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  1. Just got an update. All I know right now is that Mom and babies are well...
  2. Time to send good thoughts Jodi & Kurt's way. Tomorrow is the big day. The unveiling of the first set o' stixettes. Baby A and baby B make their presence known. Best wishes guys!
  3. pictures and videos of interest...
  4. The magnitude of this is really something else. The first stix babettes and twins to bat. You've done awesome Kurt & Jodi. I know it's not easy. But this is the home stretch. We are thinking of you.
  5. What are you listening to right now?

    Watching the Detectives - Elvis Costello
  6. Name That reg Tune

    Please limit to reg songs, in case of a tie, first post wins! Kissed my cheek and rubbed my feet
  7. Lost In Autumn

    Lost in Autumn By Michael Patrick Nelson This is autumn. Two weeks ago, I got a new navy-blue pea coat. It’s just a wool coat, but it feels like something between a blanket and a bulletproof vest: It’s thick and heavy and warm and wonderful. I wear it every day now, and I wonder how I ever lived without it. On the train, every morning and afternoon, I sit bundled in the coat, pressed against the window, reading and listening to Thelonious Monk or The Sundays or Ryan Adams. In the mornings, I squint and shift in the brilliant sunlight, almost overjoyed at the sensual delights with which I am showered: the taste and smell of my croissant and coffee; the feel of the newspaper in my fingers and the sun on my face and the coat covering the rest of me; the sound of music flooding my head. In the afternoons, by the time my train arrives, it is dark outside, midnight black, the temperatures dropping more every day, the days becoming night ever earlier, and while the songs might remain the same, they somehow sound different. This is autumn. Late last month, I spent a full Sunday afternoon in my bedroom, putting into storage my old T-shirts, and removing from storage my old sweaters, with Jonathan Schwartz talking softly on the radio and playing records by Frank Sinatra and Joni Mitchell and Johnny Hartman and Tony Bennett. I don’t know when it happened, but somehow, the quiet hum of housekeeping has become a beloved pastime. And I don’t know what it is about going through my old clothing that makes me feel so nostalgic, but it is a welcome feeling, one I enjoy more than I should probably admit. And I don’t know what Sunday afternoons in November would be like without Jonathan Schwartz telling me, in his gravelly whisper, about Judy Garland and Carly Simon and Nelson Riddle, but I don’t want to find out. This is autumn. The films of Woody Allen, especially Hannah and Her Sisters. Allen has many virtues as a filmmaker, but personally, what I love most about his pictures is the romantic and idyllic way they portray New York City, especially the way the city changes with the seasons, and most especially the way Allen uses music to highlight the sensitivity and beauty of his images. Hannah features pieces by Count Basie and Cole Porter and Bach (among others): music that reflects the city like a glassy pond in Central Park; music that sounds as much like this season as the joyous and high-pitched lunchtime cries of children on playgrounds, ringing out from somewhere in the distance. This is autumn. Halloween and the World Series and my birthday and Election Day. Parades and celebrations and congratulations and changes. This is autumn. Miles Davis and David Sylvian and Sade and Sigur Rós and The Strokes and The Stone Roses and The Sea and Cake and Nick Drake and John Coltrane and Jeff Buckley and Belle & Sebastian and Simon & Garfunkel and Hall & Oates and Yo La Tengo and Kings of Convenience and Red House Painters and Pet Shop Boys and Pat Metheny and Portishead and Radiohead and Regina Spektor and Charlie Parker and Joseph Arthur and José González...And I don’t know that any particular artist is consigned to any particular season, but some music just sounds better at certain times of year. Surely that is a personal thing -- something to do with when an individual listener discovers or first connects with an individual artist -- but as I look at that list of names, I cannot help but be struck by how specifically and fundamentally each one of them seems to belong to this season, and how all of them bunched together, as they are right there, could never represent anything else, almost as if all that music and this time of year have, for me, become inextricably intertwined, like two parts of a single thing: like warm bread and its scent, or a building and its shadow. This is autumn. Like all great natural beauty, its stay with us is far too brief. But more than any other time of year, or any other time in our lives, it is in this short season that we may wake up and look around and truly feel the wonder and enormity of the world around us. And the sounds of autumn are signature, unique, and more beautiful than any other sounds I know. Source:
  8. Lost In Autumn

    Autumn is upon us once again... BUMP
  9. The I've Never Seen a Regina Show Club

    quote: Originally posted by dentistgirl: Nor, did I until I was 22. Actually, 23 if you want to get technical, since the first time I saw regina wasn't exactly on my own initiative. Interesting....So who provided the initiative? Hey Kaylee...nice to see you
  10. Bittersweet News!

    Rosa Try not to let the distance influence your decision. Liking the university should be a higher priority. You can always go home! Good luck with everything coming your way.
  11. Brandi Carlile Appreciation Thread

    Aah but we do have a thread and you posted there Ricky!! It's usually just Jamie and I blaberating, but if anyone is interested it's here: http://reginaspektor.infopop.c...901/m/5511031872/p/1
  12. Any Arcade Fire fans??

    They just started a "rebroadcast" now. So if you missed it, it ain't so live anymore, but worth the watch...
  13. Any Arcade Fire fans??

    AF live from Madison Square Garden right now...
  14. Brandi Carlile Rec Str Day Vid

    Brandi enjoys playing at the out of the way venues. I have seen her at a couple off the beaten path now. She discusses her preference here: I am going to see Brandi again with Sheryl Crow in Sept at Radio City Music Hall. That one is on the beaten path for sure...
  15. pictures and videos of interest...

    NSFW and non lil kid friendly... The guy that did this was employed at Best Buy until they found out he did this. They canned him. Now that it's got over 4 million hits they want him back...
  16. the SRG appreciation thread.

    I did say "a" vowel. Yes, it's Serge and the other guesses were hillarious.
  17. Regina at The White House!

    Go>Personal Zone>Ignore List>Add Users>Type the name of the person you wish to ignore>Search Check the box next to the persons name Click Add selected members Done
  18. post your favorite photos of regina

    It's also a well known fact that she quit years ago.
  19. RIP Dan Cho

    Obviously everyone is free to do what they feel they should do. It's a very personal choice. We all have our own way of coping with loss. I think that any way you decide to acknowledge this loss is acceptable. I'm still very numb and haven't decided what I will do. Anthony, I thought your post on the memorial book site was eloquent.
  20. I wonder what fruit/veggie they are this week...have you seen the belly move yet? That freaked me out!
  21. the SRG appreciation thread.

    I'll give you a hint...there is a vowel missing in two places...
  22. RIP Dan Cho

    I am in total shock and at a loss for words. My deepest condolences to everyone touched by this tragic loss.
  23. pictures and videos of interest...

    So Lenny was sitting up on the terrace enjoying a drink when he heard some strange music...