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  1. when do warsaw tix officially go on sale?

    **IF** she follows the same routine she has thus far on the tour, Only Son will open for her. She'll probably start around 9:30 and finish up around 11.
  2. Leno!

    quote: Originally posted by Op: andre: yea i guess im going. i need to find someone to go with. i went to the last show alone like a loser! I was alone at town hall too. I sold my other ticket at face value and made somone happy. Although he needed to learn what deodorant is. YUCK! And I will be alone this time until probably just about the time Regina comes on. My friend is taking some tests and she can't get there until probably around 9:30.
  3. Leno!

    quote: Originally posted by Op: are you goin to the warsaw show? i cant believe shes coming back to nyc already... Yes, I am going. Wouldn't miss it for the world. Are you?
  4. Leno!

    Fran- I see resemblence. More with the sister on your right. But it is there with the one to your left as well. It's hard to see when your in the same family. Belive me it's there. Some very good looking ladies up there in Canada! G
  5. Regina Story

    and we miss the girls back home EDIT: It sure would be interesting to hear this if someone extracted these words from the songs and put them together......
  6. Leno!

    quote: Originally posted by Op: oh.. ok. i saw her parents at the recent show in ny (town hall). i was thinking of talking to them but I couldnt think of anything intelligent to say to them... I also saw her after the show, and shes pretty down to earth, I doubt you would feel the "star power".. people were having conversations with her about her music teacher in school or something... she probably would have chatted for a while but a cab was waiting... Which night? I was there on the 27th and I did talk to her father in the back of the theatre on the way out. Her whole entourage was actually sitting directly behind me during the show.
  7. Leno!

    quote: Originally posted by genkaar: though, now after seeing the video again, she seems nervous, what with her wiping her hands off on her dress. That's not a nervous issue. It's a "I'm not using this hand at the moment timing issue". I've seen her do that many, many times with an idle left hand.
  8. Leno!

    quote: Originally posted by Op: andreseng: you mean "See her at the shows"? right? Unfortunately no. I did mean him. I have spoken to her father on a couple of ocassions. I have never spoken to her though. I would probably do something similiar though. Uh, duh, um, ahh. Meanwhile, I have lots of things I'd love to talk to her about. I would need like 5 mins. just to get over the star struck part. Then I could settle down and form complete sentences and make sense.
  9. Leno!

    Thanks Op. I knew she'd do so much better with the band. It helps on national TV when you're not up there alone. I was extremely impressed with her performance. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed her previous performances on TV but last night she killed!! A different confidence level for sure. First thing Jay says, "say Hi to Dad for me." That's what I do when I see him at the shows!! Actually I usually say quite a bit more. But you get my point.
  10. AOL DL & VH1 Links

    These came in an e-mail from the website but it will save you time by having these links: AOL DL Interview You Oughta Know - The Best New Artists On The Rise There's a lot of stuff to poke around at on that VH1 link. Enjoy. EDIT:As of this morning (11/1/2006) the links are up on the news page too.
  11. Singing along at shows pro/con

    quote: Originally posted by PilingAndTwisting: very, very well said Kailee... I have to think about which semi-heavy book I'm gonna bring to the show with me on thursday War & Peace
  12. Spreading Regina

    What's even better is when the people who previously bashed her come around. I just think to myself, I told you so!
  13. Recording this tour?

    quote: Originally posted by JohnnyC: andreseng: That thread is just as lacking in answers. JohnnyC- I was able to comprehend that the other thread lacked an answer. quote: Originally posted by CAtapergirl: so any info will be appreciated. I figured pointing her to the other thread qualified under "any info" since she had bumped her thread. But thanks for watching out for me just in case I didn't understand. Happy Halloween to all.
  14. So, I guess people can't tape shows anymore. :(

    You'll be fine. The first half of the show is vintage her. Just the piano and her. You'll be okay, take a deep breath.
  15. Regina Spektor - Really inspiring music!

    quote: Originally posted by minicoopertrooper: Us was the first song I heard on a little clip they did about her on MTV in 2003. did anyone see it? they went to Central Park and she dug up a dollar she had burried like 2 years ago? I can't believe you brought this up. Just today I was trying to remember where I had seen that exact piece you described as that was the first time I saw/heard her as well.
  16. Spreading Regina

    It gets worse. I heard Fidelity this weekend while walking with my daughter around Kohl's (department store). A very surreal moment.
  17. Recording this tour?

