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  1. Chicago last night!

    Chicago was amazing! I actually stood next to that journalist as she scribbled notes on a folded piece of white paper. It was interesting to hear some of the fans try to describe Regina's music...but regardless, I think that article was well written and poignant. The crowd in Chicago was a pleasure to be a part of and I can only hope that Regina makes her way back our way sometime real soon!
  2. Pound of Flesh...

    Hi? I've been left behind! imust listen Now! Going. YEs.
  3. Whos who!?

    Alle, Indiana(yeah i totally know)....and 25. Pstt, you forgot something.
  4. MORE north american tour dates

    EeeeEee, I just got my tickets for the Chicago show!!!! Soooo Excited! I've never been to the venue though...anyone???
  5. Regina & Chicago & the blasted age limit

    *sneaks monique and BoO in underneath her coat*
  6. Conan O'Brian

    awww, thanks bowl of oranges! Those screen shots are awesome!
  7. Conan O'Brian

    can we say Precious? can we say Darling? can we say enough, she is absolutely Perfect. I thought she did wonderful on the show tonight. I very much agree, the little flaws only make me adore what she is doing more. I look forward to hearing and seeing so much more. I loved her singing style, just different. Rather reminincint of the playfulness Amanda Pierce from The Dresden Dolls has but not as theatrical and dramatic, just cute, contemplative. We talked about this earlier. anyway. it was Goo oo d!