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  1. Vote for Only Son!

    quote: Jack Dishel Friends! Because of the tremendous show of support from all of you during the video contest, mtvU has decided to add our video to rotation as of June 6th! Thank you all so much! We did it!!! ))))
  2. Vote for Only Son!

    I believe there are a few things in play here. A Million Pieces has quite the following as well based on the comments. We are probably now in the hundreds of thousands of votes. A vote doesn't carry the same weight it did when the total number of votes was lower. And then we have the third place Scars On 45 which has a bit of a following too and is effectively siphoning votes away from the top 2. Reminds me of a few elections I have seen. Either way, any way, it is what it is. Our only hope is to keep at it. I am tired. Been at this day & night all week. I totally get your frustration. Hang in there. It's more important now than ever. Rock the vote...
  3. Vote for Only Son!

    No, please don't use a macro. They leave a very distinct pattern that is very easy to pick up. Backspacing is not cheating because it is performing the same function as the line "Click here to vote again". quote: No robotic, programmed, script, macro or other automated votes (collectively "Automated Votes") permitted. Automated Votes or votes that have been tampered with will result in disqualification of all such votes.
  4. Sydney, Australia April 28, 2010

    Regina Concert at the Opera House, Sydney, Australia on April 28, 2010 25 .mp3 files zipped. The Calculation Eet Folding Chair Ode To Divorce Machine Laughing With One More Time With Feeling Two Birds Better Blue Lips Sailor Song On The Radio (Instrumental)Dance Anthem Of The 80s Silly Eye-Color Generalizations Bobbing For Apples That Time Après Moi Poor Little Rich Boy Human Of The Year Summer In The City Samson Us Fidelity Hotel Song Love, You're A Whore thanks peterpan
  5. Brandi Carlile Rec Str Day Vid

    Stream Brandi's new album before it's released here.
  6. Nicole Atkins

    Ksenia- That experience couldn't have happened to a nicer person. I am so happy for you...
  7. DVD Screenings

    Source: Exclusive Theatre Screenings, November 19-25 In New York City: only fourteen screenings at the luxurious Village East Cinema (the former Yiddish Art Theater on Second Avenue) Regina Spektor will make a special appearance the 7:30 PM show on Monday, November 22nd in NYC! Elsewhere in the U.S.A - very limited single day screenings: Portland OR New Orleans LA Los Angeles CA Seattle WA Duluth MN Alpharetta GA Houston TX Dallas TX Austin TX Chicago IL (see link above for dates in these cities) If a screening is not happening near you, make a case that you should host one of those screenings by suggesting a show: Live in London is the first live recording and concert film from acclaimed artist Regina Spektor. Captured mainly at London’s famed Hammersmith Apollo Theatre, Live in London features 22 remarkable performances that span Spektor’s brilliant catalog of music, including three new songs that have only been performed live. For the first time, fans can see Regina up close as she performs fan favorites like Us, Fidelity, Samson and Eet, along with backstage footage, inside peaks at sound check and more. Live in London is a captivating concert film directed by Adria Petty. An artist praised for her remarkable originality, inspired storytelling and enthralling performances, Rolling Stone raves Spektor "put on one of the most intensely joyful rock shows we’ve seen all year." The Philadelphia Inquirer adds, "Everything she did was greeted with thunderous applause...the audience could not get enough. Perhaps what was most remarkable about Regina’s performance, aside from hearing Spektor’s gorgeous vocals in person, was her ability to enrapture the crowd...Spektor’s passion, vitality and sheer musical talent transformed the Electric Factory into a world of intimacy." The Boston Globe simply says, "multitalented Spektor is capable of anything and it shows on stage." Live in London is dedicated to Regina’s cellist and band leader Daniel Cho, who tragically passed away this summer.
  8. Brandi Carlile Rec Str Day Vid

    Grab a free download of Before It Breaks from Brandi's new Live album which will be released soon. Today is the last day. Clicky
  9. Nicole Atkins

    Amazon Deal of the Day. Today only. Purchase Mondo Amore for the ridiculously low price of $2.99.
  10. pictures and videos of interest...

    Strokes new album dropping tomorrow check out "Under Cover of Darkness" plus other videos here.
  11. school = :(

    Shira, is a tutor a possibility? Helped my daughter tremendously...just a thought...

    Yes, Kate, Happy Birthday!

    Thanks again one and all. We had a great time. My daughter surprised me with a visit. I really appreciate your kind words and wishes.
  14. New music we should all hear

    quote: Originally posted by Stepped On A Syringe: I am falling in LOVE with Ólöf Arnalds... falling in looove She sounds a lot like Kate Bush...
  15. MoMA Benefit 3/9/11

    quote: Originally posted by Greg: That was one of the things I asked her about at McCarren! She said she looks up her old songs if she needs to remember them, like when a TV Show e-mailed her asking for a "proper master" of Lucky Penny and she looked it up and played it. She didn't just look it up, tell them where she looked it up!!! EDIT: Sorry, I see that was already established on the previous page...

    Thanks guys, tis a very sad day when one becomes eligible for AARP...yuck
  17. Bulletin Posts

    Hey M. How are you? How's your horse? I've seen some really nice photos of you on FB. You're growing up way to fast. Would you slow down please...
  18. Nicole Atkins

    Ксения got to meet Nic after the show last night. She sounds pretty psyched. She posted a profile pic of her and nic on FB and promised to update us here....
  19. school = :(

    Hi rainna *waves* Good luck on the paper and with the rest of the school year!
  20. I tried to do this on a much smaller scale back in the day. But it hasn't been touched in years. You might find some info though on some people that are still around. http://reginaspektor.infopop.c...771050611#6771050611
  21. Bulletin Posts

    Yes, and though we have a lot of people registered that never post, the actual number of active members would and always has been much, much lower. Facebook took over after about 2 weeks!
  22. Bulletin Posts

    Just noticed... Registered Members: 4000
  23. Bulletin Posts

    Peter Pan, you dah man!
  24. school = :(

    Rosa, Jeremy- HOLA!