    Did you see this thread?
  18. Beautiful

    quote: Originally posted by nine breaths: omg how do i change my forum settings? I assume you want to fix your e-mail address in your signature line based on your user name. Go>Personal Zone>Profile>View/Edit Complete Profile>Signature
  19. Can someone PLEASE introduce Regina to Australia?!

    I checked e-bay Austrailia and found several places selling Regina's music. As for the legitimacy of the dealers, the couple I checked stated they were legit distributors. You'd probably know better than I. But anyway, if it helps, Here's the link.
  20. I miss my Grandma. The Internet helped.

    I found it. It was Make Mine Music. Here is an Amazon link if interested.
  21. I miss my Grandma. The Internet helped.

    Wow, that brings back memories. I remember that from when I was young. That is from an old Disney film I think. The name escapes me but I do know the woman singing are the Andrews Sisters. It sounds like you had the consummate Grandmother. I can relate. I had a Great-grandmother who lived to be 96 and her personailty traits were very similiar. We are lucky to have known such wonderful and sage spirits. Thanks for sharing!
  22. when do warsaw tix officially go on sale?

    I searched ticketmaster for you and they don't have them scheduled to go on sale. That doesn't mean they won't. But if I were you I'd call Warsaw directly at (718) 387-0505. Good luck and maybe we'll see you there!
  23. I couldn't believe my ears. I'm sitting here watching the NLCS on FOX and all of a sudden I hear "Better" on a commercial for XM Radio.
  24. TicketMaster interviews Regina

