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  1. Favorite non-reg albums this year

    So i figured in this here thread we could all discuss our favorite non-far albums of the year. At fear of being bashed as a hipster (this is what we were talking about on the Far thread) - I honestly think Animal Collective's Merriweather Post Pavilion is a fantastic album, and easily one of the best of the year. Also, I'm a *huge* Spencer Krug fanboy so I think Dragonslayer by Sunset Rubdown is awesome. My friends think it's odd that I listen to both Sunset Rubdown and Reg. But what can I say. I like diversity in my music. For those unfamiliar with what Spencer does, don't be frightened by the title - it's a truly great album of indie rock (verging on pop) songs. I don't expect too many people to enjoy it though... WHAT are YOUR thoughts!?!?!?
  2. applying to college sucks!

    so much work... BLEGH! i am dying with this shit. thoughts? condolences? but soon it will all be over. yay!
  3. applying to college sucks!

    Oh it went lovely. It was at the diner, so it was a very low-stress environment, and the dude had a giant stain on the front of his shirt which completely put me at ease, so we just chatted for a while and it was nice. I hope they're all that nice...
  4. applying to college sucks!

    resurrecting my own thread: i have my first interview tomorrow and it's for my early action school and i'm very nervous. suggestions? also i am retroactively wishing ThisIsHowItWorks good luck with the apps!
  5. what is stikcy?

    I think it's probably nothing so mythical like all of you guys are talking about. maybe somebody was just using it as a test to see how the stickies work. so he or she (whoever started this thing - reg? idk) put this up, maybe with an accidental typo, to see if it would actually stick (that's why there's a question mark). and when it did, then they did the "this is a place..." one. sounds reasonable, no?
  6. "Oh, I love Regina Spektor!"

    quote: Originally posted by Brady: Okay guys get this!!!! I only know one person in person in my age group who likes reg and that's my best friend, about a month ago I found another person in my grade who is a big reg fan. There's this girl in my school named Taryn.....this girl is so freaking pretty its not even funny I mean she is actually not that far from being as pretty as reg. But definately not though.... anyway, luckily I have three periods and lunch with this taryn and also a locker next 2 her! So the first time I wore a regina shirt to school she comes into 2nd hour looks at my shirt and says, " I love regina spektor, she's like my favorite singer!" She also asked me where I got it and I told her....... And then in 3rd hour she shows me what she is listening to on her ipod and its Music Box demo! And then samson too! Lol now I am like even more attracted to her because she likes reg....its awesome that the only two people I know in my grade that like reg r my best friend and the sexiest chick in the school! DO WORK SON!
  7. Regina on SNL!! - Oct 10 2009

    quote: Originally posted by EnglishGuyinNYC: will she play another song or can i turn this crap off before my funny bone gets cancer just from watching it? you can turn this crap off
  8. Regina on SNL!! - Oct 10 2009

    quote: Originally posted by Karl Projektorinski: Also, the picture of regina before she sang was stunning yes! and EnglishGuy, I completely agree. SNL has really fallen off in recent years. This episode is really painful to watch. Bill Heder is very good though he's pretty much the saving grace.
  9. Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize

    quote: Originally posted by bum bum bum: Does he deserve a Nobel Peace prize? Maybe not. I'm thinking it's more of a push on him to come through with some of his promises, and a recognition that he has the worlds attention and has improved the image of the U.S. both directly and indirectly. Agree very very much. quote: is he aware that he's being hyped as Jesus: Revamped?? does he know that people genuinely believe that //he will save the world?!// if not, then he's surrounded himself with anything but public relations, and shouldn't assume, as he did in this e mail, that we're supporting him. If he knows he's supported, he knows that too many people think that he's god. And that's something that needs to be nipped in the bud, Obama, Dear. This is a joke right? the only people hyping him as "the Messiah" or "Jesus: Revamped" are people like Musiclover and Rush Limbaugh and all of the other right wing pundits. No one on the left thinks he's god. A lot of people on the left are pretty unhappy with him so far, because he's being a bit of a pussy, quite frankly. That's why I agree with BBB's quote above. quote: He should squelch this ridiculous movement, so that people will support him for what he really is, rather than allowing this religious, unrealistic, maniacal cult-following. there is no movement. And guess what, if he came out and said "guys, stop thinking I'm Jesus," then all the pundits would flip out on him for thinking people thought he was Jesus ("is he really that arrogant!?!?!?") even though these are the same people who were pushing the Obama as the Messiah meme. The only reason Bush was elected in 2000 is because Al Gore was an inept campaigner and because Karl Rove is a genius. The only reason Bush won in 2004 is because Karl Rove was still a genius and the Kerry campaign was a terrible mess and Kerry was boring as fuck. quote: the nobel prize has been soiled. Chip Reid, at the White House press conference: "Ronald Reagan didn't get one, but Barack Obama... does?" Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard: "We could note that, if the Norwegians wanted to give the Nobel Peace Prize to an American, it would have been been better to give it to Sen. John McCain for having the guts to push through the surge in Iraq, which has brought relative peace to that country." Andy McCarthy, of the National Review: "I'm not all for Americans winning international prizes, especially the Nobel Peace Prize. In fact, I'm vigorously against it. The transnational progressives who pass out these accolades believe America is the problem in the world, the main threat to peace, the impediment to "progress," etc. The award is a symbolic statement of opposition to American exceptionalism, American might, American capitalism, American self-determinism, and American pursuit of America's interests in the world." So, to sum up: The GOP on the Nobel Prize: it's worthless and anti-american, and why didn't Ronald Reagan get one? great, guys, great.
  10. Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize

    alright, so it may be too soon, but musiclover, he wasn't awarded 12 days after the inauguration, that was just when the nominations had to be postmarked by. The actual voting just happened. Also, you've gotta chill with this "Messiah" nonsense. But seriously, as much as right-wingers like to think he hasn't, the President has done more for global relations in a short time than anybody else. If the U.S. is really the greatest country on earth, then be better damn well act like it. I can't stand these American exceptionalists who think they're the best country and don't give a shit about what the rest of the world thinks. How narrow-minded can you be? The world needs the U.S., but it needs a responsible U.S. Obama, in a very short time, has been working his ass off to make the U.S. a useful part of the global community again. And look: On September 24th, Barack Obama was the first sitting US president to chair a U.N. Security Council summit meeting. He then proceeded to talk up not just nuclear non-proliferation, but total nuclear disarmament. That's pretty damn peaceful. The meeting was September 24th. The Nobel Committee last met on October 5th.
  11. New Official Regina Spektor Store!

    quote: Originally posted by baby jesus: ...or you can look at your other shirts (I assume you have some to be a functioning member of society!) hey man... don't knock the nudist colonies...
  12. 9/30 - DAR Constitution Hall, Washington D.C.

    OKOKOKOKOKOK I wasn't there, but I have a friend who was, and she reported to me that she did Silly Eye-Color Generalizations (eeek!) and something called/referred to as "Ballad of a Politician." EEEEEEEEEKer. anybody go to this????
  13. Most played Regina song?

    my most played single track is Apres moi from BTH with 206, followed by the Lolla version of Bobbin for Apples with 190. However, on my last.fm, which does it by title and not just individual tracks (so it lumps in all the different live versions together with the album version) the list is: Apres moi - 367 Ghost of Corporate Future - 246 Bobbin for Apples - 238 On the Radio - 214 Blue Lips - 187 (this is mostly live versions I haven't listened to the album one that much) so yeah Apres moi wins either way I suppose...
  14. 9/30 - DAR Constitution Hall, Washington D.C.

    yeah I believe that's what she called it. so i guess that's the title.
  15. 9/30 - DAR Constitution Hall, Washington D.C.

    OKOKOKOKOKOK I wasn't there, but I have a friend who was, and she reported to me that she did Silly Eye-Color Generalizations (eeek!) and something called/referred to as "Ballad of a Politician." EEEEEEEEEKer. anybody go to this????
  16. applying to college sucks!

    so much work... BLEGH! i am dying with this shit. thoughts? condolences? but soon it will all be over. yay!
  17. Health care reform...

    quote: Originally posted by MusicLover_2007: Ok, it's fine to say "no politics", but when Reg wore that Obama T-shirt last year that was like throwing it right in my face. yes, she did that just to spite you.
  18. Health care reform...

    quote: Originally posted by MusicLover_2007: Unless you're willing to talk about why costs in health care are high - then you're just a Democrat party hack! way to be respectful, man. how about calling it by it's actual name, the DemocratIC party. So you're one of those... but anyway, I agree with appt. i see no one in England or France complaining about their freakin socialist dirty commie health care systems (see here, for just one example). And we already ration care. Ever heard of preexisting conditions? We already have death panels. irony! and this is a good list to look at: the World Health Organization ranks health care systems like this: 1. France 18. England 36. Costa Rica 37. USA 38. Slovenia 39. Cuba!!! so we're doing good! /politics. i also agree with reginaoverdose that we shouldn't be really discussing politics here (i think that's in the rules somewhere...) so i'll post this and be done with it! yeah!
  19. restored recording of 2002-03-13 - The Living Room, New York

    do you gots a track listing???
  20. Regina on SNL!! - Oct 10 2009

    quote: Originally posted by fidelity377: according to this article, regina will be playing more than one song.? yeah they always do 2. probably The Calculation and Laughing With I would assume. But we can hope she does something different...
  21. Regina on Spinner.com's "Interface"

