivX codec to play it which is free and available here. It's the Carson Daly 02/14/2007 appearance. I am positive this was filmed at the same time as the On The Radio one I posted here. Too many similarities. Note the placement of the instruments, the dress of the band, the audience members etc. So in reality it's from 2006 even though I named it for the 2007 air date. File Name: Regina Spektor - Better - Daly 2007.avi File Size: 110 MB LINK Enjoy!
  11. Carson Daly again

    I have it on my DVR. I will encode it and post as soon as I can.
  12. Love You're a Whore

    quote: Originally posted by Cynthia: It says I'm not allowed to see the text... =/ Boy, regina fans have it way too tough in Brazil. You really have to work for it.
  13. Love You're a Whore

    And here is the complete show from over there as well. Both, Man With A Thousand Faces and Love, You're A Whore are there in mp3 format. Be sure to change the XX's to tt's in the links!
  14. Regina at work, Best Buy, and Quizno's

    What post?
  15. Vids and Interview Download

    There is a different DivX Codec for mac. Here is a link if you don't have it already.
  16. I want to rant too!!!!!!!

    Cynthia- Send me your e-mail address. Send it to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and remove the 3 x's and you know what to do with the at!
  17. Edit

    Ahhh, songs from my youth. Right off the top of my head I can think of two references. The Beatles had a song Dr. Robert wiki here Paul had a song Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey wiki here
  18. Holy Smokes! VH1 #5 !!

    quote: Originally posted by reginaspektorrocks: I can tell you from last weeks results there will be alot of fans of the bands she beat out that will not be happy and will do some accusations of rigging, but not our fault they dont have such great fans to put time in for them. Eddie That's how these thing works. It happens all the time. The expense of logging IP addresses to allow one vote per IP isn't perfect either. This is a popularity contest. And regina is winning for now. I, for one, could care less what the fans of the other bands/artists think. Eddie- Pat yourself on the back. You motivated a lot of people to rock the vote. Congrats on a job well done. Now what do you have in mind to get us to #1 Hey now - Wouldn't it be wonderful if it had nothing to do with us and that, as the guy said in the CBS interview, "The secret is out"!
  19. Holy Smokes! VH1 #5 !!

    Man O Man. Check it out!
  20. Holy Smokes! VH1 #5 !!

    So maybe those couple of hours I spent helped. Wow, this is awesome. This is one way to show regina the love......
  21. Regina Videography

    Check out fellow stix person reginaspektorrocks myspace.
  22. Regina Demographics

    quote: Originally posted by Dan the man: Crap, I just turned 40. the DARK SIDE!
  23. how did you get into regina?

    quote: Originally posted by Cynthia: I want 11:11 and Songs, but I can't find them anywhere, I only listened to them here. More info available on this post.
  24. Vids and Interview Download

    Links are still active. I just tested them. Something must be blocking your access.
  25. More Anti-Folk

    Fran- Didn't you hear? She doesn't consider herself anti-folk. She says she's a "Bronx by way of Moscow, Classical Music Punk Girl" Don't you find that a more accurate description? G