    Regina Spektor Short Biography Regina Spektor is a Russian-born, New York-based singer/songwriter whose off-beat lyrics, amazing voice and impeccable piano-playing skills have won over critics and audiences worldwide. Her latest album, Begin to Hope, hits stores June 2006, and she is currently touring the US and Europe. TM: So are your parents both musicians? RS: My mom was a conservatory professor of musicology and theory and she played piano. And my dad was a violinist way into his 20s. He played in an orchestra but he wasn't a professional musician. TM: What role did music play for you growing up? RS: It was everything. Like even before I can remember, my mom told me that when she was grading university papers she'd put on a record and I would stop screaming and when the record would end I'd start screaming again so she'd run and flip the record over and I'd listen and just lay there. And so, I guess (music) was my first babysitter...And that house was full of classical music, the Beatles and some Russian bards who were really great poets. TM: Any favorite composers? RS: There's so much. I've always loved Tchaikovsky and Prokofiev and Mozart and Bach. Then I discovered Chopin. There's so much... And then of course there was pop music and hip-hop...I'm discovering new stuff all the time. Like I just got into metal and it's actually really cool...Like that band Pantera...Anthrax, Guns N Roses...stuff I've never really listened to that's so amazing. TM: So is there a possibility of hearing some metal influence in your music? RS: I'm sure. It's just like with everything. Like when I discovered jazz or gospel or hip hop or country. There's so much great stuff. You sit there in the morning and you're like "Oh God, what am I going to listen to?" Johnny Cash or Marilyn Manson? You can't decide. Or Mozart or Joni Mitchell or Dylan or Nirvana. TM: How do you feel your Russian heritage plays a part in your music? RS: Russians, I feel, in a lot of ways are much more in touch with their melancholic side. They're comfortable with it. I feel like, in some ways, America tries to stifle melancholy. And people are sort of putting on a happy face and trying to be cheery and polite ...but it think (Russians) always were very open about being melancholy...It's in the literature and in the art. People spill over with emotion. So I think I have that bitter-sweetness of the Russian way. But there's also a lot of humor and self deprecation. TM: Do you have a typical songwriting process? RS: There's really not...I guess the only unifying thing that happens is that I need to....write at home in New York. And I'm on the road so much that sometimes I'm just like "ARGH! I just want to go home and write my songs!"... And if I'm not home for a long time I'm like "OK, I'm so inspired. I want to go home now and write" and then it's like "Oh no you have another month. Hold it in." You know? Like you've been holding in peeing for a while and then you pee and it's so good and you're like "Ahhh. This is the best!" (laughs) TM: That's a great analogy! So I noticed that a lot of your songs are character sketches. Where do you draw inspiration for them? RS: Observing people all around. I just love humans...and the (songs) come out of the fact that I find people endearing...You know, mannerisms, accents,'s all constant entertainment. All around us there are plays going on, movies, actors, characters, it's beautiful. TM: Are there any artists out there that you'd love to collaborate with? RS: There are so many cool musicians. You hear them and you say "wow, it would be cool to work with them." But anybody who's a great musician--you enjoy playing with them. On the new record, Nick (Valensi) played on the song "Better"--he's the guitarist for the Strokes, and that was really amazing...on (another) one of the songs, Paul McCartney's guitarist Rusty came in and played...and it was beautiful. And I also have two musicians from Central Park who played on it. One is Ralphie Williams and he's a saxophone player...And then we had another who played the erhu. It's this stringed Chinese instrument. I don't know how to describe it. It's kinda got a sound like (*she emulates the erhu with her voice*). Well, he had a really complicated name, but he just said to call him Joe. And I feel really bad because I don't know how to pronounce it! TM: So what excites you the most about the new album, Begin to Hope? RS: It's awesome! I love it so much. I love listening to it which is crazy. I've never made anything that I liked listening to. I would make stuff and then I'd never listen to it again... I had time and I had a chance to work like I'd always wanted to--to arrange and produce and have (more) instruments...I don't know if was just me, but any time I would finish stuff I would panic and hate it and try to take songs off of the record that ended up being people's favorite songs. TM: So what songs did you want to take off Soviet Kitsch? RS: The only reason I didn't take "Us" off of Soviet Kitsch was because I was gonna only have nine songs on it...and I'm really grateful to Gordon (Raphael, the producer) that he talked me into keeping it. For some reason in my mind, when we finished it, I felt "It's too long. It's too boring. Everything is wrong." And got really crazy about it. TM: Well you're nuts cause that's a great song! RS: Thanks...Remember that movie The Conversation? It's about paranoia...There's this scene where this person is destroying a room because they're convinced that it's bugged. And you have to be really careful with your record that you don't turn into that movie. (laughs) TM: You're your worst critic. RS: But sometimes you're right! Like for this new record, I had probably done 70 takes of "Samson."...And then we had (the album) done and I flew to Portland, Maine to master it... and I flew back to New York that same day and I got home and I was like "this is the wrong Samson." And I called my label and I said "the record's not done." And I went back into the studio and recorded it again. And they all thought that I was crazy...that I was destroying my record... But it ended up being exactly the take that I wanted. And I was right, my instinct was right. It takes a balance between trying to trust other people and knowing that sometimes you're going to want to erase the best track on the record, but also knowing that just because everybody says "this is great" and your instinct says "no, this is not the one" that you can do it because it is your record. I'm so opinionated and so stubborn--it's been really funny with this new record because some of the fans who have heard some of the new tracks were like "...Warner brothers made you put drums and guitars on stuff. They're trying to turn you mainstream!" I think it's so funny because if they only knew how no one in the world can make me do anything...they would never think that. TM: Do you ever get stage fright? RS: Oh my god, yeah. You know, your reasons for stage fright change but your body doesn't just knows that it's freaked out. So you just get stomach pains and nervous sweats. TM: Does this happen before every gig? RS: You know sometimes I will not even know that I'm playing a show and I'll wake up with a stomach ache and I think "why do I feel so crappy?" and then I'll go "oh, it's for tonight." TM: So do you like recording and writing more than playing live? RS: No. I love performing's like being on a roller coaster...when they close the thing you get really freaked out, but you know it's gonna be ok and you still want to do it. TM: One last question. If you could arrange to have a dinner party with any three people, living or dead, who would they be? RS: Hmm. I'd say Charlie Chaplin. Mozart and somebody who'd be really witty (pauses to think)...Oscar Wilde.
  25. post your favorite photos of regina

    luzer- I just looked at all of them. There are some really great shots in there. But the one you posted above is by far my favorite. I get personality from it. Excellent job!!