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  1. Singing along at shows pro/con

    My reference to a restaurant was an analogy, not a direct comparison.
  2. Singing along at shows pro/con

    quote: Originally posted by kailee: Thank you for starting this thread. I feel pretty strongly about this. After I saw her at the El Rey (in LA) this past May (wow triple rhyme), I posted kind of a rant here about people singing along. I say no. Shut up. Stop trying to show off that you know the words. Because we all know the words too--we all love Regina's music, and that's why we're there. We're there to listen to her. How can you really hear that lovely voice--she's live, in person, right in front of you--with your own voice buzzing in your head? Sometimes it's appropriate to sing. Like, when she asks us to. I agree that there are plenty of opportunities for audience participation. And think of it this way--if she requests that we join in on some songs, doesn't that imply that she does not intend for us to sing along to the others? Mouth the words. If you really can't contain yourself, sing in a whisper. But don't fucking sing in my ear when I'm trying to hear Regina. end rant! Well put rant! I think people are used to going to louder concerts where it hardly matters if one sings because no one can hear you anyway. Regina's music is obviously different with many quieter passages. It's not played at those higher decibel levels. I agree with the post that said respekt that others are there not to hear you. If you paid your money you are entitled to get what you paid for. For those that say it's okay please consider this. You're out at a world class restaurant. You're paying for a first class meal. But the guy at the table next to you keeps reaching over and taking your lobster. You know you'd be pissed. There is NO difference between singing along at a level that others around you can hear, speaking loudly, and shouting out rude comments during her performance.
  3. help

    "I kissed your lips and I tasted blood" is the first line from "Your Honor" on Soviet Kitsch.
  4. 11.11?!?

    I think the only place you can get it anymore is iTunes.
  5. Does Regina Have A Band?

    Try this: and also search through the "Shows" threads. You'll find some more info there.
  6. regina posters

    Pretty slim pickings. I did find a concert poster on e-bay here: Also you can register to win one here: at the bottom of the interview. (thanks to Bartender for the link).
  7. What's that song?

    That amazing song is "Baby Jesus". Several versions are available on under "the Wires" section.
  8. Madison Show 10/17

    Having not been there but knowing she has followed a basic set list this time out I'd bet the first song was "Ain't No Cover". Did she do it a cappella, finger tapping the mic? If so, I'm sure that was it. It is available on the EP "Live at the Bull Moose". As for "fucking" that was done with her on guitar and the name of that one is "Bobbing For Apples". You can find a copy of that on under "the Wires" section.
  9. TicketMaster interviews Regina

    Agreed. A few people here have voiced that concern. I hope they read it.
  10. My Regina T-Shirt

    I have no opinion on them as we deal with individual equity issues (stocks). But if you want me to look at a specific fund(s) take it offline to
  11. My Regina T-Shirt

    quote: Originally posted by Fran: firm = you are a lawyer? No, an investment advisor.
  12. My Regina T-Shirt

    No need for jealousy. I'm quite a few years past my eligibility! One of the other principals at my firm graduated from there magna cum laude. I hate him!
  13. TicketMaster interviews Regina

