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  1. FIDELITY music video

    Indeed he did. Here's a full page of his quips if interested...
  2. FIDELITY music video

    quote: Originally posted by Jonathan Frakes: I allow actors to take chances, and I think levity is valuable, and especially peppered properly in a story like this.
  3. FIDELITY music video

    quote: theres actually been a news post on the website for awhile 'July 8, 2006 Regina's new video for 'Fidelity' is having its online premiere on right now. Click here' I believe the webmaster screwed the date up on that one. If you notice the posts are all in decending chronological order. I'm sure that was actually posted on August 8, 2006. So adamjk was correct at the time of his post. EDIT (8/24/06): The date has been changed to reflect August 8th.
  4. Performance At Town Hall 9/27/06

    If it's half as good as the one at Irving Plaza last year it will be special!
  5. Performance At Town Hall 9/27/06

    quote: Tickets that are available at The Town Hall Box Office (123 West 43rd Street) are usually available for purchase three weeks prior to the performance date. For information 24/7 phone 212/840-2824 this number will list all tickets available at the Box Office. Town Hall Web Page Good luck!
  6. FIDELITY music video

    quote: Originally posted by JohnnyC: I just noticed this post. You are an angry, misguided individual. Now that's funny. You completely disregard and disrespekt regina's artistic preferences and then you say that?? You ought to read the post again.....
  7. FIDELITY music video

    This is the look I was referring to in my first post here (the second overall post):
  8. FIDELITY music video

    quote: Originally posted by jweprich: ^ Thank you! All that was in my head... But if i would have written it the vocabulary would have been a little more colorful! My non-conditional respekt for regina kept the color out!
  9. FIDELITY music video

    quote: Originally posted by JohnnyC: Yes. I was referring to the fact that there is no piano in the album version of Fidelity. Hence, the playing of piano in the video makes no sense. Regarless of some sort of lyrical message, it's still bizarre. Possibly even annoying since it can be distracting to see. the above should read like this to those that have been here long enough to know me: I am still a bit sensitive when it comes to some of the new versions of songs, and removing the piano from Fidelity is a sore wound that need not be reopened - and certainly not by the video for said song. Oh get a life. regina decides this is the way she wants to present her music and your upset about it? What kind of fan are you? Only if it's done the way you like it??? regina has clearly stated, on numerous ocassions, that she was not pressured. That this is the way she has envisioned these songs. But you've been around here long enough to know that. I've been lurking around here long enough to know that you are showing disrespekt. regina has decided this is the way they shall be. Get over yourself and respekt that! You're annoyed and distracted by her video??? Move on my friend. I for one love the video. I think it's her best yet.
  10. FIDELITY music video

    quote: Originally posted by JohnnyC: Ummm... why is she playing piano in the video? Ummm... because she can?
  11. Forgive me if this is a duplicate post. I couldn't find it anywhere here and I think everyone will enjoy this! The interviewer is a bit of a tool, but who cares when we get to hear regina.....I think the RealPlayer version is better. Songs performed: "Fidelity," "Better," and "Samson." What is this FreeBird thing? Gotta love it.....
  12. Minnesota Public Radio appearance

    Forgive me if this is a duplicate post. I couldn't find it anywhere here and I think everyone will enjoy this! The interviewer is a bit of a tool, but who cares when we get to hear regina.....I think the RealPlayer version is better. Songs performed: "Fidelity," "Better," and "Samson." What is this FreeBird thing? Gotta love it.....
  13. FIDELITY music video

    Yes, I really like it too. Seems very sincere yet playful. I was pleasantly surprised. There is something about her look just about at the end. He just finished dumping the blue chalk on her head. Songs almost done. Close up on her face. She's covered in green, yellow and red chalk and looks up to realize the camera's on her and it looks like she shys away. Her look is something special. God, she is gorgeous......
  14. Can anyone tell me what songs shes covered?

    You may want to check out this thread. and this one.
  15. Beacon Theater 11/2/05 (with Rufus Wainwright)

    I personally was unable to make the show Here is a quick review from a Regina "virgin" co-worker of mine. COWORKER-Thought of you last night when I was at the concert – I’m not hooked on regina as well, and even crazier about rufus--- ME-You're "not" hooked on regina????? Did you mean you "got" hooked on her? How was she? Sometimes she gets nervous. How did the audience take to her? I'm sure some folks were there just to see her. Did she play long? And Rufus was cool too? COWORKER-Sorry,,, I got home at 1am,,,,,,,, I was typing something, and then went to switch it to the got hooked part………. Yes,, I’m totally hooked (but obviously not awake) --- she played for a while – started right at 8 – we got there a few minutes late, and she played for a least half an hour --- maybe 45 minutes – she was great – very cute and sweet when she talked but then crazy when she sang – she’s totally talented and so creative – loved it- The audience loved her – they were singing along and shouting out requests— Rufus was great – he played two different guitars, piano, sang – had the horn section from the conan o’brien show playing with his band last night too – but they had a huge band, and then sometimes it would be just him and the piano – the first half hour was pretty much just my favorite songs, one after the other – was amazing-
  16. Cant Make it to Irving :(

    One word about the show last night...... Uh-mazing!
  17. Tshirts

    Back of T
  18. Tshirts

    Front of T
  19. quote: Originally posted by kailee: I made a Regina mix cd for one friend, who became obsessed within a week and knew all the lyrics. So kailee, give us the rundown on the magic mix!
  20. I think Shawn hit it on the head with the comment on "pop music filter". I thought Regina was jusy okay when I first listened to her. I grew to love her after several listens. I definetly didn't get it at first. It takes a little time. Most people today are too busy to take the time. We live in a world of instant gratification. People take one listen and they're done. You know what? That's their loss. I don't care what other people think about Regina (including my wife). Regina must have developed a thick skin by now. I'm sure she would agree with me. Didn't someone here post an audio clip where after being heckled (I think someone asked her to play Freebird) she told the jerk where to go?? Those folks have a choice just like the rest of us. No one performer will ever be universally liked by everyone. It's just human nature. But those suckers sure don't know what they're missing Needless to say, my wife won't be using the ticket I bought for her to go to the Irving Plaza show. I'd rather it that way. I don't want her to go if she won't enjoy it. Although she might get it if she tried. I'll just write the ticket off as a donation to a woman who is a magnificent breath of fresh air in this mostly stale and stagnant world of music.
  21. Regina Demographics

    Having ordered my tickets for Irving Plaza my curiosity got going. What is the average age of Regina's fan base? Not looking for you to reveal anything other than your age. For some reason I think I might be on the high end of the scale. I look forward to a great night with everyone that's going to the Irving Plaza show. Oh yeah, I'm 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50 (ugh), 51.....
  22. If Regina would ever do a cover song.....

    The perfect cover song for Regina. The Boomtown Rats: I Don't Like Monday's. It's mostly a piano based song and if your familiar with the lyrics, can't you just hear Regina singing, "I wanna shoo-oo-oo-oo-oot the whole day down"? I hadn't heard the song in quite a while and when it came on the other day, I'm thinking this is a Regina style song. She would do it justice. DISCLAIMER: Now before you go flaming me for speaking such sacralige let me remind you that many great artists, at one time in their careers, have done covers. It doesn't take away from their song writing. It merely adds a new facet, shows versatility, and allows them to make a song their own. It might bring her more exposure too. Based on her TV appearances and touring I'd say she might be looking for the exposure. This way more people might find out what we already know, Regina is a major talent. If you're not familiar with the song or the story behind it you can go here