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  1. A Place to Ask Any Regina Related Question

    Thanks SO much! I will listen to this! Thanks
  2. A Place to Ask Any Regina Related Question

    Hey, new question, cause sorry, I am unable to answer the question above... Anyway, does anyone know if it is true that Regina gives "spoken introductions" to the songs on the album "Secrets of the witching hour" by "The Crimea"? This is what it says on Wikipedia, however I just downloaded the album and there were no i am a little confused. In the song "Requiem Aeternam" I believe I can here Regina saying something at one point...but not sure about that either...I would love to know the answer!
  3. Things to do before you die

    Yes see Regina Spektor Live!
  4. Regina's Recurring Motifs

    that is how i felt about it at first, but there are defenetly some elements of prostitution "i am one of your people but the cars don't stop" but it is mostly about yering to be in a emotional relationship rather than phisical...or so i think it is Dance athem of the 80's and hotel song are very catchy! they are somewhat about love as well as prostitution, thus by that pattern fidelity and the calcuation are two very catch, as well as others...
  5. A Place to Ask Any Regina Related Question

    Thanks "ThisIsHowItWorks" for answering my questions. The song will play in itunes so it is not the sart and stop times, probably just a bad file or my bad ipod... The first question makes me want to ask another, does regina look at this website? how were the birthday wishes sent to her? sorry to ignore the weat question, but i have no idea about that...
  6. Us

    Just watched that tonight! such a great movie, especialy the soundtrack!
  7. A Place to Ask Any Regina Related Question

    What did Regina's status mean, i have been absent from brumstix for a while, did brumsix put something together for her birtday? That's pretty cool. Any who, whould this be a appropreate place to ask if any one knows how to edit your name on brumstix...? I know it is eaisy to edit your location, but i cannot figure out how to edit your name. Also, sorry to ask so many questions, some of the songs that i download from respektonline work in my itunes, but when i put them on my ipod they play part way through, and then stop, but they don't freeze my ipod. i fixed some of them by making sure they save properly, but i cannot get december and secret stash to work. Any sugestions?
  8. Looking for like High Quality mp3 Concert recordings.

    Thanks! that was really helpful, now i can have some better recordings! Thans so much!
  9. Chemo Limo

    It seems to me that she is going to die "The doctor he asked which way we were headed I said "sir let's just go west" and he listened obediently" "west" is repersentitve of deat, born in the east, like the sun, and then end of the life is the west.
  10. Looking for like High Quality mp3 Concert recordings.

    and btw the recordings are really good on! compaired to youtube!
  11. Looking for like High Quality mp3 Concert recordings.

    i went to, and i tried to download a song, but this quick time thing cameup, is it possible to get it into you itunes, because i have just been using youtube videos and converting then using video2mp3...?
  12. Regina vs Miley Cyrus

    Sarcasm? Because Miley Cyrus dose not even write her own songs. Regina would win, she is far more intelligent and talented, it is not even a competition.
  13. Reg's next album - wish list

    Speaking of the Piano is not firewood yet, are there any good recordings, the only one i can find is on youtube, and it has a chunk of it missing!