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  1. Looking for MP3's of Regina

    Why not buy studio versions and support Miss Spektor? I know she'd really appreciate it. If you just want to check her out you can go here and click on the music tab.
  2. electric factory setlist Philly show 9/30/06

    What happened? Why the bad rap?
  3. Town Hall 9/27 YouTube

    I just found this on YouTube. It's 5 minutes of choppy clips but it will give you a little insight into the show. The girl taking it pulls a Bear outside after the show. reginnnnaaaaa
  4. NYC show on the 27th

    I was directly in front of her family in row H. The relative with the flowers was right behind me. Where were you? I too would love to get a copy of this show if anyone got it.
  5. Copy of NYC show?

    The 28th show: Ain't No Cover Pound of Flesh The Flowers Baby Jesus Summer in the City Poor Little Rich Boy Music Box Human of the Year Bobbing for Apples That Time On the Radio * Sailor Song * Apres Moi * Better * Edit * Carbon Monoxide * Fidelity * Your Honor * Ghost of Corporate Future Field Below Us Samson Hotel Song * *=with band
  6. This is wonderful news. Thanks for the heads up!
  7. selling stuff?

    I mean: Songs 11:11 Soviet Kitch Live at Bull Moose Begin to Hope Begin to Hope w Bonus Disc I did not see Mary Ann Meets The Gravediggers And Other Short Stories but it may have been there too.
  8. selling stuff?

    From a distance I saw three t-shirts (red, black, white). The red had a nesting doll on the front and was cut for a woman. I was too far away to tell you anything about the other two. In addition all of her cd's were on sale.
  9. Performance At Town Hall 9/27/06

    Oh and Martha Plimpton was in the second row on the right side of the orchestra. It was funny, she couldn't see Regina over the piano. She kept kinda jumping up to see her every once in a while.
  10. Performance At Town Hall 9/27/06

    She started around 9:30 and I belive she finished up just after 11.

    Boris Pasternack
  12. Performance At Town Hall 9/27/06

    danlynch- I was there. But in the orchestra. I need a copy of that show when and if you did it. I believe the moratorium on the "two new songs" has long since expired. Someone will correct me if I'm wrong. It was a great night again. Those of you who were worried about the band playing with her, don't sweat it. She was out there on her own the majority of the time. When they did join in I thought it was very minimal, not intrusive and quite good considering it is a new adventure. I was not disappointed. Regina also seems to like the band a lot and is definitly having fun with them. To me, that's all that matters. They even attempted Your Honor. Wasn't bad for a song they obviously are still working out. Regina received a standing ovation prior to her encore. You could see she was deeply moved by it. When she came back out for the encore she said her face was twitching from smiling so hard and for so long. We made her twitch again after the encore, a secong standing O. I was in the row in front of her family. Spoke with Mom and Dad briefly on my way out. You could see that they were moved by what was going on as well. They were beaming with pride. Those of you going on Thursday will have a great time I'm sure!

    I have a single, 8th row for tonight
  14. Providence Set List

    quote: Originally posted by WillyLumps: I got to meet Regina and i'm ecstatic! Tell us more!!
  15. September 20th 2006 @ Toads Place, New Haven, CT

    When he gets to the crowded subway platform, He takes off both of his shoes He steps right into somebody's fat loogie And everyone who sees him says, "Ew." Now we know who dropped that fat boy! Was she alone or was a band playing with her?

    quote: Originally posted by Volodya: you (and everyone else from home) should encourage her to sing more in a certain language it would be very interesting! I just love that small Russian poem interlude in Apres Moi. Even though I don't understand the language I find it very beautiful. I also love when the drums kicks in shortly after that. It reminds me of DeVotchka who opened for her at Irving Plaza a year ago.
  17. Performance At Town Hall 9/27/06

    "Real" seat chart here! Tickets are still available for both nights. I just checked Ticketmaster.
  18. Regina Covering Hallelujah.

    quote: Originally posted by Bartender: Try this: Jewish Heritage Festival The above link by Bartender is still active.
  19. Is Regina Pregnant?

    Hmmmm. The only thing that makes me think not is that she is on tour right now and someone here would have noticed and said something. Unless she's going to great lengths to hide it. Anyone who has seen her recently care to pipe in? Oh, and look at this shot????? But that seems mighty high, like rib cage. No, I still think not.
  20. WHOA! SAMSON??