    Regina Spektor Short Biography Regina Spektor is a Russian-born, New York-based singer/songwriter whose off-beat lyrics, amazing voice and impeccable piano-playing skills have won over critics and audiences worldwide. Her latest album, Begin to Hope, hits stores June 2006, and she is currently touring the US and Europe. TM: So are your parents both musicians? RS: My mom was a conservatory professor of musicology and theory and she played piano. And my dad was a violinist way into his 20s. He played in an orchestra but he wasn't a professional musician. TM: What role did music play for you growing up? RS: It was everything. Like even before I can remember, my mom told me that when she was grading university papers she'd put on a record and I would stop screaming and when the record would end I'd start screaming again so she'd run and flip the record over and I'd listen and just lay there. And so, I guess (music) was my first babysitter...And that house was full of classical music, the Beatles and some Russian bards who were really great poets. TM: Any favorite composers? RS: There's so much. I've always loved Tchaikovsky and Prokofiev and Mozart and Bach. Then I discovered Chopin. There's so much... And then of course there was pop music and hip-hop...I'm discovering new stuff all the time. Like I just got into metal and it's actually really cool...Like that band Pantera...Anthrax, Guns N Roses...stuff I've never really listened to that's so amazing. TM: So is there a possibility of hearing some metal influence in your music? RS: I'm sure. It's just like with everything. Like when I discovered jazz or gospel or hip hop or country. There's so much great stuff. You sit there in the morning and you're like "Oh God, what am I going to listen to?" Johnny Cash or Marilyn Manson? You can't decide. Or Mozart or Joni Mitchell or Dylan or Nirvana. TM: How do you feel your Russian heritage plays a part in your music? RS: Russians, I feel, in a lot of ways are much more in touch with their melancholic side. They're comfortable with it. I feel like, in some ways, America tries to stifle melancholy. And people are sort of putting on a happy face and trying to be cheery and polite ...but it think (Russians) always were very open about being melancholy...It's in the literature and in the art. People spill over with emotion. So I think I have that bitter-sweetness of the Russian way. But there's also a lot of humor and self deprecation. TM: Do you have a typical songwriting process? RS: There's really not...I guess the only unifying thing that happens is that I need to....write at home in New York. And I'm on the road so much that sometimes I'm just like "ARGH! I just want to go home and write my songs!"... And if I'm not home for a long time I'm like "OK, I'm so inspired. I want to go home now and write" and then it's like "Oh no you have another month. Hold it in." You know? Like you've been holding in peeing for a while and then you pee and it's so good and you're like "Ahhh. This is the best!" (laughs) TM: That's a great analogy! So I noticed that a lot of your songs are character sketches. Where do you draw inspiration for them? RS: Observing people all around. I just love humans...and the (songs) come out of the fact that I find people endearing...You know, mannerisms, accents,'s all constant entertainment. All around us there are plays going on, movies, actors, characters, it's beautiful. TM: Are there any artists out there that you'd love to collaborate with? RS: There are so many cool musicians. You hear them and you say "wow, it would be cool to work with them." But anybody who's a great musician--you enjoy playing with them. On the new record, Nick (Valensi) played on the song "Better"--he's the guitarist for the Strokes, and that was really amazing...on (another) one of the songs, Paul McCartney's guitarist Rusty came in and played...and it was beautiful. And I also have two musicians from Central Park who played on it. One is Ralphie Williams and he's a saxophone player...And then we had another who played the erhu. It's this stringed Chinese instrument. I don't know how to describe it. It's kinda got a sound like (*she emulates the erhu with her voice*). Well, he had a really complicated name, but he just said to call him Joe. And I feel really bad because I don't know how to pronounce it! TM: So what excites you the most about the new album, Begin to Hope? RS: It's awesome! I love it so much. I love listening to it which is crazy. I've never made anything that I liked listening to. I would make stuff and then I'd never listen to it again... I had time and I had a chance to work like I'd always wanted to--to arrange and produce and have (more) instruments...I don't know if was just me, but any time I would finish stuff I would panic and hate it and try to take songs off of the record that ended up being people's favorite songs. TM: So what songs did you want to take off Soviet Kitsch? RS: The only reason I didn't take "Us" off of Soviet Kitsch was because I was gonna only have nine songs on it...and I'm really grateful to Gordon (Raphael, the producer) that he talked me into keeping it. For some reason in my mind, when we finished it, I felt "It's too long. It's too boring. Everything is wrong." And got really crazy about it. TM: Well you're nuts cause that's a great song! RS: Thanks...Remember that movie The Conversation? It's about paranoia...There's this scene where this person is destroying a room because they're convinced that it's bugged. And you have to be really careful with your record that you don't turn into that movie. (laughs) TM: You're your worst critic. RS: But sometimes you're right! Like for this new record, I had probably done 70 takes of "Samson."...And then we had (the album) done and I flew to Portland, Maine to master it... and I flew back to New York that same day and I got home and I was like "this is the wrong Samson." And I called my label and I said "the record's not done." And I went back into the studio and recorded it again. And they all thought that I was crazy...that I was destroying my record... But it ended up being exactly the take that I wanted. And I was right, my instinct was right. It takes a balance between trying to trust other people and knowing that sometimes you're going to want to erase the best track on the record, but also knowing that just because everybody says "this is great" and your instinct says "no, this is not the one" that you can do it because it is your record. I'm so opinionated and so stubborn--it's been really funny with this new record because some of the fans who have heard some of the new tracks were like "...Warner brothers made you put drums and guitars on stuff. They're trying to turn you mainstream!" I think it's so funny because if they only knew how no one in the world can make me do anything...they would never think that. TM: Do you ever get stage fright? RS: Oh my god, yeah. You know, your reasons for stage fright change but your body doesn't just knows that it's freaked out. So you just get stomach pains and nervous sweats. TM: Does this happen before every gig? RS: You know sometimes I will not even know that I'm playing a show and I'll wake up with a stomach ache and I think "why do I feel so crappy?" and then I'll go "oh, it's for tonight." TM: So do you like recording and writing more than playing live? RS: No. I love performing's like being on a roller coaster...when they close the thing you get really freaked out, but you know it's gonna be ok and you still want to do it. TM: One last question. If you could arrange to have a dinner party with any three people, living or dead, who would they be? RS: Hmm. I'd say Charlie Chaplin. Mozart and somebody who'd be really witty (pauses to think)...Oscar Wilde.
  14. My Regina T-Shirt