    As posted on the facebook: "Check out Regina on AOL's Interface where she performs 4 songs!" The songs are: The Calculation Laughing With Us (!!) Time is All Around + a really good interview CLICK HERE CLICK HERE CLICK HERE!!! anybody wanna figure out how to extract the audio??
  22. Profanity/Vulgarity

    There's a scene in In Bruges where Colin Farrell is smoking at a restaurant and the guy at the table next to him is getting pissed because the smoke is coming over to his table. So the guy yells at him and Colin reminds him that he's sitting in the (EXPLETIVE EXPLETIVE) smoking section. If you don't want the smoke, don't sit in the section. If you don't want the curse, don't listen to the song. I was talking with a very smart man and a great writer earlier this year, and he said that a curse word can (in writing especially) either be the strongest word or really weak. If it's thrown in for the sake of being a hardass then it's not going to work and it shouldn't be in there. But if it's used they way it should be, there really aren't "a trillion competent synonyms." It HAS to be that word. I look at this question from the position of writing mostly because that's really what I'd like to do I think. I don't curse very often when I write, but if I do it's for a reason. If I want to use that word because it's the one that works, I'm going to do it, and I don't particularly care what other people think of it. They don't have to read it. I understand that some people are offended by these words. (I don't particularly understand why, but whatever.) But this: "your freedom of speech is not crippled by a lack of a few random words," I don't understand. Because I think it IS crippled. If you tell me I can't say these words (a few random words, by your own admission), then what's to stop you from adding more words to that list? That's how things happen - it goes slowly but then gets out of control. I honestly think this is that important. You can't have Freedom of Speech Except for a Few Words Which We Find Generally Objectionable. You can have Freedom of Speech or not. And as for telling me to "drop the liberal standpoint," I think that just goes to prove my point. So I can't curse AND I can't be a liberal!? Fuck!
  23. Profanity/Vulgarity

    quote: Originally posted by good > perfect: woah woah woah! are we REALLY comparing cussing to gun control? think about that for ONE second. did you think about it? good. i assume that by now, you have answered your own question. on a side note, how did we get on this thing where liberals are promoting cursing? it has absolutely NOTHING to do with politics. conservatives cuss just as much as liberals, and in my experience (being one of the only liberals in redneck-town, new york) a lot of the time, they cuss more! usually when talking about liberals and gun control. just saying. this is nowhere near a political issue. it is a personal preference. yeah that's definitely true. but for the record: This whole fucking thread is fucking ridiculous and it's all shitty and like an asshole and... bitch! words are words people. There's a story about Max Perkins editing one of Hemingway's books (off the top of my head it may have been Death in the Afternoon) and all the people were at Scribner's were freaking out because he used some "questionable" words. The story is that Max wrote these words down on his notepad that is titled "Things to do today" - so it may have looked like this: Things to do today Shit Piss Fuck Now this story probably isn't true, but it's very funny. But it's also not funny. Art, if you'll allow, is not meant to be fucked with. Hemingway put those words in there for a reason. They wanted him to change those words because they might be a bit off-putting to people. I think in original publication they may have been left in but blanked out ("s---"), but they may have been removed altogether. But either way, that's not how he wanted it. That's no good. Censorship is the worst thing ever, especially when it's done for such a stupid reason as some (lily-livered) people might be offended at your word choice. Suck it up. So basically, Hemingway put the words there for a reason. So, I'm sure, does Regina. If you've got a problem with curse words in the songs, don't listen to those songs. But know that she uses the words for a reason, and that THEY'RE JUST WORDS. This has been said, but by themselves they mean squadoosh. It's just a random assortment of letters. "Shit" is just a jumbled up version of "This." Geez. EDIT: Oh, and the whole gun control thing. There are plenty of statistics I could go look up (but I'm going to bed now) about how guns don't really save any lives or prevent any crimes, and are almost universally used in crimes of some sort. But guns don't kill people. People with guns kill people. If you feel the need to protect your self with a concealed weapon at all times you might just be really freakin' paranoid or maybe you just would really like an excuse to use it. Guns are stupid. Words are freedom. And the 2nd amendment says we should have a "well-regulated militia." I'm pretty sure they didn't want everybody traipsing around with AK-47s shooting shit. Geez again.
  24. Twitter

    quote: Originally posted by almostspotless: quote: Originally posted by bum bum bum: This one seems to be even more obviously a fake... http://twitter.com/Regina_Spektor why do that? Another one? Geezum. Quite frankly, the other one was more believable. I don't know, something about the lack of correct capitalization... yeah this one is really bad. really rather uninspired. but of course if this actually her then i guess we're all gonna look pretty dumb haha
  25. "Oh, I love Regina Spektor!"

    quote: Originally posted by Be like the water, people.: wow did this thread ever get off topic haha i guess that's my fault haha... but on topic, I find the most common response, at least for me, is: "I love that song On the Radio!" or some variation there of. I've even had "On the Radio is only like the greatest song ever!"