    Is it possible that we are only hearing one of the two channels on the website?? When I play with the balance, while listening to the CD version, if I go all the way to one side I definitely decrease the strings, if I go all the way to the other side the strings are very pronounced
  21. Is Regina Pregnant?

    quote: Originally posted by Fran: ??? Fran- I believe the OP is refering to this dress.
  22. Is Regina Pregnant?

    Nice first post! That'll grab some attention. I believe that is the style of that dress only. You know.... Style...(mouth percussion noises).....STYLE. Don't believe there is a bun in the oven.
  23. Regina at V Festival

    Unfortunately no, it doesn't list the reporter. HERE'S THE LINK
  24. Regina at V Festival

    quote: Originally posted by LittleVoice: I've trawled around The V Festival website for a glimpse of Regina but have found nothing yet. Here's the interview: By your own admission, your songs are little stories filled with crazy characters. Do you ever write in the first person? Are your lyrics about other people also a bit of a defence mechanism to keep fans from getting too close to what's really going on in your head? It is my instinct to keep myself a bit private. I think it's just our culture, and it's really unfortunate, we've turned somewhere along the road, down this side street to somewhere that really isn't good. Homer was a bard and he wrote the Odyssey and it was full of all these amazing images and life lessons, and to care what he ate for breakfast or who he fucked is just so infantile. It doesn't give us any more of a glimpse into the Odyssey. It doesn't matter to us whether he related more to Athena, Portia or Odysseus. It doesn't matter which one was his ?I? or if this thing really happened to him in life and he incorporated it into his work. I feel that now it goes together with the devaluing of life and individuality. People have always needed idols. It used to be the sun and the moon and mountains and fire and then slowly it's become hype and public eye and there's no reason for it. It's an escapism that's unhealthy. A person should come home and think about their life and what they're doing to making it better, and have fun with their friends, just their own world. And that way good will radiate outwards from them. Instead they flip something on and they're like, who's cheating on whom, or who's divorcing whom. People are watching movies to see if there's real chemistry between two actors. I want to be as insignificant as possible. I want to tell a story, hang out with you for an hour and half at a show, playing for you. It's like, I respect you, so you don't need to be like that with me. I'm looking up to you. I'm sitting and writing and my first thought is, is this good enough for my fans. You don't need to put that rejection of what is she really like? Or I think she understands me. Stuff that's so pointless. You did a duet with Julian Casablancas called ?Post Modern Girls and Old Fashioned Men.? Have you recorded with anyone else? No! He's the only one! First of all, I was a huge, huge fan, like before I got to go on tour with The Strokes, I didn't know them at all. I was broke and I was thinking, How am I going to get to see them, it's going to sell out! I thought maybe Gordon Raphael (Spektor and The Strokes producer) will be able to put me on the guest list and then suddenly I could go to all the shows! When they said about the song, it was like, Okay! Now all you have to do is kill me! We had one rehearsal and the power of standing in front of The Strokes with a mic and they kick in, it's like WHOOSH! Like they're your backing band and you're the chick singer! It was fucking fun. I want to do another duet, because there's something so old world about them. I love musicals and Fred Astaire, it's so fun to listen to Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong sing to each other. It would be really cool to do a record of duets. I know a lot of cool guys with cool voices who are in bands. You recently turned 26. How do you feel about getting older? Do you hate it? I was like that when I was a teenager and as a matter of fact this feeling came over me when I was 13, that early on, and it was so hard for me to let go of every year that went by. Then maybe when I was 22, it just got really easy and it's been getting easier, because I think it was a misconception with myself that I didn't understand what it was to be an adult. To me it was like this looming, evil thing, that eats away at your imagination, fantasy and innocence, all the great things that come with being a child. But really once I started figuring out what it is to be an adult it was so wonderful because my life has been more happy and fun in the past few years than it has been in a while. So in that respect I'm excited! Also I think as far as the music industry goes, my record company would love it if I was 18. Your father was a scientist and photographer amongst other things. Can you imagine yourself leaving music behind to explore something else? There are a lot of other creative things that I want to do. I love acting and I might do a play. As far as I'm concerned it's all for the taking because it's a way of expressing yourself. But it is really hard for me to imagine not having music in my life. When I don't write songs for a little while they just accumulate and then I go and write, write, write. It's like a bi-product of me. You live and absorb life until you're full to the brim and then it overflows into your bi-product! Sorry for the gross image .. I don?t know why I said that .. but please print it!
  25. Regina Story

    But before I leave the house I will fill my lips with lipstick.