    Fran-You must stop using the tiki torches indoors
  15. Regina Demographics

    quote: Originally posted by nightofme: I am 42 I actually got my 16 year old duaghter and her friends to like her. I can relate. I was trying with my daughter for a long time. Then one of her friends started listening. Now I go past my daughters room and hear Regina and just smile to myself because if I said anything it would kill it! Now I'm working on her mother.....slowly.
  16. Regina on XM Commercial

    quote: Originally posted by Fran: I'm almost afraid to wear it now! I'll have to post some pics later... You can wear it, you just can't wash it!
  17. Regina on XM Commercial

    quote: Originally posted by a_secret_chord: you take life too seriously Posts lack inflection so your statement was taken as it reads. Perhaps the use of a or a would have avoided this.
  18. Regina on XM Commercial

    quote: Originally posted by Fran: What the hell is XM Radio? Is this an American thing? Is this satellite radio? I suppose I could just google it or something, but I'd prefer to expose my ignorance and revel in the fact that I have perhaps succeeding in avoiding a major artery of pop culture... ~Fran Your reveling is over because for someone that doesn't know what it is you pretty much hit it on the head. It is one of the two satellite radio companies available in the US. I have the other one - Sirius. If you want to call eclectic programming with commercial free CD quality music pop culture than so be it. But it's an industry in it's infancy right now so I'd hardly call it a major artery. FM radio programming is crap here so for me this is a welcome addition. You could literally drive across the country and never change or lose the station. P.S. I just saw the pictures of your shirt and I like it a lot. Nice job! quote: Originally posted by a_secret_chord: yeh dont worry about it, america sucks At first I wasn't going to respond to this sophomoric statement. But I will say that satellite radio brings us the BBC and if this is such a sucky place why does Regina live here? Think before you make such generalized comments. It is offensive.
  19. Regina on XM Commercial

    I couldn't believe my ears. I'm sitting here watching the NLCS on FOX and all of a sudden I hear "Better" on a commercial for XM Radio.
  20. Bringing Children to the Shows

    Don't miss an opportunity to bond with the kids. They aren't going to hear anything there that they haven't heard before. Besides if they're in to her music as you say then they've already heard the words from Regina's mouth!
  21. october 10th at the phoenix, Toronto

    JohnnyC I totally empathize with you. I've been to a show or two like that over the years. You shouldn't give a rats ass about those idiots giggling in front of you. You paid your money to see the show, not them. I would have confronted them as well and probably called them on the giggle. I've actually had people thrown out because I went to the ushers so many times. The time it happened the idiots started whinning to me that I ruined their dream show as they were escorted out. Some dream, them yakking. It sounds like the venue was totally out of control. Have you seen any reviews yet? It would be interesting to see what they would have to say. Next time you better come to NYC. Just don't come on St. Patricks Day because that's when the drinking 15 year olds are out in mass!
  22. Town Hall 9/27 YouTube

    I just found this on YouTube. It's 5 minutes of choppy clips but it will give you a little insight into the show. The girl taking it pulls a Bear outside after the show. reginnnnaaaaa
  23. Looking for MP3's of Regina

    quote: Originally posted by JohnnyC: Don't worry about all the flak that you're getting. Sharing music is not the evil that some make it out to be Flack? I beg to differ. I'm telling him how to get the "studio" versions of her songs....Legally. I guess you haven't had any acquaintances that the RIAA has gone after. Oh that's right, you're in Canada where I assume they have no jurisdiction? What's to be embraced is all the other material such as what you and a_secret_chord mentioned. That's all fair game. For being such a staunch supporter of Regina I'm actually surprised that you would find her studio versions fair game. Why does she sell discs at her concerts? Why are there no links to download mp3's on her site? Anyway I have no intention of going back and forth with you on this. My opinion stands and you are entitled to express yours. Have a great day!
  24. Looking for MP3's of Regina

    Tommy- Just found this site where you can download studio versions of her songs at a decent price.
  25. Looking for MP3's of Regina

    You obviously have internet access Tommy. Her albums are available at many sites. Songs and 11:11 are available here. The rest are available here. These are only examples obviously YMMV. Where are you located?